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BBC 6Music saved!

Folks you’ve done it! The BBC today announced that the BBC digital radio station 6music will not be closed. Lauren Laverne announced the news at 11am on her morning show. She began by thanking listeners for their support before reading…

Save 6 Music: Protest report and gallery

Listeners, DJs and musicians braved the soggy weather today to protest against the proposed closure of 6music outside Broadcasting House in London’s Portland Place. DJs Lauren Laverne, Tom Robinson, Liz Kershaw, Andy Kershaw, Gideon Coe, Andrew Collins and Adam Buxton…

Save 6 Music: Noah and the Whale lend support with video

Folky foursome Noah and the Whale have spoken out about the proposed closure of 6music on their blog. The band said: “The BBC is currently facing great tragedy. A tragedy that will be catastrophic on all alternative music groups, new…

Save 6 Music: Your letters to the BBC Trustees

We asked you to CC us in on your letters to the BBC trustees about the proposed closure of BBC 6music. We’ll be collecting them here. Remember to email the BBC Trustees to tell them what you think of their decision and keep your DAB radio tuned to six, or listen live on iPlayer.

We’ll not be having this. Oh no.

BBC Confirms 6Music to be axed

This morning, Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, announced to staff that the rumoured cuts to BBC programming are indeed to take place.  6 Music will close some time around the end of 2011, along with the BBC Asian…

Folked Up: Stephen Thomas on the potential demise of BBC 6 Music

Like a digital Glastonbury, with none of the hassles of setting up a tent or defecating into a drop-pit, 6 Music collects the best music on offer in the world today, and brings together music fans of all ages at the same time. It’s lovely to know that I can be enjoying a Van Morrison album track in my bedroom at the exact same time a middle-aged bearded man is listening to it whilst soaking himself in a bath in Edinburgh. It’s not a pretty image, perhaps, but if you think about it, this is exactly what made radio so brilliant all those years ago, when it first came about. Forget about bringing people together within their own living rooms – radio brings nations together! And if we have that ability, do we really want to waste it by playing (the admittedly quite enjoyable) Cast of Glee? No. We want to champion new music, refresh our memories with the favourite bands we’ve long forgotten, and generally widen the cultural boundaries of everyone at the other end of that magical digital squiggle of zeroes and ones.