Author: Helen

Helen is Folk's Sake's Live Editor. She loves many things, including: cookbooks, massive novels, Kings of Convenience, Beirut, Kristin Hersh, Dolly Parton, Willy Mason, St Vincent, The Divine Comedy, Mumford and Sons, The Carpenters, Cocorosie, Eels, Belle and Sebastian, Martha Wainwright, Joanna Newsom and The Smiths.

#556 Brooke Bentham – We’ll be Ghosts

Brooke Bentham - We'll be ghosts

‘We’ll be Ghosts’, Brooke Bentham‘s latest release via Trellis Records, is a searing, atmospheric expression of hope for a broken relationship. Can something that’s been ruined and emptied out be resurrected if you’re determined enough?

#552 Barr Brothers – Love Ain’t Enough

Barr Brothers Love Ain't Enough

It is enough, actually, say Canadian four-piece Barr Brothers. Over a dreamily ululating bed of marimba, dulcimer, harp and banjo, ‘Love Ain’t Enough’ lets go of cynicism to see love under every sofa and around every corner: “Once you strip…

#551 Bears Den – Above the Clouds of Pompeii

Bears Den Above the Clouds of Pompeii

Long-established in the Bears Den repertoire, ‘The Clouds Above Pompeii’ is a splendid, stirring piece of perfection from a band whose debut album Islands (out 20th October) has spent rather a lot of time in the slow cooker. We cannot wait…

#550 PHOX – Slow Motion

Phox band

A song featuring handclaps, whistles and a ukulele always had a better than average chance of reaching For Folk’s Sake’s attention. Phox’s ‘Slow Motion’ has a depth and variety that makes it something rather special, throwing in drum solos, oboes…

Live | Arc Iris @ Rough Trade East, London

Arc Iris played Rough Trade East this week to a smattering of indie-folk fans. There aren’t more than 30 people looking at the stage, and some of those are standing noncommittaly behind the protection of the first row of records,…

Live | End of the Road Festival 2014

End of the Road, Festival, 2014, review

People who go to End of the Road festival are just better than other people. They’re kinder, they’re cleverer, and they have unendingly beautiful souls. Apart from the guy standing next to us at tUnE yArDs on Sunday afternoon who…

#523 The Lost Brothers – Gold & Silver

For Folk's Sake | The Lost Brothers | Gold & Silver

Here’s a pretty piece of flesh if ever we heard one: a fable of precious metals and poison showers that’s out to fool you with its warm harmonies, tender guitar and glowing vocals. They’re a tricksy pair, these brothers (they’re not…

#522 James Yorkston – Great Ghosts

For Folk's Sake | James Yorkston | Alexis Taylor | KT Tunstall | The Pictish Trail

The first single off James Yorkston’s forthcoming album The Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society (a jolly collaboration with a host of good Scottish people) is a mellow, sauntering piece of pop. With a visually addictive bloodied monochrome marvel of a video to…

#400 Josephine Foster – I’m a Dreamer

For Folk's Sake | Josephine Foster | I'm a Dreamer

Having, mercifully, nothing in common with the 1995 classic of the same name, ‘I’m a Dreamer’ is a softly-moving vintage classic for 2014. Sidling through early 20th Century piano, heartfelt harmonica and shuffling snare, the title track off Josephine Foster’s…

EP | Marika Hackman – Deaf Heat

For Folk's Sake | Marika Hackman | Deaf Heat | EP

Deaf Heat opens with the unflinchingly peculiar ‘Tongues’: darkly modulating harmonies bend two minutes into a bottomless eternity of human voices, cutting through hearts like ice.  Lead track ‘Deep Green’ thunders in after the ethereal strangeness of ‘Tongues’, imagining the body as…