Save 6 Music: Your letters to the BBC Trustees


We asked you to CC us in on your letters to the BBC trustees about the proposed closure of BBC 6music. We’ve collected them here.

Remember to email the BBC Trustees at [email protected] to tell them what you think of their decision and keep your DAB radio tuned to six, or listen live on iPlayer.

If you’d like to add your email please copy and paste it into the comments below. It’s amazing to see how many articulate, passionate music lovers are writing to the BBC. And this’ll just be a smattering. Keep it up!

We’ll not be having this. Oh no.

Dear BBC trustees,

I am appalled at your decision to close BBC 6 Music. It is the only station that caters for music lovers who are interested in a wider variety of music than the narrow, (and regularly manipulated) chart driven alternatives. I believe that it is also the only radio station that adequately caters for the 25-35 year old demographic which is neglected by your other stations. I thoroughly enjoy the programming, almost without fail I will discover a new band or exciting new track every day and it is exactly this kind of output that the BBC needs if it want to remain the world class service that it was, until today. I would be upset and angry that its loss was to concentrate on other priorities, especially when “Ambitious UK drama and comedy” will likely translate as yet another series of “Two Pints”, or a clone of that god awful “My Family” program or worse still “Coming of age”! If you are truly looking for programming that Inspires knowledge, music and culture look no further, you already have it.

BBC 6 Music is the only station worth owning a DAB radio for and I cannot believe that you cannot make these savings elsewhere. I know you are all scared the Tories might get in, but that hardly an excuse for doing Murdoch’s dirty work for him before we even get to vote on it . Do you think if the shoe was on the other foot he would be sticking his hand in his pocket to help the BBC? No, Nor do I. Yet the BBC trustees seem to feel that because it is state funded it is duty bound to commit hara-kiri to ensure the license payer has a myriad of “commercial alternatives” even if those commercial alternatives have appalling program schedules . With that kind of mind set it is inevitable that one day we will be left without a BBC at all, and the seed will have been planted here.

Please, make the right decision and keep BBC 6 Music


Phil Slack


Is this bastion of creativity now considered ‘dead wood’? To be chopped away leaving what I ask? Is there another station which boasts such talents as Guy Garvey, Lauren Laverne, Stewart Maconie, Jarvis Cocker, Steve Lamaq and Marc Riley? And these are only the DJs. It has become apparent that some at the BEEB consider nurturing new talent and creativity is no longer as relevant as the end of year report – well ‘grab that stash and make a dash’ Auntie, the accountant will love you but your fans will not.

Mr G

Dear Sir/Madam

I’ve never written a letter to save anything in my life before but suitably outraged by the decision to close 6 Music I felt moved to write.

This channel is unique in its output, it broadcasts quality programming by music lovers for music lovers. The thought and attention to detail that goes into it is second to none. The diversity of music is superb. Compare that to the lazy, formulaic and repetitive output that the flagship station, Radio 1, produces and there really is no excuse. If this station cost 10 times what it does to run it would still provide better value for money than many other offerings from the BBC. The BBC is not a commercial enterprise, it does not need to sell-out, or cater exclusively for the masses who are happy with weak programming – usually because they are too lazy to seek out something slightly outwith the mainstream.

The article I was just reading on your website (here:, claimed the following 5 priorities:

1. The best journalism in the world
2. Inspiring knowledge, music and culture
3. Ambitious UK drama and comedy
4. Outstanding children’s content
5. Events that bring communities and the nation together

Point 2 sticks out in this context. With the possible exception of Radio 3 for the classical fans, can you point me to a BBC station that “inspires music”? Indeed, even a commercial station that does?

The world of radio in which the great John Peel grew up and made his own has gone, a station like this is needed to nurture the next one.




I’m so sad the decision has been made to close 6music. I discovered 6music through a close friend who educated me on what real music is. 6music is so great that I have continued to pass on my education of music to everyone around me because of 6 music. My Aussie boyfriend loves 6music!!!

I genuinely don’t know what I am going to do now!

The BBC are obviously not interested in discovering good music and educating people on new music. They are only interested in profit making!

6music in particular is a fantastic radio station. I discovered it 3 years ago and have not switched off since. Whatever time of the day you get good quality presenters who know what they are talking about and good quality music to follow. Where are the listeners supposed to turn now? BBC Radio 1, I don’t think so! BBC Radio 1 is commercial trash which plays the same music too many times over and is not interested in discovering new talent or good music. The presenters are egotistical, especially Chris Moyles, who is really not pleasant to wake up to in the morning!!

I certainly want to appeal to the BBC’s decision to axe 6music and as a license payer I believe I have the right! I certainly want to make sure my money goes on decent radio.

Andrea Tomlinson

Dear sirs,

I would like to express my displeasure at your decision to axe the 6 Music DAB station. It is by far the most diverse music-based station on DAB, and couples this with an entertaining and knowledgeable rostor of DJs. Speaking as a 22 year old graduate from London, I can also inform you that the station is immensely popular amongst my peers, many of whom I am sure will be corresponding with you in a similar vein. It has been quoted in the press that the chairman of the BBC Trust chairman, Sir Michael Lyons, will listen to a large enough public backlash against the proposed closure. Please consider this one vote for the dissenters.

Yours sincerely,

Luke Crimmens

Dear BBC Trust,

I’m most distraught about the recommendation to axe BBC 6Music and feel I wish complain about this in the strongest possible terms.

I’ve listened to 6Music from day one and for me its the best music radio station on the air, bar none. The only reason listening figures aren’t high compared to say, Radio1, is that not everyone has a Portable DAB radio yet – it takes time. If 6Music ALSO broadcast in FM I’m sure weekly listening figures would soon be into the millions. 6Music has got the best mix of contemporary, vintage, live sessions… too many to mention. The presenters are top-notch, many musicians themselves. Top quality music, brilliant sound quality and no commercials!

I’m sure there are many hundreds of thousands if not a million listeners around the world who regularly tune in to 6Music on their computers and aren’t counted in the listening figures. This station is flying the flag for Britain introducing new music, classic BBC sessions and fabulous live sessions to everyone in high fidelity quality sound.

PLEASE DO NOT LET THE BBC DO A ‘DR.BEECHING’ BY AXING THIS WONDERFUL STATION, there is nothing else like it in the world and we need the diversity. Long live 6Music!!!

Yours sincerely
Terry Smith (aged 53)

Dear BBC Trust

I am writing to implore you not to close 6 music. 6 is the only station of its kind on the network – a place where new music of many styles gets an airing. I have been to many gigs and bought many independent releases supporting new music and unsigned bands that I would never have heard without 6. My life is richer as a result of the station.

The Breakfast Show is an important part of my day – I listen to it as I walk over an hour to work – and its warmth and great music make it a brilliant hour. On the way home Steve Lamacq introduces new exciting music alongside old faves and Marc Riley always has something to play that I’ve never heard before but I’m glad I have.

6 music is also full of other more unusual content that is not found on any other station – from the funk show to the freak zone – all of it exposing listeners to exciting quality music that might never be heard otherwise.

6 is the only real BBC content I consume – please listen to license fee payers like me for whom 6 music is the best of the BBC and don’t close it.

Yours faithfully, Isabelle Davies

Dear BBC Trustees,

I would just like to register my dismay at the proposal to shutdown 6Music, I can only assume that you are not aware of its true value, which is a shame. It also brings into question why you are trustees if you are unable to appreciate what you have. It is being placed above daytime terriblevision and BBC3 when, for quality new and old music, it stands head and shoulders above Radios 1 and 2 and the commercial sector.

I would urge you to reconsider or pehaps you could refund the money I’ve paid out on DAB radios simply to be able to listen to 6music?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.



I am writing to protest at the proposed closure of 6music. As a licence fee payer I feel I have the right to object to this decision in the strongest terms. I cannot understand how removing this station will improve the quality of the BBC’s output, particularly with the huge amount of mainstream dross which seems to be available everywhere. No other radio station provides such a varied and innovative selection of excellent new music. It is the reason I bought a DAB radio.
I used to feel proud of the BBC but now I just feel let down. Please listen to your customers and reconsider.

Paul Kluge

Dear BBC Trustees

I wish to lodge my utter dismay at the proposed closure of BBC 6Music. It’s the best music station in the United Kingdom by a long, long way and leads the field in radio broadcasting with passionate, innovative presenters and an unparalleled music selection.

The argument that it’s purpose is served by commercial radio is frankly laughable and I see no way in which Radio 1 & 2 can begin to match 6Music’s playlist while pandering, as I understand they must, to a more general middle-of-the-road audience. I can honestly say that this is a decision I can in no way understand.

It doesn’t even appear that the money being saved is for any particular purpose. I strongly believe that this is a decision the BBC will come to regret. 6Music is a station loved by many with a committed, growing audience and this proposal leaves me, and many, many others, sick to the stomach.

I wholeheartedly hope that the swell of support for 6Music changes your mind.


Tom Sharples

Dear Sir
I am writing re the proposed idea of closing 6 music recently highlighted in the press.
I have listened to 6 music avidly since it opened in 2002 and I have to say it is frankly the best radio station I could have ever imagined possible . It is as if someone is playing your music collection back at you over the radio , with the addition of new bands that are finding their feet in the world . This was the role of the late/great John Peel in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s by introducing bands that appeared cutting edge at the time but that we look back at now as helping to define an era . These bands are now known world-wide and are indeed part of a thriving music industry that the UK is famed and respected for . If 6 music is lost who will show-case these new bands ? Commercial radio stations cannot take up the reins as , by definition , they cannot afford to to play music that is not tried and tested – hence all we can hear on the radio is the same old pap that we’ve heard 1000’s of times before. In running such an excellent station as 6music the BBC is fulfilling a public service that cannot be replaced by commercial radio and is contributing greatly to the UK’s music industry. I think it is also worthy of note that John Peel’s show was the only one to run from the conception of Radio1 until his untimely death.
In our house 6music is on from dawn till dusk and I believe is listened to by a weekly audience of 700,000 equally passionate listeners (1%-ish of the population). This with the fairly restrictive media of DAB . In just 8 years 6music has multiplied it’s audience several-fold and yet is only known to 20% of the population .So roughly 1 in 20 of people who know about the station listen to it – quite a high ratio I would imagine compared to other radio stations. I imagine most people have heard of Radio3 but I doubt 1 in 20 of them listen to it – ever. Switching 6music off now is a little akin to cancelling the party because you haven’t sent out the invitations . Why not give the station a better chance with a FM frequency?
If the BBC hadn’t got it so right by setting up what is 6music then the ringing silence when it is switched off wouldn’t be so tragic . To switch it off to appease a potential future government is unforgivable.

Steve Justice

Subject: Closing 6music


I used to hold the BBC up as a shining example of creativity and excellence in a world of pap money-driven commercial stations . When you set up 6music it only reinforced my opinion of excellence.

The news that you want to close the station despite the howls of protest of its 100’s of 1000’s of passionate listeners has shattered this illusion . It is a spineless decision pandering to the lowest common denominator.

If the BBC is to act in such a manner it is the begining of its demise by abandoning the variety and creativity it once supported.

I for one will be in agreement with any campaign that calls for the scrapping of the licence fee because if the BBC is going to act in such a manner there is no point in its existence – it can be replaced by the mainstream commercial world.

Steve Justice

Subject: Proposed Closure of BBC 6 Music

I would like to express my views regarding the proposed closure of BBC 6 Music…

Its so rare in this age of dumbed-down one-size-fits-all media to find a stand out channel. BBC 6 music gives the BBC credibility as a serious music radio broadcaster, it stands alone as a channel freed up from the mainstream, offering decent quality, commercial-free programming, excellent standards of presenting while still having a “cosy” interactive feel. As a long-time listener I believe its Its proposed closure would be a massive mistake for the BBC to make.

I hear the reason is that the audience for 6 music is seen to be too small. I find this suprising and assume it ignores the many people outside the UK who listen online. However if there is a probem with audience numbers I think this is not due to the station itself, but to its low profile.

I think many people either do not know it exists or lack the means to listen to it (e.g. listen to radio in the car, on mobile phone FM receiver etc).

The biggest problem is that many of the people who would enjoy 6 Music are simply not radio listeners at all, believing all music radio to be stuck in the commercial mainstream and preferring instead to listen to their own music collections. I used to fit this category myself and believe that if there is a problem with 6 Music it is that the “right” people just don’t know about it – or have heard the name but never listened and don’t know how good it really is. I think this is something the BBC needs to address, specifically targeting these people by perhaps increasing 6 Music’s profile by association with alternative music TV broadcasts.

I am also sure the publicity generated by the proposed closure gives an opportunity to increase 6 Music’s profile and gain new listeners. I think it is important to stress that its an “internet radio service” since DAB radio’s are still few and far between (I know from experience that many people think you need a DAB radio to hear stations like 6 music, and assume streaming radio on the internet will be bad quality )

I’ve been a listener for many years and feel there is a something “cosy” about 6 Music… like an extended family or a special little-known club . While this feels nice, its not so good it that becomes a reason to close the station down… So the family needs to grow…. Please don’t go changing anything about 6 Music’s programming… just find a way to convince serious music listeners that “not all music radio is rubbish” and tempt them to give 6 a try.

Please don’t go ahead with this closure


Dear Sirs,

I woke up this morning to hear (from 6 music) the appalling news that you have made the somewhat knee-jerk decision to cut the station. It is my personal opinion that this is a really bad decision and that there are whole television channels and there are certainly shows that could withstand these cuts instead.

I am a license payer but currently watch less than 2 hours of television a week. This is not due to poor programming (though I second the opinion that it could be better) but is due to my lifestlye. I work long hours so radio is the only broadcasting I digest and I am extremely grateful for the variety of quality radio the BBC puts out. I am not a fan of bland, mindless pop music and had all but lost interest completely in music until tuning in a year ago. I am now buying and downloading new music and have begun going to gigs since.

6music provides an invaluable service both to artists and music lovers alike – one it has performed admirably for decades now and is a rich part of it’s heritage.

I would particularly like to make a defence for Shaun Keaveny’s breakfast show which provides a cerebral start to the day without the confrontational assault of the Today programme which I would otherwise listen to, as well as Guy Garvie’s Finest Hour, the Adam and Jo show, the fabulous stuff we’ve had on the Sunday afternoon slot and the documentaries that I regularly listen to using the iplayer and podcasts.

I really think this is misjudged and strongly hope that soemthing with the flavour of 6music will remain.

Ellen Stuart
(age 27)

I’m very distressed to hear of plans for the closure of BBC 6 Music, and even more distressed to hear the faulty reasoning behind it.

BBC 6 Music really does offer something different. So many other radio stations are really just shades of the same colour – grey. These stations just play a long succession three minute ‘chart hits’, although even this term is a misnomer today, since we don’t really have either charts or hits, just a constant stream of manufactured, and generally short-lived mediocrity.

6 Music has the ability to play the unusual, the rarely heard, the genuine new talent, and both short songs and full-length album tracks. Some artists would never otherwise get airtime, and would otherwise only be heard at home either on vinyl or CD.

If you are going to use the argument of competition with commercial radio, then Radio 1 really is the one to get rid of. I have never listened to it since Matthew Bannister effectively killed it off. He didn’t seem to realise that the DJs weren’t just people presenting a brand – they were the brand.

Please think again!

Rob Colston


Dear BBC Trustees,

I’m an Australian, I’ve been working here in the UK for about 6 months now and I plan to stay for at least another couple of years. The only thing that gets me and all my workmates through the day at work is BBC6 MUSIC. When I first came to Scotland, I scanned the radio dial trying to find something decent to listen to and I was horrified at the quality of radio until I stumbled across BBC6. I introduced BBC6 to my workplace overhead radio PA system and everyone agreed, BBC6 is the best radio station in the UK and it’s been permanently stuck on BBC6 ever since!

You may not appreciate the variety of music played on BBC6 but I’m sure MILLIONS of others absolutely LOVE it. The variety of music they play is so refreshing. Other commercial radio stations drive everybody NUTS playing the same poor-quality disposable pop music OVER and OVER and OVER… BBC6 play the most interesting mix of music I’ve ever heard any radio station play anywhere! I really mean that.

If you shut BBC6 MUSIC down, you will be doing the community a BIG MISJUSTICE. If you’d like to shut a radio station down, try one of the plethora of pop music radio stations. Don’t we have enough of them already?! Alot of people really love this station and if you take it away from them, I doubt the majority wll switch to another. The BBC will lose millions of listeners. Mark my words.

Please reconsider,

Andrew James Grose.

To whom it may concern

I was so dismayed to hear of the BBC’s decision to axe 6music. This station has established itself at the forefront of music and musical appreciation. Run by and showcasing people who clearly have a passion for music, it’s the reason I bought a DAB radio. As a 32 year-old I certainly don’t intend on relying on Channel 4 for my musical intake. I would also urge against a “one size fits all” approach with Radio 2 – you can be proud of your breadth of output and it would be a great shame to lose what has become one of this country’s most sophisticated stations.

Yours faithfully

Richard Taylor

The closure of Radio 6 is totally uncalled for considering the backing it does have not only with the general public but also with established and up and coming artists. This is the only use I make of the BBC in either radio or television form. The damage this may cause to new/unsigned artists dosnt bear thinking about.

Please think long and hard about this decision because you are making a big mistake.

Mark Chappell

Dear BBC,

I a writing in protest of the proposed closure of 6 Music. Music is a huge part of my life and if 6 Music was to end, so would a part of my life. I have bought a DAB radio for my bedroom and for my van just because of this one station.

6 music is a community, not just a station. There are a vast amount of people that have a passion for music and this is the only station where like minded people can get together and share that passion without constant advertisement and be force fed commercial nonsense.

So many artists from over the world have had a moment under the spotlight due to the openness of this station. No other station offers this because of the commercial aspect. For a government who say they want to encourage musicians and support many charities to teach young people the music industry, closing this station would be ending these careers before they have even started.

6 Music is a legacy that John Peel would have wanted to leave behind him for all the right reasons. Lets make it stronger. Not end it!

Please, Please reconsider.

Jordan Mower

Dear BBC Trustees,
I am writing to inform you of my displeasure in your decision to shut down 6music. Is this the result of paying ridiculous over the top money to high profile radio and television presenters? This is a music station that with very little advertising has steadily grown in listener numbers. Where else can people who enjoy music find a diversity of good music with excellent DJ’s such as Guy Garvey, Craig Charles, Lauren Laverne, and Jon Richardson. I wake up looking forward to listening to great music with discursive and witty talk. 6 music fills the niche that I and many others desire. We want a radio station that doesn’t patronise or insult our intelligence. There is a whole generation that is tired of brash pop culture tabloid radio 1 aimed at school children and students, and at the same time don’t want the safe easy listening of radio two. I pay my licence fee in the belief that the BBC recognises up and coming, alternative and original talent. For many years 6music has been the soundtrack to my life. Don’t take it away. Justin loveland, Dorchester

Dear BBC Trustees,

Please don’t close 6 music

As a fan my life would to be honest, less fulfilled I’d miss the quality and diversity of music and also the opportunity to learn about unsigned and unknown acts that get no airplay elsewhere, 6 music more than anything else has lead my discovery of new acts, who wouldn’t get the exposure and so my cash for gigs and albums without 6 music. Also

for the BBC to fulfil it’s remit it states it aims to

2. Promoting education and learning
3. Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence

in regards to youth culture I cannot see how the BBC can achieve these aims without 6 music. Education is more than factual programming, 6 music’s range provides the opportunity to learn about new music and understand it’s roots in past music, and as 6 music plays so much new music relative to the rest of the BBC, again how can the BBC stimulate creativity and cultural excellence in youth culture without 6 music?

Please I implore you not to close 6 music, it makes no sense

Sam Collyer

Dear Trustees,
Ever since buying a DAB radio over two years ago, and having discovered 6 music, I have listened to it every day. I listen to no other, apart from footy on five now and again. The 6 music DJ’s continually play music which reminds me of my past life, and bring me new treats everyday that provide the soundtrack to my existence. Sounds a bit profound maybe, well to lose 6 music would have a profound effect on my life. There is no other like it. I am very happy to pay my licence fee when such QUALITY broadcasting is available, without it I think I will join the ranks of licence fee moaners/ objectors. Since the credit crunch started I have become more and more angry. This proposed closure, just about takes the biscuit. Not only do I have to endure the cold in my bones because Thatchers children are milking me dry, but now my last place of refuge, which gives my soul a degree of salubrity, is being taken away from me. Should this closure take place, on second thoughts, I will not moan, I think I will RAGE. Maybe it is time for all creative people to RAGE.
VIVA 6 Music!

Please give us some rope, and not the kind to hang ourselves with. Trustees, the ball is in your court. Please support 6 music.

Yours sincerely
Anthony Bennett

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing, like many others, regarding the imminent proposals for 6 Music.

I fail to see how the proposal to close 6 Music, is in anyway a helpful move. Whilst I recognise the need to cut back because of the country’s poor budgetary position, I do not understand how an organisation that claims to lead the way in culture and new music, is looking to cut a station that breeds new talent and gives exposure, both via DAB and the internet to a significant audience.

Central to the UK’s economic (and the BBC’s) future is creativity and culture. Put simply, 6 Music provides exactly the kind of niche broadcasting that is critical for the BBC’s credibility and legitimacy.

Frankly there are many other efficiencies the BBC can deliver, removing 6 Music will not serve as an effective response cut costs and maintain quality.

I urge you to retain 6 Music, and challenge you look seriously at where else the BBC can provide itself a sustainable, legitimate and creative future.

Many thanks

Lee Foulger

To the BBC Trustees,

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with emails of this type the past few days from devoted fans of 6 Music. Perhaps ‘inundated’ is the wrong term as there probably aren’t enough 6 Music fans for yourselves to use such a word. We’re stats really – just numbers – and a small enough number to justify shutting 6 Music down. In a commercial world anyway. But aren’t you the BBC?

What saddens me is that if you took all the loyalty, energy and passion from the people that make up that number, whatever it is, and converted it into amps, it would blow you away. The distress felt from that number would deafen you with its pitch.

6 Music is unlike any radio station currently in existence. Do you know that? Shutting it down to pay for more programming for its – bland – big, buff brothers is like shooting a red squirrel because its eating the grey squirrels’ nuts.

I’m so sad…disappointed I suppose. In you who govern the BBC.

Maybe you’ve just never tuned in.

Kind regards,
Shane Fleming.

To the BBC Trustees

I am writing to strongly object to the proposed closure of 6 music. I have been listening to the station for many years and have always enjoyed it and recommended it highly to my friends and colleagues. My DAB radio is permanently tuned into 6 music and I would not consider listening to any other station as they do not offer anything like the variety of music and intelligent comment and banter. My days, weekends and evenings will be sadly lacking if I can no longer tune into my favourite shows particularly as other radio stations and the TV offer no sort of credible alternative.

Thanks to 6 music I become a fan of musicians I would have come across such as Esser, Wild Beasts, The Maccabees, Paulu Nutini, Kings of Leon, Noah and the Whale and many, many more.

I hope you will reconsider and save a station that promotes innovation in music and helping new artists to be heard by a large and receptive audience.

Yours sincerely
Sarah Powell-Barker

Dear BBC Heads of Department

I can’t believe you are even considering taking 6 music off the air, it stands for everything that’s good about the BBC so please don’t bow
down to a group of tories (who haven’t yet won any election) and live up to what the BBC should stand for! the spirt of john peel is being well and truly
kept alive by all at 6 music. If the BBC wishes to stand for quality above quantity the please don’t get rid of the most wonderful radio station in the world!
Even my 3 year old son likes it.

Yours Sincerely
Neil Davis

Dear sirs,

I am writing to tell you how upset I am that you are shutting off 6 music. I honestly feel there is no other station out there that “due to the unique way the BBC is funded” can cover the broad range of music that 6 does. Commercial stations are exactly that, full of commercials, utterly repetitive and mostly mindless.

The Director General says that the two popular music stations (Radio 1 EUUUURRGGGGHHH and Radio 2 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) can cover the music tastes that are the backbone of 6 music. It has tried this in the past and failed – we do not want to be restricted to only listen to decent, real, often legendary music for a few hours a week in the middle of the night.

The DJs are passionate, intelligent, knowledgeable and speak directly to me every single day, all day. I cannot listen to another radio station for 5 minutes without wanting to scream at it or turn it off.

LISTEN to the people, we love 6music. Turning your back on it would be turning your back on music, individualism and culture, which is what you hold proud.

Dan “devastated” Neatherway

Dear Sirs,
I must express my utter dismay, and register my protest, at the proposed closure of 6music.

I’ve been a fan since it’s beginning, and I can not adequately express just how much of a beacon of light the station is in a media world consumed by placid, grey offerings from the commercial sector. Where else can I eavesdrop on the personal tastes and insight of Bob Dylan, Javis Cocker, or Huey Morgan? Where again would such an opportunity arise in a media world where the playlists are handed down from corporate sponsors?

The BBC has created something wonderful in this station. It’s a utopia of great music and is a testament to the talents of the DJs and artists that you yourselves sought to build it and curate it.

You must take the responsibility for the thing you have created and save it, for I fear nothing like it will ever exist again.

You have Bob Dylan as a DJ for christssake! Bob Dylan!!

Kind Regards,
Mike Thomas

Dear Trustees,

Not only have I enjoyed Six’s output greatly and been introduced to a range of new music through it, but it has encouraged me to listen to BBC radio more broadly and to continue to cherish the BBC in general terms. I suspect that I am not alone in this: i.e. that the existence of radio programming such as is produced by Six gives people the idea that the BBC is a really worthwhile organization that deserves to flourish. I would like you to consider the possibility that, by axing Six, you are impoverishing your output and simultaneously reducing the number of your more ardent supporters.

O. Nicholson.

Dear BBC Board of Trustees,

I am writing to voice my concerns and despair at the news of The BBC axeing 6 Music. I have been an avid listener to the station for years now, and tune-in (digitally speaking) every day. Before I found 6 Music I never really had any idea of what music I liked or enjoyed, and I had no realisation of why I liked music, or what evocation music could cunjure up inside me. The likes of Radio 1 and 2 filled me with unmeasurable melancholic woe – until the day I discovered 6 Music and it all began to make sense. Where had all this great music been hiding? Where had I gone so wrong? I look forward to shows on 6 Music and plan my week by them, I have discovered so much new appreciation and taste and yet I can’t beleive that The BBC have come to this conclusion. I am a Licience Fee payer and I feel that The BBC are taking a detrimental decision to far, alienating a huge section of an audience that are extremely happy with the broadcasting service they recieve from 6 Music.

Please rethink this abhorrent choice of money saving tactic.

Yours sincerly

Paul Fullerton

To quote Mark Thompson – “to sharpen its distinctiveness in its range of music and speech”.
Mr Thompson, I suggest you listen to your words again on the BBCiPlayer and explain how this results in the loss of BBC 6Music?
BBC3 apparently is “bold and challenging”………Snog Marry Avoid, Young Butcher of the Year, Hotter than my Daughter, endless Doctor Who add ons…..quality television? I think not. How much does this channel cost? Its an insult to our intelligence. If you want “Take a Break/Heat Magazine” television, leave that to Living TV and dont use my licence money for such dross.
Im 51 years old.I know the kind of music you pump out on Radio 1. Its not my thing, Im a bit too old for your nu R&B (thats like Dizzee Rascal Mark, you must have heard of him?) This leaves me with Radio 2.Now dont get me wrong Mark, youve improved that station quite a bit. The presenters are a bit expensive though are they not Evans/Wogan/Carr/Winton/………..and musically challenged I would venture.
You say the demographic for 6Music is no different to that of commercial radio. I would suggest that if you think commercial radio is similar, then the wrong man has been entrusted with our future listening enjoyment.You have no vision.
Ending 6Music is one of the most unfathomable decisions in broadcasting history!
Quality programmes, presenters and production – Lauren Laverne, Shaun Keaveney, Huey Morgan, Cerys Matthews.CRAIG CHARLES FUNK AND SOUL SHOW, Steve Lamacq, Don Letts, The 6 Mix, Tom Robinson Introducing and so on . Not only are they knowledgeable but passionate about music, both classic new and unsigned bands.
The listeners of 6Music dont want to hear Queen, Bryan Adams, JLS, Dizzy Rascal, Lady GaGa, the ubiquitous Michael Buble and other bland lift music.
Where else would I hear a dj set by Ashley Beedle other than 6Mix (you wont know who he is Mark but thats your problem and not ours)

Les H (long time listener of the Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show and others!)

Newcastle upon Tyne

Please don’t kill 6music. It’s the only genuine alternative to pop
during the day; it keeps audio culture alive.


To whom it may concern,

I feel compelled to register my profound disappointment at the corporation’s proposed axing of 6 Music and the Asian Network radio stations. As the owner of an independent record label, as an ex-musician and particularly as a great supporter of the BBC, I find the decision both alarming and wholly damaging to the corporation’s reputation as a provider of quality programming. My interest in and support for 6 Music is both professional and personal: the station has championed several of our artists, boosting their profile at a time when no other radio outlet would have entertained doing so; I also happen to find 6 Music the only radio station I can listen to and enjoy on a regular basis with DJs who are informative, intelligent and entertaining. At a time when the BBC finds itself subjected to a host of commercial and political pressures, why would it countenance the closure of a radio station that serves a demographic I would consider to be largely supportive of the corporation? The listenership of 6 Music will comprise, in the main, of 20-40 year old license-fee payers – music fans who are disillusioned with radio’s insatiable wooing of a younger audience and the attendant slide into generic populism that such a policy brings.

At a time when customer loyalty ought to be prized above all else, the decision to close a station that attracts avid music fans – listeners who appreciate the product the station provides – smacks of short-sighted and ill-informed expediency. Given the glut of popular music churned out on a daily basis by commercial stations and the indifference younger audiences have for popular radio when alternative platforms are legion, the seemingly ‘untouchable’ status afforded Radio 1 is both anachronistic and ill-conceived. I should think the BBC will need all the fans it can get over the next few years so alienating fans of 6 Music seems counter-productive in the extreme: the license fee should enable, indeed /empower/ the BBC to champion the diversity stations like 6 Music and the Asian Network provides, not cut them off at the knees at exact ly the time we need them most.

I implore the trust to reconsider the logic of this decision – the importance of 6 Music to the UK independent music scene cannot be overstated and it must be protected.


Stewart Henderson

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to express my dismay over the proposals to close 6Music. This is a radio station that is soo original and unique, the proposed closure of the station, stinks of unwanted interference from Politicians and Directors who have never once listened to the station.

I honestly believe that 6Music is one of the reasons why British Music has flourished in recent years. Whilst, I admit the listening figures are low, the station gives a much needed platform for up and coming singers and bands to get their music a place to be heard. I for one have bought many CD’s after hearing new music on 6Music, especially after the live sessions, which are a highlight of the station. Radio 1 and 2 does a great job of promoting more mainstream music, if 6Music is to close, what happens to all these new bands desperate for people to hear their music? Whilst the internet would probably be their first choice, the internet is a soulless place, 6Music adds a sense of personality and humour that you can’t get from sites like Spotify, iTunes and MySpace.

I can not think of any commercial radio station that replicates the service 6Music provides. Whilst Absolute Radio and Xfm do a good job, they are light years away from the quality and diversity that 6Music provides. If 6Music is to close, I do not think there is a radio station that I would be able to listen to as long and as passionately as I do with 6Music. I’m too old for Radio 1 and too young for Radio 2.
There are always other ways to cut costs rather than close radio stations. I feel with a reduced budget and better cross promotion with BBC TV, such as Glastonbury and other music shows, 6Music could continue to grow and eventually become a truly loved station in the same radio Radio 1 and Radio 2 are. These things take time.

I always thought the BBC was about providing high quality output, unique from the commercial market and didn’t need to chase ratings or listener figures. 6Music is a prime example of the BBC at it’s best, and closing it would be a very sad state of affairs.


Adam Smith

To the Board of Trustees @the BBC

How can you possibly close the 6 Music station which introduces more new music to the public than any other station and promote the new Terry Wogan show on Sunday mornings. I am old enough to remember the Light programme and Workers Playtime and this is what the Wogan show reminds me of. I am not against Wogan but just the format. The BBC have always been at the forefront of great broadcasting but I believe closing 6 Music is a retrograde step. Where would new music be without the likes of the late John Peel and the DJ’s on 6 music who are passionate and knowledgeable about the music they play.

I would take a look at other areas of so called music shows that the BBC promote ie Chris Moyles who should be prosecuted under the trades description act for falsely claiming to be a DJ. He is more interested in himself and his hangers on than the music he is supposed to play.

Please think again about 6 music and the future of new bands.


Jim Blake

Dear Sir/Madam

As a license fee payer and avid 6 Music listener, I am absolutely disgusted that the BBC is planning to axe such a unique and wonderful station. The DJ’s are all exceptional, and the music so eclectic. A large portion of my current music is down to listening to 6 Music and hearing new and upcoming bands, and not the rubbish played on Radio 1 or commercial stations. Surely if you want to save money you could get rid of Moyles and any other old overpaid Dj’s hanging on at Radio 1.

I have listened to 6 Music form day 1, and it is a sad day when a quality station such as this is in danger of being lost forever in order to make the books look a little better. Can you not just drop a period drama or something, I hate those.


S G Ellis

Im 40. I hate Moyles and the other halfwits on Radio 1, and have too much life left in me to waste it listening to the wooly jumpers on Radio 2. Also, adverts really get on my tits. So what do I listen to now (or in 18 months. whatever) that you have renaged on your mission statement to be “The most creative organisation in the world” by strangling in infancy one of your more succesful ventures? (and what a tight ship it is)

I can only presume that the BBC has been infiltrated by saboteurs, intent on shredding the integrity of this esteemed corporation from within (News International, you know who you are). Im never particularly proud to say that Im British, but the BBC has always been an national icon with which I can happily align myself. For the first time in my life though, Im really sorry to say, I do not feel comfortable with Auntie’s machinations. One can just sense, under the radar, that decisions are being made by the wrong people for the wrong reasons.

So Please, someone stick a sock in that prick Thompson’s gob and do the right thing before we all decide to with-hold our licence fee. innit.

Paul one hell of a disgruntled BBC supporter (just).

Disappointed. upset. angry. amazed.

Why would you want to do this? I’d pay my license fee alone JUST to listen to this station. I bought 2 digital radios JUST to listen to listen to this station.

How do we get Mark Thompson axed, never mind 6 music, he clearly has a huge amount to learn, does he have a radio?

This station is so important for UK music, nothing else champions new music, and live music in the same way. This contribution cannot be ignored.

In this digital age its hard enough for new bands to survive. 6 Music provides an amazing platform for these bands. Look at just Marc Riley’s show and the 6 music hub sessions. How will the BBC fill this gap?

What other station does this today? Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Maconie do an excellent job, but apart from them, how does the BBC cater for people who prefer not to hear Radio One’s tedious mainstream output?

If the audience size is a problem, it should be addressed? Why just give up on something so great?

Is that the BBC philosophy? if we can’t make it work just give up?

I could go on forever about this. I’m devastated about this decision!

What can we do to save to station? Perhaps educate Mark Thompson?

Kind Regards,

Dave Houlker.

Dear BBC Trust,
I write to express my utter dismay at the threatened closure of 6 music. To me it embodies the spirit of the BBC, challenging the listener through playing a diverse range of music and an absence, with the exception of the irrelevent George Lamb, of inane chatter. I have no interest in listening to the drivel that passes for the likes of chris moyles and why you deem it appropriate to waste money on the likes of him, chris evans and jonathon ross, for whom playing music is a diversion from advancing their petty celebrity amazes me. As one who cried when John Peel died, I believed that in 6 music the spirit of Peel lived on and am saddened that this appears not to be so.
I am saddenened that the BBC is being guided by a fear of the murdoch empire, to hear one of dirty diggers apologists (mackenzie) on the news tonight left me incensed; what a contribution they have made to the quality of written & broadcast media! I struggle to accept their conjecture that it is diverting an audience from commercial stations; surely it encourages diversity and an interest in music rather than key artists and the same songs on what sounds like an endless loop. If 6 music goes I cannot think of any commercial station that I will retune to.
I request that you review other means of making the requisite savings, hopefully through axing those celebrity presenters, and are able to save the valuable asset that 6 music represents. Finally if 6 music must go, please remove george lamb without delay and allow lovers of fine music & conversation to enjoy 6 music to the end.
Kind regards
Nick Townsend

Dear BBC Trust,

6 Music must not close.

Just over ten years ago, an “alternative” commercial music radio station called XFM launched in London. It showcased new bands and provided an alternative to mainstream, pop-orientated radio stations. It had a very strong proposition.

As the station grew in popularity it became more mainstream. Sadly, as it grew, this once-alternative station lost its edge and succumbed to commercial pressures. For example, some years ago its owners stopped using DJs for many of the daytime shows, instead relying on pre-programmed computers to do the ‘presenting’. Over the years XFM lost some of its best DJs, including Adam and Joe, Lauren Laverne, Richard Bacon, Stephen Merchant, Dermot O’Leary and Zane Lowe.

All of the above moved to BBC radio, with all but O’Leary and Lowe moving to 6 Music.

These DJs took that original spirit to 6 Music with them. Indeed to many radio listeners 6 Music is the natural successor to XFM – only it does things better. It mines archives superbly, gives voice to minority music tastes, gives a platform to some fantastic and inventive DJs (particularly Adam and Joe) and makes excellent documentaries. It is a treasure trove. It is exceptional.

It can do all of these because it is owned by the BBC. Being part of the BBC means that it is immune from the commercial pressures that led XFM’s owner (Global Radio) down the path that it took. The BBC does not have to bow to advertisers’ and shareholders’ demands, meaning that it can keep a station’s vision and integrity intact in a way that a commercial broadcaster is less likely to. This is why your argument about ditching 6 Music to ‘make way for commercial operators to fill the gap’ is absurd. It will not happen.

It would be a tragedy if 6 Music closed. It is the equivalent of closing a library in the hope that a branch of WH Smith opens in its place.

If you want to save money I would join others in suggesting that you axe BBC 3 instead. You are insulting and ripping off the entire nation if you are suggesting that ‘Young, Dumb and Living off Mum’, ‘Can Fat Teens Hunt?’, ‘Tough Guy or Chicken?’ and ‘World’s Toughest Driving Test’ are more important than 6 Music.

James Hall

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to echo all the letters and emails you have received and add my voice to the many desperate listeners you will affect.

Do not close radio 6.

Like many people in my demographic 30-40, I bought a DAB specifically to listen to radio 6 after hearing about in ON THE BBC. It is the only station that provides an eclectic mixture of both broadcasting talent and unrestricted, non-mainstream music both day and night (unlike any of the main stations 1, 2 or local).
The presenters are usually highly entertaining (often from comedy backgrounds), but more importantly love their music.
Are you telling those of us that pay our license fee and listen to 6 music that our need to listen to a daytime radio show that we love, is less important than the reams of teenagers that listen to radio1, but don’t pay?

There has to be another way

Please do the right thing

Yours Sincerely
Steve Pritchard

Dear Sirs

I feel completely compelled to write to express my utter dismay and disappointed regarding the closure of 6music. I am therefore asking the BBC to seriously reconsider the decision to close this superb station.

6 music plays such an eclectic mix of music with DJ’s who know their music. Where else are you likely to get to hear the likes of Huey, Jarvis, and Guy playing music that inspired them to go on to make such original music themselves.

Britain excels in being quirky, different, eccentric even. 6 music is about all these qualities and is an asset and credit to the BBC.
You will alienate a whole section of society that are too old for Radio 1 and too young for radio2…
Stop paying ‘popular’, commercial presenters millions and spend it on the common people.

Yours faithfully

Bronwyn Oldham

I am writing to fundamentally oppose the BBC’s proposal to cull 6music, a station which is the daily soundtrack to my family’s life. No other station comes close to 6music for it’s diversity, warmth, intellect, wit and credible listening pleasure. The idea that mainstream Radio1 & 2 can cater for the void that 6music would leave behind is completely absurd. 6music is a genuine platform for new and emerging artists as well as playing treasured alternative music which survives long after mainstream fads have come and gone. 6music enriches my life and to imagine radio without it is unthinkable. It’s what my DAB radio was made for. Please reconsider.


Dan Russell, music lover, Chester


In case anyone was in any way confused about what we should do about 6 music, then here is a unifying force which should settle the argument once and for all.
We keep it because bigotted demagogues like Kelvin Mckenzie think it should be scrapped. If any sane or reasonable person armed with that knowledge can still align themselves with people like that, then they deserve everything they get in life.

Lennie C aka The Funkytown Slingback.

ps 6 music will still be here long after that woolly wet Thompson has hung up his tiny bollocks. Its slightly laughable that Thompson actually made this decision because he thought Lucifer Fox was a difficult opponent and saw the 6 music audience as the easier fight to carry.
Trustees, get a grip, ffs. It aint gonna happen.
Now, you wanna save money? Sorry, “Move” money.
Inform – Snog marry avoid,
Educate – Sex with Mum & Dad
Entertain – Hotter than My Daughter

Theres yer savings. right there.


When 6Music started it was like a breath of fresh air, finally people who are serious about listening to popular music were catered for. The BBC were fulfilling their charter as a public broadcaster by providing entertainment to a sizeable minority of the population and not pandering to the commercialism that blights Radio 1 and 2. It is incredibly disappointing that Mark Thompson has proved to be so weak by capitulating to the politicians and media moguls by axing this service whilst continuing to support the commercial dross that is Radio 1 and 2 and BBC3. I very much hope that this decision is reconsidered; there is plenty of BBC output that does not deserve airtime that could be cut.

Mark Conroy
Hove, Sussex

I am saddened and infuriated at the BBC decision to axe Radio 6 Music, if this goes ahead I will sell my television and cancel my direct debit to pay my licence fee.

This IS quality programming and supports many small industries, we need small industries. Our British manufacturing base has been eroded yet we still produce and export some of the best music in the world. This station promotes and supports these talents and has introduced myself, my family and friends to much new music, leading us to invest our pennies in CDs and concerts by these homegrown bands.

John Peel and late night music shows on BBC were my soundtrack as I grew up, now it is Radio 6 and Radio 3, I don’t want to lose this.

I could go on to point out many of the worthless programmes screened and broadcast by the BBC, but I would hope you are, by now, self-aware.

Yours with hope,

Alison Walling

RE: 6 music

I’m officially lodging my dismay and vigourous complaint at proposals to axe 6 music.
What on earth is the thinking behind such a destructive decision?
6 music is a beacon of light and hope for music lovers in an otherwise grey dirge of middle of the road ‘safe’ noise and urban dominated radio.

What is there left if you swing the axe? I’ve grown up on a diet of rubbish the radio kicks out and then 6 music came along transforming the music scene with it’s cutting edge, forward thinking, quirky style. Before, music just washed over me as though I was just browsing in a shopping mall, now my ears and mind are stimulated and I’m forever jotting notes of what I want to buy.

All the presenters without exception have a real passion for what they do and what they play, the excitement they instill in us all is infectious, just like the new CD you’ve bought that you love so much you want everyone to hear it.

Please please reconsider this drastic knee jerk response to cost savings. For heaven’s sake get shot of all those antique programmes filling up daytime tv. Drop the countless cooking programmes cluttering up the schedual…I personally don’t care if they can cook or not! They’re just easy, cheap time fillers that leave a vacuum so won’t be missed.

I’m a licence payer but feel so angry right now I’d happily with hold paying it!!!

Wake up BBC!

Rich Brett

RE: Closure of 6 music

Dear Sirs

I am wishing to appeal to the BBC to reconsider the decision to close
the 6 Music station broadcasting, I have been listening to 6 music
since it’s first day and continue to do so.

I belive you call people who listen to one channel only “soul
less” (although I do find this an odd term) but I find in the week
that 6 music brings all I need for my contribution from the TV licence
and rarely need to look elsewhere.

I don’t listen to stations such as Radio 1 or 1 extra as most local
radio stations bring their out put to the masses admirably if you like
that sort of thing, so would like to second the suggestion that more
bland stations and TV channels such as BBC3 could be cut instead and
shows such as Top Gear and daytime programing could stand budget cuts
or be shelved.

I appreciate that something needs to be done but don’t see why the two
stations singled out need to go completely.

Ian Mellor


RE: 6 music

Dear BBC trustees,

I am writing to ask you not to close 6Music, it is the only radio
station I have found that I listen to day after day. The music played
and programming are second to none and it is the only radio station I
have found that constantly appeals to my tastes


john Robson

RE: Keep 6 music

Dear BBC Trust,

I am truly upset at the news of the planned closure of BBC 6 music.

6 music was the only reason I chose to purchase a DAB radio – to my mind it would be the only reason to buy one.

6 music promotes innovative new music and marries a broad playlist with a cohesive identity like no other station. The BBC is a reason for the UK to be proud, to remove the 6 music station would substantially dent its remit and reach.

In particular I would cite the Marc Riley show as representative of the stations importance in introducing new music and acting as a transfer point for new bands to reach a wider audience and a facilitator of ‘alternative’ outfits to exist happily at a lower level of exposure against the mainstream – he carries the mantle of John Peel, be that possible. Such seminal individuals require a stations support and I can no longer imagine Radio 1 enablinig this level of catalystic broadcasting to come through.

I don’t think it’s any exageration to say that without 6 music our culture would be poorer and consequently, in the long term, economically poorer.

I urge you to rethink.

Yours respectfully

Jane Atkinson

RE: BBC 6 Music

Dear BBC Mistrust

I am writing to express my concern over your decision to rescind your funding for BBC 6 MUSIC.

Not only do I pay my license fee to your organisation, but also a lot of taxes to the government who seem to have put pressure on the trust to take the afore mentioned action.

Either way, I am left feeling let down and somewhat perplexed over your reasoning.

On one hand, you decree that you are to concentrate on quality and not chase ratings; on the other, you throw in weak comments about efficiency and value for money.

Where is my value for money?

Is it not your key principle to “put quality first”?

In my opinion, BBC 6 MUSIC is at the top of the list when it comes to quality. But who am I to judge? I am a tax payer and a license payer and a purveyor of quality brands.

If you follow your own strategy and “do fewer things better”, then I urge you to double your budget with BBC 6 MUSIC and cut back on reality TV and unnecessarily extravagant award shows.

It is in you that we entrust our national treasure that is the BBC; you give us the gift of BBC 6 MUSIC; and then you do this. You are a short sighted bunch indeed and rather hypocritical with it.

I implore you to re-think your position on the matter and listen to the people.

Yours faithfully


RE: The Day The Music Died!

You may think the subject title is a little over the top but let me just explain to you why I think this is the case.
· 6 Music is the front runner in introducing new and ground breaking bands to the nation. If you close this station we will just be left with the mainstream, reality show created drivel played on commercial stations and Radio 1.

· 6 Music plays classic songs from previously little heard of artists because it is staffed by music loving intelligent DJ’s to an audience who likewise love there music and they in turn feed the DJ’s with suggestions it’s a two way thing and it works.

· Both of the above points impact on the music industry as 6 Music listeners whilst not as numerous as Radio 1 listeners actually spend there hard earned cash on buying the music and getting out and seeing the music being played live.

Listening to Mark Thompson’s argument for axing the station was infuriating and meaningless; it is quite simply a political manoeuvre, way out of touch with the music loving people of this country.
Please listen to the people and preserve this marvellous and unique radio station it means so much to people.
I believe you will come to the right decision because there is only one logical and intelligent decision.

Chris Hall (music lover)

RE:Opposition to BBC6 Music closure

I am appalled by recent news of the closure to such an important radio station.

Should the closure go ahead I will not be renewing my licence fee, since there will little reason left to continue tuning in to live broadcast media.

I would, however, pay double the fee next year if the BBC were to reconsider the relevance and accuracy of its audience measurement protocol.


Lucy McDonnell
(On behalf of all employees and friends of) at Full Blown Metals, Unit 20, The Biscuit Factory, Stoddart Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AN.)

RE: BBC 6Music

Dear Sir,

I am appalled at your decision to close BBC 6Music. I have been listening for a couple of years now since my husband bought me a Dab radio. It was the first station the radio tuned to and neither of us had listened before. It was like the radio could tell the music we loved.

Ever since we have been able to listen to old and new music and some artists we would never have come across had it not been for this station. This means that this station is responsible for us buying music by new artists which surely can only have a good knock on effect.

I listen for a couple of hours each week day usually during my breakfast, lunch break and when I am cooking tea. One day to another is never the same and the DJs make it fun. I don’t want to listen to the drivel of Chris Moyles of a morning, or for that matter at any part of the day, whilst hearing the latest chart topper. Some people want more choice. The DJs on 6music are knowledgeable and you grow to know whose opinion you value musically. They play a diverse range of music some of which just wouldn’t get played anywhere else. I think you should seriously reconsider where your priorities lie.

In my opinion, you should look more seriously about some of the TV programmes you commission and channels you put out. BBC 3 used to be a forward thinking channel that showed some truly funny shows but now it has become terrible with inane shows such as “hotter than my daughter” and repeats of Doctor Who, yet you don’t close it down.

This is a let down for people who like music.

Wendy Lester

FW: Digital media – the future of 6 Music

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing, like many others, regarding the imminent proposals for Digital media, specifically 6 Music.

I fail to see how the proposal to close 6 Music, in particular, is in anyway a helpful move. Whilst I recognise the need to cut back because of the country’s poor budgetary position, I do not understand how a country that claims to lead the way in the ‘cultural sector’, is looking to cut a station that breeds new talent and gives exposure, both via DAB and the internet to a significant audience. As a old styled western economy we have lost vast elements of the manufacturing sector over a 30 year period. We have successfully grown a leading cultural sector, providing many jobs, we simply cannot afford to ‘give up’ on an important player in the creative sector in this way.

The UK has moved into the Knowledge economy with effect – it is our nation’s future. Central to the Knowledge economy is creativity and culture. If we are to stimulate our knowledge economy we need a variety of outlets to bring forward new economic forces. Put simply, 6 Music provides exactly the kind of niche broadcasting that lets the UK exploit its base as a knowledge economy.

Frankly there are many efficiencies the BBC can seek to deliver as a monolith, removing 6 Music will not serve as more than a limp gesture to cut costs. The Trust should be cutting the BBC’s cloth to fit a new future. But this should not involve removing an entity that brings new products forward to market, and plays to the Country’s strengths as a cultural beacon in an otherwise grey world.

I urge you to retain 6 Music, and challenge you to raise its profile and encourage a strong economic sector to reach new heights.

Many thanks

Neil Darwin

RE: I love 6 music

Dear BBC Trustees,

6music is great !

Its one of your best products.

All I ever listen to on the radio is Radio 4, a bit of classical
on radio 3, and a lot of 6music.

But there are a lot of quality shows on 6. True, there are specific
shows that you could shift to other stations but then I would’nt
randomly tune in to 6 and often be very happy with whats on.

6music is a top brand in its own right.

Don’t mess it up !

If you want to make cuts let them be to the more commercial sounding
radio 1 – (is this really the BBC remit ?)

I’m confident you’ll eventually make the right decision.


Will Penny.

RE: BBC 6 music

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing with regards the decision to axe six music. As the only decent large radio station on air I believe it should be the last to get the chop rather than the first – why is funding wasted with “Djs” on other radio stations that don’t even know anything about music and just have playlists? The majority of radio 1 and 2 output could surely be replaced with a playlist on shuffle and the content wouldn’t be significantly different. Radio six is a constant source of new musical knowledge for me as a results of great dj’s that really know their stuff like Craig Charles, Mark Riley and Stuart Maconie among others. The six mix offers an interesting and diverse slot for saturday nights – especially when dj’s explore the roots of modern dance music (a couple of recent ones with sections of disco and early deep house were especially good). During the day the content is less exciting but at least it represents a reason to switch the radio on – people such as Lauren Laverne and Nemone whilst being more conservative than a lot of the other djs still play a decent mix of tracks both old and new and then steve lamacq ‘s show is a nice change over – I like the fact it has new mainstream stuff on but they aren’t afraid to slag it off if it’s rubbish rather than pretending like many other so-called djs that everything new and popular is great. What makes it great is the diversity and knowing that there is likely to be something decent on at any time of day, but more than that it is the great Djs who provide great insights and perspectives on genres exposing you to new (and old) music that you haven’t heard before – even stuff like Dave Pearce’s dance anthems is really great, it can get a bit on the cheesy side but as a fan of dance music for only the last 5 or 6 years I like to hear the older classics that I missed out on.

I have only started to listen to six music in the last 6 or so months but I feel certain that it’s audience must be growing as I had never really heard any one talk about it until recently and now there is a definite buzz surrounding it especially around shows like the craig charles show. Out of all the people I know that regularly listen to the station, only 1 of them had listened to it more than a year ago – the reason I heard it this year is because I live with someone who owns a digital radio, I am moving out next year and was going to buy one for the new house but if six music stops then what’s the point? I also feel fairly certain that most people who listen to six music will probably do the same – they will stop listening to the radio rather than listen to one of the others, as they simply don’t cater for real music fans.

I am 22 and like a pretty broad range of music including indie, rock, metal, house and techno, drum and bass, funk and soul, latin, hip-hop, trip-hop, post-rock, electronica, prog and krautrock, some folk and country, dub, reggae, ska and old pop among others. I am constantly seeking to expand my musical knowledge and six music has been highly influential in this in the last few months – whilst other stations cater to some of these genres the dj’s don’t have the knowledge and normally seem to more bothered about supporting what’s cool and enhancing their own careers rather than sharing a passion for music – rather than show casing what is good or interesting in a genre they simply promote what is already popular – the musical knowledge they have could probably be gleaned from a couple of copies of nme or mixmag and they will likely disappear into obscurity just like the crappy music they plug.

Jonathan Ramsden

Re: decision to cut 6Music

To whom it may concern,
I’ll keep this simple – please don’t axe 6Music – it is quite simply the most progressive, intelligent, quality radio station I have ever had the pleasure of discovering about 5 years ago.
I listen to it at work in a studio that today is devastated at the prospect: professional people who feel the station makes a difference to them every day.
I’m originally from Canada and 6Music is one of the things that makes the UK unique and special to me: 6Music represents a rare appreciation of quality, varied music and the commitment to its enduring appeal.
I don’t normally protest things like this or get involved but in this case, I’ll write to whomever it takes to save our beloved station.
There is nothing else like it and it very much deserves protecting and promoting.
Yours truly
Jane Jardine

RE: 6 music

Seem to have lost my email, but have just signed a petition also, and the following is the comment I left:

‘To close 6Music would be a mistake of gargantuan proportions – it is a microcosm of everything the BBC represents, and on any given day will play music from more genres than any other radio station could manage in a year. When I pay my licence fee, I take pride in knowing that I am funding the most enigmatic and forward-thinking radio station in the world right now. How can a nation continue to be expected to pay a licence fee when millions will now feel ignored and undermined by the BBC broadcasting corporation?’


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’ve read and followed with regret the recent stories in the news that
funding cuts at the BBC will mean the loss of the excellent 6Music
radio station along with other less popular stations such as the Asian

The BBC clearly state that their public purpose remit is…

1.  Sustaining citizenship and civil society
2. Promoting education and learning
3. Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence
4. Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities
5. Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK
6. In promoting its other purposes, helping to deliver to the
public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and
services and, in addition, taking a leading role in the switchover to
digital television

Of particular relevance in this instance are items 2 and 3 which
6Music fulfills admirably.  It provides informed and educational
entertainment that brings a wide and diverse range of music and
opinions to the public which would otherwise not be available in any
other medium in the UK.  This in turn stimulates creativity and
cultural appreciation.  None of the other radio stations run by the
BBC come anywhere near close to covering the broad and diverse range
of music that 6Music does.  Radio 1 with its chart-orientated
playlists is just plain repetitive and if anything it is this station
that is already well represented by commercial stations and thanks to
the inflated salaries of “celebrity” DJ’s utilises far more resources
than the relatively minor costs of running 6Music.

It would be a travesty if the innovation and exciting new output from
6Music were dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of the masses
as the BBC as a whole has a superb history of bringing interesting new
and uncommon material to the public who fund it.



RE: Planned closure of BB6 Music


I am writing to express my shock and concern over plans to close BBC6music. 6music is absolutely essential to the growth and dissemination of new music in the UK, it provides the greatest breadth of new and interesting music of any radio station in the UK and provides a quality of broadcasting unseen in most other stations.

6 music truly is a unique and important station and I am at a loss to understand the logic behind shutting it down. There is plenty of other programming within BBC radio that overlaps with other stations or serves only a small audience which is well catered for elsewhere.

The BBC has an obligation to those in the UK who pay their licence fees to provide high quality broadcasting that caters for everyone. To shut down 6music but leave some of the other stations running makes absolutely no sense – do we really need 1extra et al?!

Thank you and kind regards,

Grace Duffy
Account Manager
External Relations

Dear BBC Trust,

Today’s official decision to carry out cuts on the aforementioned
digital radio stations is deplorable at worst and highly short-sighted
at best.

If the bbc want to cow tow to the possible conservative government that
looks to take power, that’s fine. If the bbc want to cut down on
spending and allow competition, that too can be seen as fair. But to
close to highly unique stations each with dedicated fan bases which cost
less to run for a few years than a single series of Top Gear, then we
have a problem.

BBC 6Music and BBC Asian Network provide a service not found at a
national level and as such cannot be said to be prohibiting competition.
Instead, the audience is being punished. If you want to allow
competition, there are already loads f radio stations that play pop
chart music, so get rid of radio 1. While you’re at it, get rid of BBC
three and its uninspiring shows and questionable quality of output.
You’re after quality, not quantity after all.

Don’t be a hypocritical organisation and instead save these stations
from closure and the BBC itself from ridicule; focus cuts elsewhere,
where there is already a plethora of content elsewhere. If that happens,
maybe then I shall regain my respect for the corporation.

Yours respectfully,
Luis Abolafia Anguita.

Subject: Closure of 6 music

Dear Sir or Madam

I am disgusted by the proposed closure of 6 music

Mark Thompson states that 6 “represents poor value for money “ what a joke, this station is one of the few areas where the BBC actually fulfils its charter . Presenters that care about the subject matter, diverse and interesting new and old music , an outlet for new young talent.

Why should 6 and the Asian network be the fall guys for perceived public anger at Overpaid salaries to the likes of Jonathon Ross and Jeremy Clarkson. Surely the cost of this station is a fraction of making yet more commercial TV rip offs and instantly forgettable talent shows. Did the Facebook campaign for the Christmas no1 teach the BBC nothing of a real groundswell of support for an alternative to an endless stream of manufactured mediocrity.

I haven’t had the time yet to sit and analyse graphs and viewing figures etc , I just feel sick and very sad that this decision has been taken .

This is a big mistake and I think the amount of support this station will receive will surprise the BBC . This decision should be reversed before its too late.

Yours Faithfully

A . Stokes

SUBJECT: Save 6 Music – Please don’t axe your strongest digital station.

I am writing to you to express my upset following the news reports from Friday 26th February 2010, regarding the BBC’s proposal to axe BBC 6 Music.

I just wanted to take the time to write to you to explain simply why I, along with thousands of other listeners, are devastated by these proposed plans.
I have also sent a complaint to the BBC Complaints department, something which I have never before felt so compelled to do.

BBC 6 Music is the real feather in the BBC’s cap, and it’s such a very strong brand that fills such an obvious gap in the market – to take it away could be called completely short-sighted at the very least. It mixes really knowledgeable and, most importantly, unfailingly enthusiastic, music-loving presenters with an eclectic playlist – which surely is absolutely perfect for a digital station, and one of the true aims and results of what BBC digital stations can provide. No other BBC station provides for the same audience as 6 Music in the way that 6 Music does and nor does any commercial station (nor, in many opinions, would any commercial station ever find that it would be commercially viable for them to attempt to do without losing the core values of what 6 Music is and does.)

If 6 Music’s listenership is not high enough for the BBC to feel that it is viable, then I can only argue that this is due to lack of advertising and a positive push on the BBC’s part, not because the audience for it isn’t there – 6 Music’s audience is very clear, as 6 Music caters for the large gap that falls between the listener-ship of Radio 1 and Radio 2. 6 Music listeners have long considered it to be the BBC’s ‘lost station’ as many simply do not know it even exists. This is very different than a large FM station that is well advertised but still not pulling in the listeners. 6 Music is the most forward-thinking station on the BBC, and its’ listeners are an extremely strong band of listeners who do not feel that anywhere else does or ever could cater for them as excellently as 6 Music does so well. A station that is so strong in identity and brand can surely only get yet stronger as more potential listeners find out about the station?

BBC bosses may possibly never fully realise just how enormous a gap was left for their listeners who were left clinging on for a wide and eclectic mix of music on BBC radio after our dear John Peel died – at least 6 Music does its utmost to try and close this gap as much as possible. It champions the new, the old and everything in between – the BBC should be enormously proud of what 6 Music is and does. What a massive mistake will be made if this station is closed.

As license-fee payers, we know and can easily appreciate that it is an important factor that the bulk of the BBC’s output is aimed toward the mainstream, to serve all license-fee payers as equally as possible, but surely this is the beauty and the true value of digital radio, and of the BBC as a whole – output that is not deemed ‘mainstream’ enough for an FM band station can be placed on digital band and reach a very strong audience easily, and content that is not ‘commercial’ enough can be found on the BBC. This is of important, and very real, value. 6 Music is the perfect example of how strong a digital station can be, and just what a digital station can be and achieve. If 6 Music is best suited as a BBC station, which by the type of content it produces and the audience that it aims at, it clearly is, then it certainly does not, and will never have, commercial rivals – nor would it, as we all know, clearly ever be a format ever considered financially viable for a commercial station.

The loss of 6 Music would surely result in a massive gap in terms of a certain type of programming reaching an audience that, without it, is more or less completely isolated from any other BBC radio service. 6 Music listeners are your license fee-payers that feel that Radio 1’s output is far too young and chart-based to appeal to them, and equally, that Radio 2’s daytime content is aimed an an older audience than themselves. Also, as Radio 2 is now being asked to aim their target audience at higher than the current 50yrs, and Radio 1 is told to cater to under 35’s, what are those in between these ages (a quite substantial 15 year-gap) meant to find appealing on the schedules, BBC or commercial? (As an aside, I am 24 years old, and have been listening to 6 Music since it started. BBC Radio 2 is a station that I enjoy very much in the evenings, but I am in no doubt that very soon my loyalty to Radio 2 will naturally be waning if their content is being aimed an audience far older than myself.)

The BBC, and BBC digital services are surely designed at least in part to be able to put content out to the license-fee payers that they would not be able get anywhere else, and this is exactly what 6 Music is and does, and does so extremely well. Please don’t alienate such a strong band of listeners by making such a massive mistake.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours, Kim Moore.

RE: Radio Station Closures

Dear BBC

There is little I can add to the voice of the many people who have
spoken up about this decision, but here is my piece.

I am shaken by your recommendation to close the BBC 6 Music radio
station. I’m an avid listener, listening to 6 music on average for
nearly 10 hours everyday, including weekends. I bought DAB Radios
precisely to listen to 6 Music as there is little other reason to.

I feel as though this has been repeated time and time again recently,
but the BBC was created to cater for minorities and audiences that
commercial radio doesn’t cater for. 6 Music (and Asian Network) are
excellent examples of this.

Not only does commercial radio come nowhere close to 6 Music I also
refuse to have my personal space invaded by the advertising found on
these radio stations. You do realise that not everyone is
pro-commercialism don’t you? Isn’t that the whole point of the BBC?

It doesn’t make any sense when it’s obvious that (at present) 87,000
people are members of an online group to save the station and the
numbers are growing. The BBC rarely advertises 6 music but since the
rumour of cuts, more people have become aware of it.

Do the maths: 87,000 license payers = over £12 million. The station
only costs £6m.

I would gladly pay my license fee for 6 music alone. I watch
approximately 1 or 2 hours of TV per week and I don’t intend to watch
any more even if the BBC programming was better. Most of all I
wholeheartedly disagree with the obscene pay packets of certain
‘presenters’ who I shouldn’t have to name by now.

If the BBC wants to save money, I suggest you undertake some
programming changes across the television stations and remove some
overpaid staff and presenters.

Regardless of the amount of good that 6 Music has done for new, up and
coming bands and the British music scene in general, the answer is NOT
to cut a two whole radio stations completely, which seems to be a drop
in the ocean in terms of the amount you are trying to save. This is

I’m no expert, but I can see that this decision has no reasoned
founding at all. I just don’t understand.

As a license payer, I’m incensed.



RE: 6music

Dear BBC Trust,

I shall keep this short as I am sure you have many messages to read.

Please DO NOT carry out the suggestion contained within the latest consultation document to close 6music.

I find the stations provision of new music to be some of the best within all radio available within the UK and unmatched in scope or quality by commercial radio.

The quality of programming and presentation is superior to that on Radio 1 (certainly day time radio, with is repetitive at best).

Please add me to the (doubtless teetering) pile of ‘save 6music’ emails.

Thank you,

PS I there is one, can you also please add me to the pile of ‘replace Mark Thompson’ emails, thanks

RE: BBC 6 Closure

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with immense alarm I heard of the proposed closure of the BBC 6 Music digital radio station.

This digital radio station has brought refuge to many who believe that Radio 1 is aimed at 14 year olds with no music taste and Radio 2 who my parents would be happy to listen to but far too boring for me. Pre BBC6 I listened to XFM as this was the only station bold enough to play genuine new music that wouldn’t necessarily chart but ended up charting thanks to a maverick attitude.
BBC 6 took over this mantle on it’s opening after Capital radio sadly bought XFM.
There is no other station that can bring new music that I would probably enjoy to my attention and play old music that you seldom hear on the radio.

BBC6 makes the day go quicker, makes me buy more music (which as a worker in the Music Industry) is a great thing and generally keeps me up to date with new music and trends. The only problem with BBC 6 is that it’s digital only so I can’t listen in the car, otherwise if would be heard even more.

I really think poor decisions such as this need to be re thought.
BBC6 highlights what licence fee money SHOULD be spent on, intelligent diverse programming and I hope there is enough public support to overturn this ludicrous decision.

Yours sincerely ,

Andrew Huke

Subject: 6music and Asian Network cuts decision

Sent: 2 Mar 2010 10:42

Dear BBC Trust,

Today’s official decision to carry out cuts on the aforementioned digital radio stations is deplorable at worst and highly short-sighted at best.

If the bbc want to cow tow to the possible conservative government that looks to take power, that’s fine. If the bbc want to cut down on spending and allow competition, that too can be seen as fair. But to close to highly unique stations each with dedicated fan bases which cost less to run for a few years than a single series of Top Gear, then we have a problem.

BBC 6Music and BBC Asian Network provide a service not found at a national level and as such cannot be said to be prohibiting competition. Instead, the audience is being punished. If you want to allow competition, there are already loads f radio stations that play pop chart music, so get rid of radio 1. While you’re at it, get rid of BBC three and its uninspiring shows and questionable quality of output. You’re after quality, not quantity after all.

Don’t be a hypocritical organisation and instead save these stations from closure and the BBC itself from ridicule; focus cuts elsewhere, where there is already a plethora of content elsewhere. If that happens, maybe then I shall regain my respect for the corporation.

Yours respectfully

Steve Gray

Subject: BBC 6Music


I’ve just seen it confirmed that the staff of BBC 6Music have been told the station will close, and that any complaints should be forwarded to the trust.

There is nothing else out there like 6music – certainly not on commercial radio, despite the claims that it’s being closed because it competes with commercial radio. It’s the only pop radio station with DJs that care about the music they play – its DJs are the most knowledgeable, and they genuinely play a variety that other stations just don’t. On one show you’ll hear Public Enemy, The Pixies, a new single by a band like The Gorillaz, and The Byrds. Radio 1, which does compete with the commercial stations (yet isn’t being closed) only has a few evening DJs who are even vaguely interested in the music they play. 6Music has Lauren Laverne on every weekday, Jarvis Cocker on every Sunday, Marc Riley, Gideon Coe, Stuart Maconie and various other musicians and dedicated DJs who offer a breadth and depth of music knowledge that other stations just don’t have.

It’s a vital platform for new bands. I heard the 23-piece female alt choir Gaggle do a session on Lauren Laverne’s show last week; no other station would offer a daytime session slot to a band that make music that isn’t commercial. Bands such as Los Campesinos! get invited to do sessions for her and Marc Riley, while Tom Robinson’s vital new music show is invaluable for bands around the country who do sessions for him early in their career. Without that platform a lot of bands that don’t have the money to pay pluggers or without record deals just won’t get heard. The other day Tom Robinson played one song by an american folk duo that don’t have any releases available over here and no other exposure, yet I enjoyed them so much that I’m going to buy their self-released album as soon as I have the money.

Stations such as 6Music represent consistent high quality, and play music that just doesn’t have a platform elsewhere. Because it doesn’t have to worry about commercial viability, DJs are able to have more free choice than elsewhere. And this is what the listeners want – I genuinely admire and trust the DJs that 6Music has hired, and listen to the station every day to hear songs that otherwise I wouldn’t know about. Without it, I think the BBC would be much less culturally rich and diverse, and I, and my housemates, who only have a DAB radio so that we can listen to 6Music, would be devastated. We’re all 19-20 years old, and 6Music represents what we want much more than BBC3, which is full of programs that are apparently aimed at our age group like ‘Hotter than my Daughter’ that are, frankly, embarrassing.

I’m sorry that this is so long, but I feel devastated and upset by the news that the station will close. 6Music is vital and closing it would be a massive mistake.

Charlotte Geater

Date: Tuesday, 2 March, 2010, 11:15
> Dear Sirs,
> What a shocking proposal – closing a radio station that
> harbours new muscial talent and reducing expenditure on the
> BBC websites, surely the BBC are not as blinkered as that?
> Independent music is the most important past-time to
> thousands upon thousands of people in this country, instead
> the BBC would rather use our money, we are the ones who pay
> for it after-all, on producing more and more reality /
> home-improvement / celebrity / eastenders / high-end = high
> cost programmes. I tried to watch BBC 3 – I turned off – it
> was shite.
> This decision is abysmal, you give a station no
> advertisement and expect it to maintain high listnership. How about
> cutting some of the dross on radio one and playing radio six
> sessions through the evening.
> This decisions stinks of spoon-feeding the led majority
> rather than the independent tastes of the nation that should
> be nutured, not cut-off.
> I trust the correct decision will be made.
> Regards
> Leigh Ecclestone

RE: Save 6music


I just wanted to express my opinion about the decision to axe 6music. I am a big fan of the radio station, it’s passion for upcoming talent and for playing little known bands that differ from the standard Radio One playlist. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with what Radio One plays, but I feel that it is important that we have another option, an alternative option.

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, and I hope it makes a small amount of difference.

Emily Heath.

Subject: 6Music

Dear All,
Please, please do not sanction the closure of 6Music!

6Music is THE ONLY radio station that caters for people who love real music old and new. It provides an outlet for new and upcoming bands that would otherwise never get heard. I have been introduced to so many new bands through listening to 6Music and without it I will have no other way to hear new music because it simply does not get played anywhere else. I can’t listen to 6Music in work because our the online player gets blocked but I would if I could and the first thing I do when I come home from work is switch on the DAB radio. Incidentally, I only bought my DAB radio so that I could listen to 6Music more conveniently, I might as well throw it in the bin if 6Music goes. I have a notice board at home in the kitchen which every night gets filled up with new bands that I have heard whilst listening to DJs like Steve Lamacq, Mark Riley and Gideon Coe.

6Music is different to all other radio stations (especially Radio 1) because it is all about the music and the DJ’s are intelligent, know what they are talking about and care and are passionate about the music they play. Compare that to Radio 1 where you get the same spoon fed “popular” music played ad infinitum , interspersed with inane chat from vacuous and frankly abusive (in the case of Chris Moyles) DJ’s (and I use the term DJ very loosely) who wouldn’t know quality music if it slapped them in the face.

And it’s not just about the new music either, it’s also about quality old classic tracks and obscure music that you wouldn’t hear anywhere else. I’ve been introduced to all kinds of artists from a variety of genres that I would never have come across otherwise. Artists like Gil Scot Heron, Georgie Fame and Wreckless Eric (to name but a few) would never get played on mainstream radio and I would never be exposed to the vast diversity of music that’s out there.

You may not even read this email but if you do I beg you to save 6Music because to my mind it is what radio stations should be all about and taking it away will be like ripping out the heart of good music and passionate music lovers!

Please Save 6Music.

Yours ‘Gutted’ Gareth Lynch

Re: Save 6 music

Dear Sir,
I am writing to express my disappointment and dismay at the news that BBC 6 Music may be closed.
I do not listen to commercial radio stations as they do not play the type of music or provide the informed content that BBC 6 provides.

Radio 6 has an audience that is not catered for in the commercial sector, it is a community of listeners and presenters who journey together to find and appreciate music of many genres. I have certainly increased the breadth of music I like through listening to BBC 6.

I fervently hope that you will take into consideration the views of the BBC 6 listeners.

Yours sincerely
Amanda Feron

Re: Save Radio 6 – in fact move it to more platforms


I’d like to complain about the complete lack of publicity for Radio 6 and now that I’ve just become aware of a radio product I’d like to listen to, instead of it doing well, you’re closing it down.

I’d much rather that you moved it out of the purely DAB arena into freeview/sky OR replaced some of the other drivel with it (like 1Extra, Asian or black channel or Radio 1,2,3 or 4 or BBC3 (which only shows repeats for 4 hours a day, what a waste of bandwidth the rest of the time) or BBC parliament).

As a mid-30’s person I find radio 1 to be inane and radio 2 to be aimed at people of my parents generation. Radio 2 was aimed at my parents when they were my age and has shifted it’s goalposts, whereas radio1 has stayed where it was. Leaving a huge gap (from about age 30 to 50) in the wage earning chunk of the listening market with no radio station targetted at them.


Subject: Protest against the close of 6 Music

Dear BBC Trusties
The BBC has failed to reflect my music needs throughout most of my life. The majority of Radio 1 is a waste of space – being filled with commercially driven disposable rubbish. Chris Moyles makes me lose my faith in humanity. I have tried to like Radio 2 but it to contains far too much artless pop for my taste. 6 Music leads the world in providing quality music for music lovers from all kinds of sources and eras. Where else can I hear Daft Punk slide effortlessly into Jimi Hendrix? The variety is excellent, the presenters are excellent and I listen to it all day most days. I understand the need to make savings, but please look elsewhere. Do what the BBC does best and give us high class content: Radio 4 for news, comedy and factual and 6 Music for the love of music. If you take away 6 music you take away the colour from my working life.


Re: six music
Doing anything to BBC 6 music is a terrible decision. our culture is mainstream enough without the one alternative radio station i can pick up being shut down.

Cleo Wreford

Re: 6 music facing closure

Dear sirs,

I am saddened at the news that it has been decided to close 6 music which is one of very few British radio stations really doing something interesting. You do our cultural welfare a great disservice if you pursue this short sighted policy.It doesn’t need closing, it just needs a lot more publicity – if more people knew it was there then its future would not be in question and the listening public would be happier as a result. How about giving it space on the analog airwaves too? Then you would get even more listeners – you have that choice with Radios 1,2,3,4 and 5. The BBC should be broadening and not limiting our collective horizon.

yours repectfully
Adrian Nicholas

RE: BB6 Music – Don’t close it! :(

Please keep this station open – what a great mix of music.

Definitely gets value for my license fee.

The criteria for closing seem very short sighted – playing a mix of ‘off-the-beaten track’ music (of all styles) ineveitably won’t appeal to every license payer. The BBC should not be aiming always to lower the common denominator. ‘Niches’ can play an important role, while over-appealing to the common denominator and aiming to up viewing numbers can produce pap..

This will leave a whole that will be impossible to fill – either by the BBC or commercial stations.

(A dedicated BBC R4 and BBC6 listener – and license fee payer)

RE: halt the closure of six music

To whoever it may concern,

I am both flabbergasted and disgusted by the proposal to close 6 music. As a passionate music fan, I love what “6” does, they play music that I and many hundreds and thousands want to hear and provide a home to innovative and often minority music, following that the presenters, with the exception of George Lamb-who is a pillock, all share a passion, knowledge and above all love for what they do. Where will I and many like me find a new home for radio? I’m too old for radio 1 (I’m 43) not mainstream enough in my tastes for radio 2 (with the exception of Radclliffe and Marconie) and I hate commercial radio and likewise feel too old for

Personal stuff aside, I feel that Lord Reith will be spinning in his grave over this the Reithan principles are displayed in everything 6 Music does in my opionion these are: quality, cater for the minoirty as well as the majority and do it good. 6 music in a nutshell.

Why don’t you close BBC3 which is both a major dissapointment and broadcasts either repeats, gossip style shows or constant repeats of family guy or two pints, while we are at it get rid of a load of BBC Managers, Radio7, the parliment channel and Steve Wright in the afternoon.

I am very angry and will withold my licence fee, if 6 Music closes as the BBC will no longer meet my needs.

Tony Adams

RE: 2010-03-02 : Save 6 Music

6 Music was the primary reason that I purchased a digital radio and my first destination radio station every time.

6 Music places quality first and refuses to adopt the lowest common denominator playlist formula of other stations.

The BBC’s proposed closure of 6 Music shows a surprisingly short-sighted disregard for it’s licence paying listeners and would be a major mistake, one which there is still an opportunity to reverse.

Adrian Stewart

Subject: Closure of 6music!!

Dear BBC Trust

I would like to complain about the proposed closure of 6music. This closure seems to completely misunderstand the role this channel plays in servicing a demographic who don’t want to listen to generic “pop” music which is constantly aired by Radio 1 and also don’t want to listen to the frankly dreary Radio 2. The proposed changes to recommit Radio 1 and 2 to pushing more new and live music is an absolute cop out all this will lead to is a sanitized pop chart friendly idea of what new music is and will not even come close to the eclectic mix currently offered by 6music. As a license fee payer I feel that the current BBC is offering is actually good value for money but these proposed cuts are seriously making me reconsider this. I would strongly recommend that the BBC, as a public sector funded broadcaster, begin to listen to the people who actually pay the license fee as appose to implementing changes on a knee jerk basis in fear of a new Tory government in the pocket of Rupert Murdoch making cuts for you. (Which they will do anyway).


Jonathan Anderson

Subject: Closure of 6 music

Dear BBC Trust,

I am writing to register my anger and dismay at the shocking news of the proposed closure of 6 music. This is a great station that has at it’s heart a true and dedicated policy of playing and promoting new music. The station stands completely alone in giving a platform to countless up and coming bands that would have not been exposed anywhere else on the BBC network. This in turn fuels an ever growing live music scene and helps the UK record industry at a time when it needs all the help it can get! The irony is that since 6 music has had this recent exposure people that have never listened to the station before have tuned and have nothing but great things to say about the station, the knowledgeable presenters and the diversity of music that it plays. There is clearly a case for promoting this gem of a station and making more people aware of it, not closing it!

I honestly think that the decision is a very poorly considered one, with all the wrong reasons at it’s heart. It is clearly wrong and extremely short sighted to bow down again to the Conservative party and right wing press on this issue and make the best thing on BBC radio a pointless sacrifice to appease their ignorant and elitist agenda. The BBC should stop paying so much attention to the politicians and start listening to the PEOPLE. The great majority of licence payers do not begrudge the annual fee, especially if it provides us with great stations – and 6 music is up there with the best of them.

6 music is the reason I bought a DAB radio, I can only hope and pray that this short sighted and unpopular decision can be reversed.


Jen Waterfield

RE: Proposed 6 Music Closure

I really would like to voice my concern over the proposed closure of BBC 6 Music. I have been a long, avid listener and consider it both invaluable in getting to hear music that is both ‘ground breaking’ and diverse. Since the sad departure of John Peel 6 Music is essential listening, there is nothing else like it any where else. To even consider closing it you are endorsing generic radio 1 like playlists with all there primary coloured squawking and hideous radio ‘personalities’. Radio 6, although I have recently been hearing a certain shift to the dumbed down policy that Radio 1 has flag shipped so well over the many years, encourages a more serious and mature attitude to music and I have proudly stated on numerous occasions that BBC Radio, particularly 4,6 and 7 is worth the cost of any licence fee that I pay and they more than make up for the insulting dross that you seem so insistent on broadcasting elsewhere.

Richard Barnes

Open Letter to BBC Trust and Frank Dobson
Dear BBC Trust,

I’m writing to add my name in protest of the closure of 6music.

I am a musician who has been lucky enough to start my own label, and because of this I’ve never had to compromise the spirit of what I make. Without the support of 6music, I would never have been given the kind of exposure that I’ve had, and probably would never have sold enough records to keep going. In short, I owe it my career.

I’m not protesting on my own behalf here, but on the principle that artists like me SHOULD be able to have careers. There are clearly people who respond to this type of music, and they need to be given the opportunity. Without 6music, I hate to think how hard it will be to work independently of grand corporations and their agendas. Record labels already don’t take risks on music that sounds different or subversive, and now I fear the musicians won’t take risks to make it. We have a great history of innovative, independent music in the UK, and I’d hate to see it threatened.

It’s strange that as a music fan, turning on the radio in this country doesn’t make you feel represented so much as alienated. There are plenty of radio stations that offer up Christmas chart contenders and the finalists of talent competitions, but this is not the only kind of music that exists. 6music is unique in that the people running it seem to have a say in what they play, which, if you think about it, is bizarre. And it doesn’t just play obscure or cult records, it contributes to the careers of people who go on to be commercially successful, and it plays classic records that you want to hear but can’t be bothered to dig out. In short, it plays the music that it loves, and its got extremely good taste. What’s more, it’s educating. You trust the people who are running it to tell you something you want to know.

When I listened to the 6music Glastonbury coverage this year, I finally felt like the festival had found its home on radio. It felt like it was finally being covered people who really knew and loved what they were talking about. And it felt like a step forward for the station. It seems perplexing that only nine months later, it should be axed, rather than rewarded for the steps it has made.

Furthermore, as a listener, there is no other station that I could turn on in the middle of a bad morning, and hear a song that makes me feel like somebody else is out there and understands. You’d be breaking my heart to let it go.

Thank you,
Emma-Lee Moss (emmy the great)

To my MP:

Dear Rt Hon Frank Dobson,

I’d like to forward you a copy of my letter to the BBC trust on the subject of the proposed closure of BBC 6music.

I feel very strongly about the matter, and feel that you should know why.

As a small business owner (i have my own record label) who owes the station my career, I feel unable to keep silent on behalf of myself and others like me.

The UK independent music industry is already suffering with the loss of distributors, record shops, small labels and promoters. 6music closing may be the final straw. A UK without the independent music industry would never have seen the Smiths, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Arctic Monkeys, Belle and Sebastian, Bjork…

In short, a tragedy,
Yours sincerely,

E Moss

64 comments for “Save 6 Music: Your letters to the BBC Trustees

  1. 2 March 2010 at 1:47 pm

    an unbelievable decision.and just more dumbing down from the BBC.
    Radio 6 is part of my life-
    It’s original, inspiring, funny, and has amazing presenters who are actually into the music-
    It’s one of the few orignal stations playing the best up and coming artists.
    Not everyone wants to hear radio one drivel all day-
    Cut some of the rubbish out- not the quality stuff.
    I plead with the BBC- dont close radio 6.

    Mabel Forsyth

  2. 2 March 2010 at 1:58 pm

    I am a 27 old avid listener of BBC 6 Music and have been since the station started back in 2002.

    I believe you are making a huge and costly mistake with your plans to axe this peerless radio station which I have thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a lot from over the past 8 years.

    The station stands completely alone in its dedication to new and old alternative music and has given a platform to countless bands and musicians that certainly would have not been exposed anywhere else, particularly since the death of the great John Peel. I believe like many others that more alternative bands and music will now have no platform to a wider audience and the cultural fabric of the UK will suffer because of this frankly idiotic and ridiculous decision.

    6 Music also is possibly the only station in Britain that is NOT obliged to play the saccharine commercial rubbish that is pumped out by other commercial radio (and other BBC stations, namely R1) and as such is a beacon of hope for everyone.

    The BBC has over 40 years of fantastic archives which 6 music presents to its devoted listeners with intelligence, knowledge, wit and humour, things that are utterly devoid from other stations. The station has not only turned me on to countless bands, songs, albums and gigs but also literature, comedy and film.

    You seem to imply that the output of 6 music does not represent the ‘quality not quantity’ ethos of the BBC. On the contrary, 6 Music is an absolute perfect example of how the BBC and the licence fee can work. The sheer variety and individualism of the station is simply not replicated ANYWHERE else on your network or any other.

    Please, please, please do not bow down again to the Conservative party and the right wing press on this issue and make the best thing on the BBC a pointless sacrifice to appease their ignorant and elitist agenda.

    The level of anger and support for 6 music, including testimonials from some of the biggest and best in the music business such as David Bowie and Glastonbury organiser Emily Eavis, must surely make you think again.

  3. 2 March 2010 at 2:05 pm

    6 Music was the primary reason that I purchased a digital radio and my first destination radio station every time.

    6 Music places quality first and refuses to adopt the lowest common denominator playlist formula of other stations.

    The BBC’s proposed closure of 6 Music shows a surprisingly short-sighted disregard for it’s licence paying listeners and would be a major mistake, one which there is still an opportunity to reverse.

    Adrian Stewart

  4. Alan Martin
    2 March 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Hi This is a really a sad day for a number of listeners who appreciate a special type of music. We have radio stations playing the same type of music all day long, but bbc6, is the only radio station playing the music that the great John Peel used to play and we must thank the special bbc6 radio presenters who also play this for us. We have nowhere else to go, this can’t be the end.

  5. Neil Whitehead
    2 March 2010 at 2:15 pm


    Madness from the Beeb…instead of chopping the incomparible 6 Music they should put it out on FM too and see listeners figures rocket!

    By implementing this sort of irrational and irresponsible cost cutting they won’t just lose listeners of 6 Music to another BBC station, they will lose them altogether…

    Hope sanity prevails…

    Neil Whitehead

  6. Chris Chamberlain
    2 March 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Once again quality is sacrificed for political reasons. In the ‘Freak Zone’ the BBC had one of the best pure music shows since we lost John Peel. A shameful decision and a real kick in the teeth from the BBC to discerning music fans. Nevermind we can still listen to Ken Bruce playing Phil Collins!

  7. Peter Mcdade
    2 March 2010 at 2:31 pm


    Six Reasons to keep 6

    1.Bands get exposure at all levels.

    2. People see these bands advertised and after hearing them go see
    in very often small venues.

    3. The venue gets income as do the retailers surrounding it, taxi
    drivers, baby sitters etc.

    4. The area feels safe late at night because this a nice ambience.

    5. There is supposed to be a recession on and are we not supposed
    to be helping the economy ??

    6. We are an amazingly creative country and the bbc6 is in an
    integral part of this. Even with the George Lamb show.

  8. Erin
    2 March 2010 at 2:31 pm

    Copy of the email I sent to the Trust…

    To whom it may concern,

    Like many, many others I am very disheartened to hear the news about the planned closure of BBC 6 Music. I think the station fills a huge gap in the market, and while the reach of the station may be small, the fanbase are made up of exactly the right people: loyal, music lovers.

    Presenters like Lauren Laverne and Marc Riley who so clearly understand and cater for the needs of their target audience, will be so sorely missed. What will happen to all the fantastic archived sessions that get an airing on 6 Music? Where will the music lovers who are old enough to remember Joy Division, but young enough to care about new music go? There is no other station that provides the same breadth of music with such intelligence and passion. There are no substitutes.

    I honestly think the decision is a very poorly considered one, with all the wrong reasons at it’s heart. It is guaranteed to isolate a proportion of the people the BBC should be aiming to please with it’s output.

    You the BBC are meant to entertain, inform and educte us, the public. There is no better station than 6 to fulfil those criteria when it come to music.

    We need 6 Music.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Yours faithfully.

  9. Mike Clark
    2 March 2010 at 3:28 pm

    I think the decision to close down 6 music is deplorable. I regularly listen to radio 4 for drama, news and comedy, radio 2 at lunchtime and wake up to radio 6 during the week and often listen in on weekends.
    I respect the presenters on Radio 6 for the passion they obviously have for the music they play, which is eclectic, innovative and exciting. They are intelligent communicators who know and respect their audience (except for maybe George Lamb, I do not know what he is talking about most of the time).
    If a station must be chopped then please consider radio 1 as an alternative it is largely purile dross with no integrity, hardly a flagship station or the elitist radio 3 or radio 5, what is the point of sport on the radio except for idle speculation from over excitable grown men who should know better.
    Please save and promote 6 music .
    Yours passionately Mike Clark

  10. Grace Carter
    2 March 2010 at 3:30 pm


    My life will be a gloomier place without 6music – I listen to it all the time and like a previous commenter, I only bought DAB radio to listen to it in all the rooms of my house.

    I listen everyday and make a list of new songs I like – I’ve literally discovered hundreds of bands via various shows on the station.

    Please, please save it from closure. There’s simply nothing else like it.

    Grace Carter

  11. Adam Humphreys
    2 March 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Personally I think it’s a shame that it’s come to this. 6 Music and Asian Network both cater for a variety of cutural tastes and to close them down I think would be both a kick in the teeth and a step backward in terms of culture, and probably values. If the BBC want to save money they should either look at cutting down management or staff pay, not axeing whole stations.

  12. Angus Boyce
    2 March 2010 at 4:35 pm

    If there was ever a reason for buying a DAB radio, it was BBC 6 Music. All of a sudden there it was, the most complete station imaginable. Brilliant presenters, a limitless playlist, unlike nearly every other staion out there. It’s not our fault that you opted to make it DAB only, perhaps if you’d found space for it on FM, you wouldn’t be harping on about its listening numbers now. If you get rid of it you’ll only end up doing the BBC and the music loving public a huge disservice. Remember that not everybody fits in somewhere between Radios 1 and 2.

  13. nigel baker
    2 March 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Dear BBC, I don’t begrudge or moan about the vast majority of output from the BBC that does not appeal to me. I am happy to pay the licence fee as I believe in what you do and stand for. In terms of the radio, 6 music is way ahead of anything else available and, along with radio 4, all I listen to. Intelligent, eclectic and inspiring rather than mindless, spoon-fed, over-commercial drivel on commercial stations and radio 1.

    I have a feeling you are about to see how much difference if really makes to those passionate about music.

  14. Andrea Gee
    2 March 2010 at 6:15 pm

    BBC Are you mad? BBC6 is the most amazing contrasts of music available on the radio. My partner and I can’t even contemplate listening to another station. Some of the best music I have ever bought is through listening to the various shows on 6. There is nothing that comes close to BBC6 – please whatever you do reconsider very carefully. I and at lest 20 other of my friends all feel deflated from knowing 6 might go. Keep it!!!!!

  15. dips hadfield
    2 March 2010 at 6:29 pm

    here’s my letter sent to bbc

    Dear sir/madam,

    I have been listening to the news of 6 music’s potential demise with interest, sadness and a pang of anger. I’m a senior manager in a large IT company where I work with the public sector and understand the dynamics of funding, the deficit and the operational efficiency programme. i understand the BBC, as a result, has tough decisions to make. but cutting 6 music will not sort the BBC’s problems. it will distance a significant group of listeners as well as remove an important new channel for creative and music makers and listeners (ala John peel).

    saturday morning with Adam and Joe have become a delightful addition to our saturday morning creating laughter and joy for me, my wife and our kids. Tom Robinson and Mark Riley have been great ‘friends’ over the years and have introduced us to new music as well playing fantstic oldies that surprise and excite us on a regular basis. we NEVER hear such sons anywhere else. anywhere. and this sits at the heart of my message to you….

    do not remove the unique radio station that is 6Music. you will leave a hole in the musical landscape of the UK and the world. keep us at the forefront of musical creativity. keep 6Music.


    Richard Hadfield

  16. mr j hartshorne
    2 March 2010 at 6:30 pm

    If the BBC is as committed to quality service broadcasting , which it says it is and providing content which will not be provided elsewhere then why is it closing 6 Music which meets its public service remit and provides a radio station which broadcasts music not readily available elsewhere on radio whilst keeping Radio 1 which competes with nearly every other commercial pop music station there is.

  17. Steph Jones
    2 March 2010 at 7:05 pm

    Dear Mark Thomas,
    Why is the are you determined to destroy something you’re actually getting right? It’s tantamount to self harm !! The ONLY station for the Thirty something, MTV, Buffy Generation (all grown up). My family and I listen to 6music throughout the day. I only bought a digital radio so I could listen!!! It’s a fantastic station. Exactly what the Beeb used to (and should still) stand for. A bright candle in a dark world of dreary sameness. It caters to people with eclectic, mature tastes in quality music and has Dj’s with a vast knowledge of music history – not just churning out chart toppers from Xfactor drones. I buy (yes buy, not illegally download) music on the strength of their recommendations. It’s a complete and utter crime to axe it! I worry that the BBC really have lost touch with their audience, lost touch with their fee payers, lost touch with Britain. Come on Mr Thomas, don’t encourage me to stop paying my licence. DON’T DO IT!

  18. Murray Gale
    2 March 2010 at 7:09 pm

    Dear Sirs

    This station has filled a musical void that had been missing in British radio. Its’ diversity is a complete wonder and with the BBC website listen again facility I can still do other pastimes and catch up with my favourite shows at anytime of my choosing.

    For the corporation to contemplate the axing of this station shows a complete ignorance of its listeners worldwide who actively take part in the station.

    I have never taken part in protest about the BBC before. I was brought up with the BBC being an informative and entertaining corporation. I found it an educational tool which helped challenge me in my formative years, although I do feel that the BBC has dummed down over the years, but this is not the matter in which I writing about.

    Living in the Highlands of Scotland would mean that I had to wait for technical advances to be applied so I could appreciate the BBC more, but being a patient person, I could wait and embrace the new services with pleasure.

    I am not a believer in commercialism. Do not subscribe to Sky out of principle and the BBC is my main media source in all of its formats and the development of digital radio has been a fantastic media development of which I have embraced especially BBC 6 Music.

    I very much hope that any threat is removed and the development of the BBC will continue to grow without pruning.

    Yours sincerely

    Murray Gale

  19. Pete Owens
    2 March 2010 at 7:33 pm

    The decision to axe 6music is utterly appalling,and smacks of appeasement to the right wing press.
    In one breath Mark Thompson speaks of the BBCs desire to encourage creativity, and then proceeds to announce the death of their only really creative and innovative station in 6music!!!

    Why, when cuts were required, couldn’t cuts be made across the whole BBC operation?
    There are presenters on Radio 2,particularly weekends,eg. Dale Wynton,Alan Carr etc who must be costing a lot of money and what do they bring to the table exactly? a good DJ with no ego and with at the very least a musical knowledge would be more than adequate,why do we have to these god awful celebs on the air?

    If quality is what you are striving for then stop paying lipservice to it and change this ridiculous decision.
    As a licence payer who would pay more provided the quality was still kept in place,I implore you to not axe 6 music it is unique and will never be replaced by any commercial station.
    If only it had been on an FM platform, I am convinced it would have surpassed Radio 1 and who knows even Radio 2,so varied is its appeal.
    The station for me represents what the BBC is about, to nurture creativity and provide quality alternative entertainment for the more discerning music lovers,who do not want the mindless background music and drivel espoused by the kind of presenters on radio 1 and countless commercial stations,people who want that are well catered for,while we have one station only and you see fit to take that away! is this public service i think not.

  20. 2 March 2010 at 7:38 pm

    This really is a calamity for decent music. The amount of money I spend on music shot up after I started listening to 6 Music, and I have no idea where I’ll hear so many new bands once it’s gone. This is a serious matter for independent labels and unsigned artists, who are going to lose a lot of exposure they’ll never get on commercial channels, and the sales and income that follow. A sad day for the real music industry, and all to pander to multi-millionaire media barons.

    As an aside, I love the image at the top of the page – who did it and is it available on t-shirts? We should all fly the flag!

  21. paulina
    2 March 2010 at 7:48 pm

    Re: Closure of BBC R6 music

    Heard devastating news this morning! 6 music is a breath of fresh air in its presenters and content – giving us new, fresh, original and inspiring music. I for one listen regularly and am shocked at the news to axe this station. I listen to other BBC radio stations (namely R4) but other music stations just don’t compare to 6 music with its integrity to non-conformity. I am sick of the populist and commercial fare dished up by the music industry and will be lobbying strongly at every step of the way to save this treasured station. I am a license fee payer and expect my voice to be heard.

  22. Stephen Harland
    2 March 2010 at 8:35 pm

    Please don’t

  23. Jeffie H
    2 March 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Finally, after many years of my district no being able to receive digital radio I get one and it works.
    Then I realize that my life is not doomed to the insufferable tosh droned out on all other BBC stations and the other assorted M.O.R. assorted “Pop” or “ethnic” stations found on the dial. Finally I have a radio station which I can enjoy the content.
    Don’t cut it. cut some other crap like Chris Evans/Moyle. Why only cater to the unthinking common denominator and cut some other crap out.

  24. David Brook
    2 March 2010 at 9:53 pm

    To put it in simple terms.
    If you close 6 Music,there is nowhere else for us music lovers to go.
    There really is no alternative station.
    6Music is unique.

  25. Andy Rendall
    2 March 2010 at 10:16 pm

    sad angry disgusted betrayed. Please can someone somewhere start a campaign to stop this happening. Lets march and demonstrate. Wouldn’t it be great if every band and artist past and present joined with music fans from across the country. Someone somewhere arrange this for all our sakes.

  26. Alison Bourne
    2 March 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Dear The BBC Trust,

    BBC 6 Music has really been a breath of fresh air to listen too and would be sorely missed if closed.

    Personally, I am concerned who would replace the invaluable championing of new music that made BBC Radio what it is today.

    Please re-think your actions and find alternative means of reducing your budget deficit, a couple of suggestions below:

    – Axe BBC Radio 3 (not quite sure who the station is aimed at!)
    – A review of how ‘Out-of hours’ remuneration

    Best Regards


  27. Ergo Largo
    3 March 2010 at 12:20 am

    Dear FFS

    Here is my email to the BBC Trust:


    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to express my immense dismay and disbelief over proposals to close Radio 6 Music. This radio station is unique, and the proposal simply serves to indicate a very limited understanding on the part of BBC management of the true cultural value and diversity of the music that is represented by the station.

    The immensely high artistic quality of modern British music should be granted greater recognition and support from public service broadcasting, whereas the current proposals only serve to marginalize one of our most meaningful and relevant arenas of artistic endeavour. I cannot help but conclude that the management decisions leading to this proposal have been made as a result of a dramatic underestimation and misunderstanding of the importance of modern British music, which should be championed as a cultural achievement of global importance. Britain is a world leader in the generation of new music, and the intensity of commitment and creativity that modern British musicians undertake in producing their work is easily comparable with more established forms of music and art. The presence of 6 Music has undoubtedly been an important component in the resurgence of new British music over the last few years. Equally, 6 Music serves to introduce British listeners to new music originating from overseas, and therefore to stimulate creativity through the synthesis of other music. Rather than closure, the BBC should show the courage to give Radio 6 even greater freedom to develop its own distinctive environment.

    The dated terminology of ‘pop music’ is increasingly meaningless to listeners with a true interest in the full diversity of British music, and simplistic arguments framed within the context of meeting the supposed requirements of a ‘pop music audience’ appear painfully out-of-touch. Modern music has evolved into a sophisticated range of domains, the diversity and innovation of which has never been satisfactorily addressed by the homogenized output of Radios 1 and 2, and indeed any commercial radio stations of which I am aware. It is very difficult to envisage how such stations could possibly be seen as a substitute for the services that 6 Music provide, except by decision makers that do not appreciate the complex array of groundbreaking music originating from Britain. Unlike 6 Music, other stations are not dedicated to promoting and providing information about new music – 6 Music listeners require a service that can fulfill their more demanding interests, as they are interested in hearing the work of innovative artists, and are not satisfied with being mere consumers of standardised output produced for mass markets, as is typically supplied by more mainstream stations, where in truth the quality of the music aired is often of minor concern to the producers and controllers of those stations.

    6 Music provides an invaluable community focus for listeners that are truly interested in music, and is an essential forum for supporting innovative British artists. I request that the BBC Trust gives serious consideration to this perspective, and can consequently undertake to oppose ratification of the proposed closure of the station. Loss of 6 Music would be a ridiculously counter-productive measure for the BBC in achieving their public service obligations.

    Thank you for your time.

  28. kevin thorpe
    3 March 2010 at 8:59 am

    The mission statement of the BBC is:

    “To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain.”

    6 Music meets all these Reithian aims. It is an intelligent and informative music channel that, in much the same way that Radio 3 addresses classical music, entertains and informs re contemporary/popular music. Indeed it is Radios 1 and 2 that are less targeted to these aims. They are largely formulaic in their approaches – they may entertain, but do little overall to inform and educate.
    6 Music is can be characterised by the late and much lamented John Peel; Radio 2 is Dave Lee Travis or Simon Bates or their latter-day manifestations such as Steve Wright; Radio 1 is Fearne Cotton or Chris Moyles. It is clear which of these alternatives is addressing the BBC’s mission statement!
    Additionally 6 Music’s and the Asian Network’s listening figures are severely hamstrung by only being accessible via the internet, or DAB: hardly a level playing field vis-à-vis the other terrestrial channels.

    Look again at BBC, look again.

  29. TIM HILL
    3 March 2010 at 9:06 am

    Re. proposal to axe BBC 6music.

    I wish to register my very strong opposition to the proposal to shut down BBC 6 Music.

    I have listened to BBC Radios 1 and 2 avidly since childhood.However, increasingly I felt obliged to turn off in irritation at the intelligence insulting inanity of much of the daytime scheduling.

    Four years ago I chanced upon 6Music and was astounded by the character and quality of the station. Once again I had a music station capable of playing music that moved and inspired me. I cannot receive a digital radio signal here in mid Wales so I bought an internet radio specifically to make it easier to listen to the station.

    I know of no other popular music station that displays the integrity, passion, knowledge and warmth of 6music. I appreciate the expertise of the presenters and the broad and eclectic range of music they play. I enjoy hearing the songs that excited me as a teenager as well as new acts that I am hearing for the first time.

    I cannot think of any other radio station that is comparable. It is a BBC treasure that could not exist in the commercial world. The quality of BBC output cannot possibly be improved by closing 6music.

    I urge you to reconsider this ill conceived proposal.

  30. \steve long
    3 March 2010 at 10:25 am

    Close 6music? Craziness! Don’t let the bean-counters kill off this gem of radio broadcasting! Something must be done before it’s too late, or we will all be worse off!

  31. Graham Lewins
    3 March 2010 at 10:43 am

    Dear Sirs,

    I feel compelled to write to you to protest in the strongest possible terms against the proposed closure of 6 Music. This has been mooted as a proposal on the basis that 1) It will save money, and 2) the BBC needs to be ‘sensitive to the needs of commercial networks’.

    Taking the first reason first; there are countless ways the BBC could save money without ‘dumbing down’ its radio network any further. One of these is occurring this summer with the departure of Jonathan ‘Overpaid’ Ross. BBC Three provides viewers with huge amounts of, no doubt expensive, drivel (albeit interspersed with a few nuggets of quality) and BBC Four, while frequently edifying, could easily be removed and its content combined with the aforementioned quality programmes from BBC Three on a refreshed BBC 2. Perhaps pensioning Brucie off, along with the notion that getting celebrities to (poorly) perform in areas with which they are not normally associated, is ‘entertainment’ could be another idea; I’ll even give you that one for free!

    Regarding competing with commercial networks, this is of course correct. However, rather than deliberately avoiding any overlapping of content the BBC should be completely ignoring the commercial networks – that’s the beauty of the licence fee system! You’re completely free to be creative, innovative, intelligent and to concentrate on quality and diversity of output. In fact, as a licence fee payer, that’s what I want from you! No need to put on more valium for the masses every Saturday night! See the light BBC! Educate people! Give them some culture! Lift them from the mind-sapping drudgery of commercial media! I guarantee you’ll see an increase of viewers and listeners. And hey, those that switch over to commercial networks won’t be missed – you’ll continue to get the same revenue anyway!

    To return to the main thrust of my email though! 6 Music is not in competition with commercial radio. The station which is in competition with commercial networks is Radio 1. Venerable though Radio 1’s history might be, these days it is nothing but a sea of banality, hosted by presenters with nothing to say of any import or interest (since their IQs are generally somewhere between their shoe size and their age). It is Radio 1 which could very easily pass itself off as an identikit commercial station, were you to remove any BBC branding. 6 Music on the other hand, is the only radio station in the UK which strives to inform listeners’ musical world, rather than force feed us an endless loop of vapid pap music, vacuous links and non-news. (I wonder if you have ever had the misfortune, as I have, to hear ‘Newsbeat’ on Radio 1?).

    But enough of my ranting. Please see sense and KEEP 6 MUSIC ON THE AIR.

  32. JONES
    3 March 2010 at 10:47 am

    Dear Trustees,
    I beg you not to join the ranks of those persons through the centuries who have made grave mistakes; who have committed acts that show ignorance, who lack insight, foresight or both.

    • Dick Rowe who turned down the Beatles
    • The publisher Thomas Cadell who turned down Rev Austen’s book that his daughter had written called Pride and Prejudice.
    • The thieves who stole a Henry Moore worth millions then melted it down for scrap.
    • The BBC Trustees who allowed them to axe 6music but kept BBC 4?

    I watched Mark Thompson with dismay on Newsnight tonight. He said that the cut was to enable reinvestment into quality programming. He speaks as if he’s never listened to the station, for if he had then he’d know 6music is quality programming -the BBC at its best. A platform for new cutting edge bands. It’s the Old Grey Whistle Test, The South Bank Show, John Peel Sessions, Radio 4 comedy hour all rolled into one station. A public service appealing across the spectrum to all races, classes and creeds, all united by a love of good music. BBC 4 is none of these things, and is yet to prove any worth.

    Mark Thompson went on to say that the low audience numbers for 6music is a factor, but this is quite clearly unfair. At the moment it cannot compete with Radio 1 and 2 because it is digital only. A vast majority of people only listen to the radio in their cars, but a vast majority do not have DAB in their vehicles yet. I for one don’t and was interested in installing one for the soul purpose of being able to listen to 6music in my car, but that decision is on hold – what’s the point if there’s no 6music! I beg you to allow the station to broadcast on the FM airwaves for the next few months, then judge its popularity; see its potential. It’s more in tune with modern tastes than either the teen-pleasing Radio 1 or the fuddy-duddy, Smashie & Nicey Radio 2.

    You cannot incorporate the style of 6music into Radio 2. They’re different generations; different tastes; different audiences. You threaten to disengage both. A splicing together of two different creatures to create something ugly, uncharming – uninteresting. Young new British talent and eclectic tastes are something to be encouraged and celebrated. This will leave a whole demographic, a generation uncatered for; our last haven gone. There is NOTHING else out there like 6music. Not XFM, not Virgin, not anywhere. It is unique. Don’t be the people who axed British Music.

    If you want to save money – ever thought of hanging the axe over Eastenders? …Just a thought

  33. Sarah Johnson
    3 March 2010 at 11:17 am

    Dear Sirs,

    This is an outrage! How could you possibly close the only radio station I listen to out of choice? I bought my DAB radio to listen to 6Music. I need this radio station so I can find out about new music, listen to my current favourites and enjoy old classics that I love and hear nowhere else. There is just no other radio station like it. I just wish I could listen to it in the car. You shouldn’t be closing it down – you should be expanding it!!! Where am I going to hear about new song writers? Hear new and old bands live and in session (together!!!)? How is new British talent going to get wide listening? I even have a pen and paper near the radio so I can jot down anyone I hear, like and want to hear more of.

    I am an ex-radio 2 listener (when Steve Wright was new). That suited me then. I’m an 80’s girl who never stopped enjoying new music and hearing new talent. Now I have grown up I listen to 6Music. My friends listen to it – even my Dad listens to it to stay current. Radio 1 & 2 don’t play modern songs – they play pop-pap for the masses. Easy listening that requires no effort or concentration. 6Music is for ordinary people to discover what is out there. If I don’t have this music station I can’t find what I like. And I refuse to browse music websites – I don’t have the time or inclination.

    I am a full licence payer, an ordinary person (some would even describe as slightly boring and almost old) educated and mainstream. 6Music is not patronising, silly, boring or dumbed down. It’s entertaining, enlightening, amusing and informative. The presenters are proper DJ’s, not radio broadcasters. They are the only ones left who play music out of choice rather than as part of the content of their personal ‘radio show’. They are discerning, informative and know their subject. They are CD coordinators; digital deliverers, disc jockeys… not personalities who chatter nonsensical drivel about subjects I don’t want to hear about and add music to their show so they can have a cup of tea or pop to the loo (although I’m sure they do that on occasion too).

    Don’t get rid of one of the few products I use from the BBC (other than Cbeebies and CBBC for my children). I am not a happy bunny today – this must not happen. If you close 6Music how can you possibly justify keeping Radio 3? That’s specialised and for a discerning minority too. Keep 6Music – promote the BBC’s integrity and reputation for providing a good service. Keep me happy as a paying customer.

    Sarah J
    Housewife and music lover

  34. Matt Stinchcombe
    3 March 2010 at 12:29 pm

    Dear Sirs,

    I am writing to communicate my disappointment and concern over the proposed closure of 6 music.

    I Understand that, at the moment in this political climate the BBC has to do something to show that they are in control of the size of the corporation however the proposals as they have been put forward, to me, seem to show a complete lack of understanding of what the actual objective of this restructuring was. As far as I was aware the whole idea of the restructuring was that it was going to allow the BBC to concentrate on better quality programming however the proposed removal of 6music will remove one of the most innovative radio stations around and (in my view and in most of my friends views) the Radio station with the highest quality output.

    The argument that the ‘listeners’ of 6 music can be catered for by the commercial sector shows a complete lack of understanding as to the role of 6music currently. A commercial radio station would never be able to play the variety and obscurity of the music that 6 music provides, the DJs would never be incentivised to educate the listener as the 6music DJs do. In fact I do not imagine that 1) many of the DJs that work on 6music would work for a commercial radio station because of the restraint that would be put on to their playing of chosen music (those like Guy Garvney, Jarvis Cocker, Huey Morgan, Craig Charles) and 2) Any of the DJs should they move to a commercial station would bother trying to educate the listening public because of the restraints they would be under to play not the music they loved but the music that would pull in the most advertising money.

    Us the listeners have fallen in love with 6 music because of its ability to inform and educate us not just in music that we know but also the music that we don’t know. Both music we like and music we don’t like is appreciated because of the spirit that it is communicated to us… so what if we don’t like it at least we are giving it a try and we appreciate the knowledgeable DJs on 6 music for giving us the opportunity to actually make up our own minds whether we like something or not, however obscure, rather than just being driven by what the latest release from ‘the popular’ bands is. Also how would we have access to the ‘BBC vaults’ and the amazing live recordings that the BBC has of some of the most seminal artists of the last 60 years…. do you honestly think these would be given the light of day on Radio 1 or 2?? Really do you???

    To take this creative, educational, informative, radio station away would not just be a travesty for us the listeners but also for the music industry as a whole (as has been stated in many places). The amount of bands who can thank 6 music for their step up in to the public limelight is enormous and these are bands from smaller independent record labels that would be elbowed out by the ‘big boys’ (EMI et al) should a radio station like 6music not be available to champion new music… No commercial radio station would ever truly take on that role. XFM tried it once and had to shift to a more ‘generic’ stand point exactly due to these commercial pressures. In a climate like today’s this would be a death knell for the independent music industry and for the cultural development of the UK as a whole. Even the big record labels are struggling so you can imagine what would happen to the smaller record labels and that would leave the English music industry in tatters with only bands like the ‘Girls aloud’ to represent us which, while many like them, are not really pushing any boundaries… And then you can only imagine what would happen to the live music scene (again greatly supported by 6 music where a mention on this radio station can double the audience at any one event)

    The DAB radio in our house (of 4 x 25 – 35 year old adults) is only there to listen to 6 music, without 6 music this would become superfluous and hence would likely end up on e-bay. I cannot imagine that there would be reason to ever get another (even with the digital switch over, none of us listen to other radio stations and so it would just make more sense to go without the added expenditure of switching over to a DAB and forfeit the radio all together)

    I think Danny Wallace summed up my feeling best when he said: “Today I fell a little bit out of love with the world’s most fantastic organisation, which is now less fantastic.”.

    I do not watch much BBC television (and I can’t remember the last time I watched bbc3) but have always been happy to pay the license fee and seen it as fair because the BBC has provided services to people that would not, in other situations have anything provided for them. For me this was 6music, a non ratings driven music radio station that was constantly educating me about music both new and old, informing in a unbiased and un-judgmental way and offering me variety that I would not be able to get from a commercially driven radio station. For others I am sure other aspects of the BBC fulfil this role…. this is beauty of the BBC, a publically funded organisation which, up to now, has always provided something that everyone can call their own without trying to fit everyone in to ‘one box’ Celebrating diversity and the fact that different people like different things and all of these people are important and should be catered for.

    With the closure of 6 Music the main reason for me supporting the license fee as it currently stands will be removed and hence should any review of the ‘license fee’ approach come I would definitely start moving towards agreeing with some kind of funding closer to the kind you pay with Sky as, to be honest, I would quite easily be able to cut most BBC programming out of my life without much heart break and sadness.

    I have never before written in a letter such as this or been moved to comment in this way but I feel so strongly about this proposal that I felt I must get my thoughts heard on the whole issue.


    Matt Stinchcombe

  35. 3 March 2010 at 1:58 pm

    Dear Sirs,
    I’ll save you long ramblings of personal opinion, I know you’re busy, but please, can I stress how I LOVE 6Music. It’s not a ‘nice station’ which is ‘the best of an average lot’…it IS ACE. It’s fits so well! And it CANNOT be replicated by a commercial rival. I agree with BBC plans to axe a lot of imports on TV – if the BBC doesn’t show them then a rival will. But what commercial station would have access to the archives of BBC sessions? What commercial station would dare to play risky new bands when their survival depends on sponsorship to reach maximum profitable audiences? What commercial station gives the DJs such freedom to do what they want and should do…showcase the best out there, educate and inform and entertain us?!

    With a digital switchover due to happen to radio a few years after TV, listener numbers might not be sky-high yet (but they are climbing, and winning awards, yes?), but once it happens you’ll realise what an investment worth holding onto 6Music is. Look at other digital-only channels, the BBC is trumping those! It’s not fat to trim but a gifted child to nurture, we love it now and we’ll love it more in years to come.

    The public is VERY behind 6Music. DJs are VERY behind 6Music. The industry is VERY behind 6Music. Which part of the ‘fulfilling a vital public service’ box isn’t ticked? I know the BBC does many worthwhile things and can’t possible invest 100% of its efforts into all of them, but I beg you…as a listener who loves 6Music and currently respects the BBC highly…don’t take away the only station that reaches me.

    Save Our Six.

    Kind regards

    Aaron Boardley

  36. Gordon Thomson
    3 March 2010 at 1:59 pm

    Get rid of Chris Moyles and his posse instead, the susequent savings would go a long way to making 6 Music more viable (plus getting rid of that tosser !!)



  37. Sophie Moore
    3 March 2010 at 3:06 pm

    Dear Trustees,

    Not normally given to writing complaints/protest letters I feel driven to write in the hope that you will listen. I feel incredibly disappointed that you are thinking about, or have already decided, to close BBC 6music. I read that this was because you cannot justify the operational costs as it has a niche audience, surely that is the point of the BBC and the licence fee – to provide a service for everyone. I am staggered that you would waste the incredible talent that you have on BBC 6music by closing it down. I’m sure it has been said before but how a corporation can justify the £18 million three year deal for Jonathan Ross, although a talented presenter, yet refuse to pay £7 million per year to run BBC 6music is unbelievable.

    If BBC 6music is axed I know it would be another nail in the coffin for innovative, independent, heartfelt radio as championed by John Peel. Please listen to all the people who feel that they will lose something by this decision and reconsider in view of the BBC’s past and present contribution to the music world – and it’s future.

    Sophie Moore

  38. Kester
    3 March 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Dear BBC Trust,

    Save 6 Music!
    This is not a rude letter, so please consider it a true reflection of what I feel about the BBC’s cutbacks.
    I’ve written to every orifice of the BBC that I can get my hands on, and an unpleasant experience it was too. In an attempt to stop keep 6 music clean and bug free it has to be saved from being flushed down the lavatory by some jumped up, over paid cleaner, to try and alter 6 music’s output by incorporating it into the faecal matter of other Stations would be like trying to keep hold of diarrhoea in water, it just won’t work.
    Six music is a wondrous place where the soap is lavender scented, the bog roll quilted, the air is pine fresh and there is always a friendly face to hold your hand when things get a little tough.
    Hopefully Mr.Thompson will remove his head from the bowl of the portaloo he is in, and will come to his senses. If he walks off into the sunset with a trail of toilet paper stuck too his shoe he will not be missed.

    Kester Hoefkens

  39. Johnny Vinyl
    3 March 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Dear Sirs,

    I am dismayed at the decision to axe BBC 6 Music.

    This morning on BBC 1’s Breakfast News I saw a senior member of the BBC defending the cut and was horrified that she clearly had no real understanding of the significance and importance of BBC 6 Music. I shall explain.

    Her defence for axing the station was that commercial radio was struggling and the BBC had two national pop stations.

    Working within the radio industry I am fully aware that there’s not a commercial station that plays music similar to 6 Music, in fact (community radio excepted) there’s not even one radio show that plays similar music, so to blame BBC 6 Music for the ills of commercial radio is totally misguided.

    Radio 1 targets a young audience, Radio 2 is very conservative, my local BBC radio station (Newcastle) plays only oldies and the commercial stations play pop hits or oldies. Therefore, BBC 6 Music has become my station of choice.

    For the music industry in general BBC 6 Music has become increasingly important in giving new talent that has been ignored by Radio 1, 2 and commercial radio a springboard from which to develop, gain attention, be successful and then to appear on other playlists.

    For I and many others, if it is closed then BBC radio will have nothing to offer.

    I urge you to rescind the decision.

  40. Austen Naughten
    3 March 2010 at 7:08 pm

    My letter to [email protected]

    Dear Mr Thompson

    I am horrified to hear of the closure of your best radio station, 6music.

    The arguments for its closure simply don’t add up.

    First, you argue that the closure of 6music will make room in the market for commercial rivals. But commercial radio has never been interested in providing the broad range of music that 6 plays. Nor the very varied playlists. Nor the edgy, left-field, new or experimental music that finds a home at 6. As anyone who has listened to commercial radio knows, they play a tightly controlled and heavily-rotated playlist, sometimes of only a few hundred tracks; because this is a safe format that their advertisers enforce. If 6music closes, commercial radio will not step in to replicate this kind of service. Their eyes are on the Radio 1 & 2 audiences.

    Nor will the 6music audience want to listen to the dull, safe playlists of commercial radio. The age demographics mentioned in the review seem to argue that everyone within an age demographic will have similar tastes and, in this case, those tastes will be met by commercial radio. This is patently not true. Some people enjoy hearing safe and familiar music – and they listen to Radios 1, 2 and commercial. Another, smaller, group of people like to listen to knew, different, unfamiliar, challenging music, and learn about it. (I know you have already identified this discrete demographic because you describe them in the 6music remit). Before 6music was launched, many of us were completely disenfranchised from the radio, surviving on graveyard-shift shows, and each other’s music collections. If you take away 6music, and leave us to the mercy of radios 1, 2 and the commercials, we well be disenfranchised all over again. There is no alternative to 6 music in the market.

    As to the argument that somehow Radio 2 will absorb some of the 6music content – it’s laughable. In the same breath you say that Radio 2 will be the home for 6music content, and yet you talk about how radio 2 will become more speech-orientated, more focussed on the over-50 listener! You mention the BBC Orchestra and the Jamie Callum Jazz Show as part of the new “diverse” Radio 2, for pity’s sake! No one honestly believes that Radio 2 is going to become a home to the 6music listeners. Your research shows that most 6music listeners also listen to other BBC stations. They may do, but if you were honest about that statistic, you would find that they are listening to a very few, late-night specialist shows on Radios 1, 2 & 3, and to speech-based content on 4 & 5. We are not contented Radio 1 and 2 listeners, who will happily return to that shallow content.

    As to 6music not being good value for money – for a young station, on a digital-only platform, hamstrung by under-investment in promotion – I think it’s doing damn well to be where it is and keep growing its audience year on year. It only costs 1.5% of the radio budget. It only costs 0.2% of the BBC budget. At 3.4p per listener hour, it is as cost effective as local radio, and cheaper than Asian Network, Radio 3, Radio Scotland or 1Xtra. The savings you might make are massively outweighed by reduction in service. I’m sure there are massive savings to be made at the BBC, but they are elsewhere. Have you considered looking at your infrastructure projects? Or the laughably thin BBC3 and BBC4? There is plenty of low-quality output there, already replicated by the commercial sector.

    I’m sure you have noticed that the immediate response to your proposals has been far from positive – and certainly not from those involved in the UK music industry. Bands, venues, labels and industry bodies have all spoken out, because they recognise that 6music uniquely, really takes music seriously. Not as filler between the dj’s noise, but as something to be valued and celebrated and promoted. The struggle to get new music played at all on the radio is immense. For a struggling industry to lose this unique, national platform for launching new music, is a kick in the teeth.

    Finally, your review started out with very laudable aims, but its conclusions are counterintuitive to those aims. You set out to focus on quality, and the BBC’s core purpose – and yet your first proposal is to axe the very best quality music broadcasting that the BBC does – and has ever done. A station that provides a unique service that has never been, and will never be, provided elsewhere in the market. A service which is popular, award winning and growing. A service which is just very, very, very good.

    Don’t axe it.

    Yours sincerely

    Austen Naughten

  41. Bug
    3 March 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Dear BBC Trustees,

    I am writing concerning the closure of BBC 6music. I feel that this would be an extremely short-sighted decision as alternative music is increasing in popularity very rapidly. You say that its closure is necessary because there isn’t a large demographic, but I can ensure you that this demographic is growing. I feel that 6music encourages creativity, individuality and real talent, which young people now feel is intrinsically necessary. 6music has helped a huge amount of talented, young British artists break into the music industry and sell records, who otherwise may have never been picked up by your other stations. The huge variety of music played and the care taken in choosing it, i think, is what the BBC should be promoting in relation to the music industry.

    Radios 1 and 1extra, firstly seem to play exactly the same music as each other and secondly music which seems to send out bad messages to the young population. Most popular songs today seem to be giving out a distorted impression of love, which has also been in the news recently, for example only showing music video’s after the watershed. What use would this be when the song lyrics are on exactly the same vane and are played repeatedly on both of these stations?

    Also I have been informed the 6music costs less to run than Chris Moyles’ or Jonathon Ross’ salaries, both of whom I feel convey similar messages of impoliteness. I ask you to reconsider the image you want to give off? I would much appreciate you reading and considering this email and I hope 6music will continue to promote individuality and talent long into the future.

    Yours faithfully,
    Amelia Steele (Aged 16)

  42. 4 March 2010 at 12:32 am

    Dear BBC Trustees,

    I am writing to express my objections to the proposed closure of BBC Radio 6music. I believe 6music is providing a unique service in the radio landscape; a service that would not be replicated by commercial radio and cannot be represented in the schedules of Radios 1 & 2. The focus on a vibrant, bold and varied playlist, as well as the musically knowledgeable presenters, makes for a radio station that not only has the potential to be very popular among music enthusiasts, but is also becoming increasingly vital to the music industry. I would go as far to say that closure of the station would have a detrimental impact on the music culture in this country.

    There are millions of people in this country (and around the world) who view music as something more than just what is in the charts or as a background noise to life. Pop music is such an important part of todays culture that I believe it deserves a radio station that treats it with the same intellectual vigour that Radio 3 does with classical music and jazz. I am confident that BBC 6music is such a well produced station that as DAB radio becomes more popular the station’s listenership will grow immensely.

    I urge the BBC Trust to keep BBC 6music broadcasting, as I believe it provides much more value-for-money and cultural worth than Radios 1&2.

    Respectfully Yours,

    David Board

  43. Neil Darwin
    4 March 2010 at 9:28 am

    Dear BBC Trust

    The proposal to close 6 Music is an abomination. To abuse lyrics by a well known indie band who frequent 6 Music:

    ‘if we tolerate this, will it be our Children’s programmes next’?

    Please reach a sensible judgement that allows creativity to succeed. Hopefully the pleas of the masses is striking a chord?

    Many thanks

    N Darwin

  44. 4 March 2010 at 10:03 am

    Dear BBC Trust,

    You can guess what this email is all about without even reading it, but please do read our comments.

    I am writing on behalf of my band, Deferred Sucess, and in fact, all bands and music lovers everywhere with a plea to keep BBC 6Music alive. As semi-professional musicians, we understand about how pop-radio playlists are made and how they are controlled. 6 Music is possibly the only station which doesn’t adhere to these most of these rules and plays a truly broad and magnificent range of music from all artists, not just those signed to major labels. This has two excellent effects, firstly it allows bands like us to get some airplay, but also it allows the excellent DJ’s to show their unique music knowledge and to expand the listeners horizons.

    It would be criminal to kill 6Music. What should be done is to give them a nationwide FM license. Let’s face it, they never had the advertising they should have, and aren’t broadcasting on a well-adopted system.

    In fact, the whole threat of closure seems to be having an effect on the number of listeners. As there is a very vocal minority of people listening to and supporting 6Music, it seems that they are campaigning very hard which is increasing the fanbase. I say USE THIS FREE ADVERTISING!

    What we need from the BBC is more characterful stations like 6 music, not less.


    Rich Benfield,
    Deferred Sucess

  45. andrew Murphy
    4 March 2010 at 10:08 am

    Dear BBC Trustees,

    Take anything else but don’t close down Six Music.
    I understand your new mandate is do fewer things and do them well. This station already meets that criteria and is truly your best radio output.

    Its the only station that truly offers listeners a great range of contemporary and past favourite artists, not mention the great news and Music news content, fantastic and passionate presenters.

    The nearest alternatives are commercial stations and you will inevitably loose a large swathe of listeners to those stations. Another batch of loyal BBC listener’s lost!

    Don’t do it!

    Andrew Murphy

  46. Andy Blizzard
    4 March 2010 at 10:31 pm

    Save Our Six music!!

    I thought I’d misheard – closing 6 Music!! This must not happen because that station is the most original, exciting and enjoyable listening experience on this planet!
    I bought 2 DAB radios, plus cable TV and web access, to listen predominately to 6 Music – it’s the only radio station worth tuning in to. It is a QUALITY station, with quality music and presenters old and new (Maconie, Charles, Laverne to name but a few). The station that introduced me and thousands of others to Fleet Foxes, Elbow, Scott Heron and many more. Thanks to the likes of the Freak Zone we have been able to listen to MUSIC not available anywhere else.

    I pay my licence fee for quality music delivered only by 6Music – I urge you to reconsider the fate of a great service and save the BBC’s reputation for providing quality and variety to a growing new and old audience.

    6Music has been the best experience for many music lovers and it must continue.

    Andy Blizzard (real music freak)

  47. 7 March 2010 at 10:32 am

    Just Half the salaries of all managers over 100,000 Pounds and that would be enough to save six mmusic. Public Service Should mean that. Come on Mark Thompson. Be a Public Servant or face our wrath.

  48. Greg Stewart
    13 March 2010 at 10:04 am

    Please, BBC, don’t close 6 Music.

    It is well loved, unique and represents the type of programming- high quality content, delivered with passion and commitment – for which the BBC is rightly renowned.

    I must dispute the 2 main points of justification which have been mentioned in press coverage , i.e.

    1. Removing channels which pose competition with commercial broadcasters,

    2. Value for money to license payers.

    In brief, 6 Music poses no realistic competitive infringement on the commercial radio area.

    The type of programme content delivered by 6 Music would be VERY unlikely to be viable for a commercial radio broadcast. Take a look at the playlists and range of musical output, which i delivered by the (faintly comparable) commercial alternatives, Absolute, Xfm, and so on. These broadcasters are plainly closer in output to Radio 1 and 2 than they are to 6Music. Moving 6Music into Radio 1 or two would provide LESS variety for listeners, than now, on both public and commercial platforms.

    As regards value, it would be possible to make an assessment of the value for licence-payers through a simple ‘cost per consumer’ for BBC Radio 6 Music, compared to other BBC channel.

    Using the Operating costs published in the BBC annual report (2008/9) and the RAJAR audience figures:

    – average cost per listener/year to all BBC radio : c. £20

    – cost for Radio 3 : C£22

    – cost for BBC 6 Music :£12

    AND I suspect has a rather greater number of listeners that RAJAR statistics indicate, i.e. about 40 listener hours per day in my house…plus 48 hours per day in my small office…

    Please don’t close it; it’s excellent, uniquely eclectic ( : the Smiths and Tom Brown, in the last 10 minutes!!) and already good value

    So – don’t do it.

    (Feel free to do what you want with Eurovision, though)
    Greg Stewart, music fan

  49. Peter Cooper
    15 March 2010 at 10:43 am

    Dear Sir/Madam
    What’s the point in starting a fantastic radio station just to take it away. Not the best of publicity by the BBC. If Radio 6 is axed then I will get rid of my t.v and stop paying my television licence. It’s the least i could do.
    Mr Angry, Tunbridge Wells

  50. Martin West
    15 March 2010 at 1:21 pm


    I was absolutely horrified to hear that the BBC are planning to shut 6
    Music. I am an avid fan and in fact have bought a number of digital
    radios purely in order to listen to it.

    The output on this station is fantastic. It is the only music station
    that caters for serious music fans and this was confirmed by a BBC
    Trust report that praised it’s distinctive output. There is truely
    nothing else like it whereas there are any number of stations which
    have a similar output to, for instance, both Radios 1 & 2.

    6Music has a very high quality output. The DJs are engaging and
    knowledgeable and the varied and stimulating selection of music is a
    joy to listen to. In fact the sort of music that 6 plays is becoming
    more and more popular as confirmed in a number of editorials
    discussing the best music of 2009.

    In my view this is a very shortsighted move. It’s listnership may be
    fairly small now (I assume this is the case because of the planned
    cuts) but my impression is that it’s popularity is spreading fairly
    quickly through word of mouth. A number of my friends have started
    listening to it recently.

    The main limiting factor in my mind to people listening to 6Music is
    the fact that it’s only available on digital radio. Once the analogue
    turn off becomes imminent, and digital radios start to become the
    norm, I think that the audience of 6Music will increase exponentially.

    I’m sure I won’t be the only person to make these points and I think
    you will be surprised about the amount of people upset by this
    proposal. I trust that you will listen hard to what your licence
    players are saying and reverse this terrible decision.

    Martin West

  51. Craig Smith
    19 March 2010 at 12:40 am

    I read John Peels autobiography recently and at the time shortly before his death he complained that he was being cut off at the BBC when they moved his slot to midnight.
    In fact throughout the book it was clear that the powers that be never really got on with the music that John Peel played and i feel the same is happening again with the closure of 6music.
    At its heart the BBC is actually a very old fashioned, Chumley Warner, Sargeant Major, jobs-for-the-boys organisation who have more in common with the Proms than the Pixies.
    Rather like the soon to be new Government.

  52. Rob B
    19 March 2010 at 11:01 am

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing in response to the news that the BBC has decided to close 6 Music.

    I find this matter unbelievable as I have always considered the BBC to be an organisation that has always strived to be distinct from other broadcasters or media providers. In my opinion 6 music has always supported new and accomplished artists, re-aired archived recordings such as the Peel Sessions and other rarities that would never otherwise be broadcasted to true music lovers.

    I find it hard to comprehend that such a diverse music source can be closed when there is such a rich wealth of tunes and acts available. Although I can understand that perhaps the audience figures aren’t what is required in today’s ‘result’ driven culture, but this is why I pay my licence fee and not for the reality programmes and soap operas that are supposed to portray everyday situations.

    The programme schedules ranging from the Funk Show, Freak Show, Rock Show and the daily line-up are hosted by DJs that clearly have a profound love of the music they’re playing and their wish, in my view, is to bring this to national and global audiences who want to listen and be educated by what is available.

    We are led to believe that this is ‘our BBC’ and although I probably don’t sit with the masses, I believe the that the BBC was brave in being prepared to develop a station such as this and to take this away is an easy option to save money. I can only hope that the BBC realises that it should be a broadcasting pioneer and not one that creates humdrum nonsense for the masses and comes back to its sense as ‘media corporation’, which strives for individuality and allows bands, performers and broadcasters to truly express themselves. If they wish to pursue the easy option and join their ‘middle-of-the-road’ peers then this will be a disaster for any future, present or past performing musicians.

    I do hope this mail will go someway in the reversal of this implausible and restricted view of the people who apparently run ‘our BBC’.

  53. Anjie Newland
    19 March 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Please don’t close the radio station.
    My point is that if Six were on FM I would listen to it all day every day, unfortunately it isn’t and so Two is my station of choice when at work and in the car. But Radio Two is trying too hard to be all things to all men and is slowing turning into a very predictable and very dull station that does everything, but nothing very well. Six is good music for people that like music, not just pop.
    Again, please don’t close the station, as Digi becomes more accessible Six will be the people’s choice.
    Anjie Newland.

  54. Driftwood
    19 March 2010 at 8:52 pm

    I’ll keep this short and to the point. How often do you hear the phrase “he/she is good on the radio”? Too many times in my and many others opinion. The problem stems from the presenter ‘thinking’ they are the attraction and not the music. This is where the BBC (Bad Boardroom Consultations) and the music lover go their seperate ways. The idea of having a radio station that solely (or as near as dammit) concentrates on giving the listener the widest possible scope of music genres is not new, but the BBC having not tapped into this for quite some time (as complete programming) until the birth of 6 music are now number crunching and moving the goalposts at the same time!
    We all understand the ethos of 6 music but ‘auntie’ seemed to be crumbling under a case of alzheimers and accountants! We pay for you to supply; as you put it ” a wide spectrum of programming”. Yes; you do that and more, audibly and visually.Why then do you insist on depriving the many sincere music listeners of something which has held you; as a media power, in ‘high esteem’ amongst listeners recently. Simply due to the fact that 6 music is listened to by a varied mass off people from different backgrounds and age groups. Do you not remember employing ‘d.j’s’ from anchored ships, so you then had the superior music playlists!!! You have the same type of d.j’s at the present; what a myopic veiw you would have to take to think listeners would stay if your new ‘essential’ programming cuts were to be enforced.

  55. Rod Scott-Smith
    22 March 2010 at 2:11 am

    Dear BBC Trust,

    I am writing to respond to the proposed closure of 6Music as part of the Strategic Review recently published by the Trust.

    I urge you not to close 6Music as part of your review.

    I have been a daily listener to BBC 6Music for the about the past three years and dearly love the station, its excellent DJs and its varied playlist.
    I bought a DAB radio specifically to listen to 6Music.

    6Music should not be viewed as just another ‘pop’ station. It is significantly different to the much more mainstream Radio1 and Radio2, in that the playlist is made up of music which is played on its own merits and not the marketing push of the major labels.
    6Music is refreshingly free of Simon Cowell’s influence!

    One of the points I read regarding 6Music and its place in the strategic review labelled it a ‘niche’ service. Within the context of the review, this turns ‘niche’ into a negative, or inconsequential term.
    It is a great shame when the station is viewed in a negative context for doing exactly what it was created to do – provide intelligent listeners with intelligent music.
    Surely Radio3 would also be similarly branded a ‘niche’ service – but because it is on FM, it can be assessed as having a fairly large number of listeners, as everyone’s radios receive FM.

    6Music should have ultimately been put onto FM – it is certainly good enough to justify it.
    Instead, it is now threatened with an ill-judged axe, simply due to there being far fewer listeners on digital broadcasts.
    That said though, I hope that the amount of feedback you receive, shows your statistics to be inaccurate for how many people regularly listen to the station.

    6Music is and always has been a credit to the BBC. No other station comes anywhere close to what 6Music provides.
    Surely this great station has earned its place on the permanent roster?

    I urge the BBC Trust to find less destructive ways to reduce the BBC budget.

    A diverse and varied BBC is surely what we licence payers should expect, not some heavily-pruned and homogenised version of itself.

    The variety of services the BBC currently provides, sets you far apart from the commercial stations’ output.

    Please maintain all the great things the BBC does and please don’t cut the things that help make it special.


    Rod Scott-Smith

  56. Jon Kennedy
    28 March 2010 at 11:56 pm

    My e-mail to BBC’s SRConsultation:

    Hi there,

    Just a short note to say BBC6Music is wonderful and should obviously not be scrapped. Only the BBC could produce such interesting and unusual and beautiful content that the commercial sector wouldn’t ever consider producing. It’s an important part of what makes the BBC unique as a broadcaster, and it would be a dreadful shame to lose it.



    & my response to the BBC’s online survey:

    28/03/2010 22:15 Page 1

    BBC Strategy Review: Your Response

    The BBC’s strategic principles

    . Do you think these are the right principles?
    It’s not clear to me what is meant by ‘setting new boundaries’, and this principle could be
    good or bad depending on the nature of those boundaries, so I can give no opinion on that
    principle. Efficiency, access, good value and quality are all obviously desirable. Doing
    fewer things better isn’t necessarily desirable. One must compromise in choosing levels of
    quality and levels of diversity. It is possible that the current balance is just right, or that
    your focus is already too narrow. Personally, I believe that the current balance is excellent.
    If anything, I think that services that more closely mirror the output of commercially
    available stations should be the first to go if any cuts are needed. The BBC is, after all, a
    public service broadcaster, committed to educating and informing as well as entertaining;
    and to entertaining the nation (including those with less commercially attractive interests,
    such as alternative music!).

    . Should the BBC have any other strategic principles?
    Yes, it should affirm its commitment to diversity and to providing public service
    broadcasting that is not provided by the commercial sector. These are what make the BBC
    distinctive and important.

    Proposed principle: Putting Quality First

    . Which BBC output do you think could be higher quality?
    Those aspects of the BBC’s output that I personally enjoy (primarily Doctor Who, and BBC
    2’s and Radio 4’s comedy output, BBC 2’s and BBC 4’s factual – especially scientific –
    programming, and BBC 6 Music’s output generally, and Collins and Herring particularly)
    are brilliant. I wouldn’t know how to improve them, not being an expert in these areas. I
    enjoy them all thoroughly. I feel that the BBC could sometimes try harder to extend itself
    beyond quasi-commercial output, but it is perhaps unfair of me to comment on BBC 3’s
    output, since it is mostly within genres of programming that aren’t to my taste. Their quality
    may be great, from the point of view of people who are into that sort of thing. Diversity
    must be maintained.

    Offering you something special

    . Which areas should the BBC make more distinctive from other broadcasters and media?
    As I’ve implied on previous pages, BBC 6 Music is a great example of distinctive, special
    programming, which must be retained. I guess Radio 1 and BBC 3 seem to offer things
    more comparable to commercial sector radio stations.

    28/03/2010 22:15 Page 2
    The Five Editorial Priorities

    . Do these priorities fit with your expectations of BBC TV, radio and online services?
    Sounds good, although I find the last of those priorities rather ambiguous, and I don’t think
    I can affirm that one without further explication of it. ‘Inspiring’ should imply diversity, and
    the introduction of knowledge, music and culture that many might not be familiar with.
    Proposed principle: Doing fewer things and doing them better

    . We welcome your views on these areas.
    I strongly object to the idea of closing Radio 6 Music. Really, of all things, this seems to
    me the service you should most clearly keep. It is a testament to the wonderful nature of
    our BBC that it has such a thing as 6 Music. The above proposals seem like they’ll turn the
    BBC into a clone of a commercial sector broadcaster. If you want the BBC to survive at all,
    it’s crucial that it be distinctive. If politicians can argue that the BBC is just a tax-funded
    service that’s no different from the non-tax-funded services in the commercial sector, you’ll
    have no leg to stand on.

    Proposed principle: Guaranteeing access to BBC services

    . If you have particular views on how you expect BBC services to be available to you, please let
    us know.
    I have no strong views on this. Personally, I enjoy being able to access BBC content
    online, as well as on radio and TV.
    The BBC archive

    . Please tell us if you have views on this area.
    It would be cool to have access to the BBC archives, sure, but I think maintaining and
    developing existing programming should be a priority, relative to this. Don’t throw away
    any archives, though, please! (c.f. the unfortunate loss of early Doctor Who.)
    Proposed principle: Making the licence fee work harder

    . If you are concerned about the BBC’s value for money, please tell us why.
    Sounds reasonable, but I’m not clear on what else money is spent on, and what the
    alternatives would be, so I’m reluctant to endorse this proposal.
    Proposed principle: Setting new boundaries for the BBC

    . Do you think that the BBC should limit its activities in these areas?
    As I’ve already argued, retaining 6 Music is crucial to BBC’s identity as a public service
    broadcaster. Cuts focused more on areas that duplicate the commercial sector may be
    more sensible, if cuts are needed.

    . Should any other areas be on this list?
    No Answer

  57. Trevor Gordon
    29 March 2010 at 10:13 am

    2nd March 2010

    Strategy Review Consultation
    BBC Trust
    180 Gt Portland Street
    W1V 5QZ

    Dear Sirs

    There are some things that are too important for an email, and this is one of them.

    6Music’s proposed closure as part of the strategic review is so misjudged it is hard to know where to start a critique, but the following are merely a few of the reasons:

    • It is a unique radio station of the type only the BBC can provide. The BBC’s own media correspondent Torin Douglas completely misses the point when he says “the closure of 6Music will keep the commercial sector happy”. Stuff and nonsense! The commercial sector is not in the slightest interested in 6Music’s audience, and even if it is, it hasn’t a clue how to provide for it. If the station closes, there will be no alternative provided by commercial radio. It will simply vanish.

    • Both Thompsons have suggested “some” of the new music 6Music plays could be introduced to Radio 2. This shows their complete ignorance of the genre, if it can be pidgeonholed as such. The reason 6 has an audience is because it does NOT play mainstream music. It’s audience does not want to listen to mainstream music, as Radio 2’s does not want to listen to leftfield music. Combine the two and you will have a station with no audience, not two.

    • 6Music provides an outlet for British artists that they would not find elsewhere. Alternative pop/rock music is one of few areas in which the UK excels and exports around the globe. To close 6Music would close the route to success for many such artists and as such would be detrimental to the UK economy. I would have thought the national, publicly funded broadcaster would have realised this and taken it into consideration.

    • 6Music’s audience could be grown if only awareness of it was improved. it has received a pitiful amount of promotion from within the Corporation. There are hundreds of sold out festivals, and thousands of gigs across the land at which a little advertising would pay dividends.

    • I succumbed to the BBC’s heavy advertising for DAB receivers at Christmas time, and purchased one purely to be able to listen to 6Music without being adjacent to a computer. I believe, having promoted digital radios so heavily, it has a duty to maintain the services that comes out of them.

    • The proposal is at complete odds with the rationale behind the review, as stated by the Director General himself. He wants the BBC to become more distinctive, quality orientated and to provide services unavailable elsewhere. How can this possibly be squared with the closure of a radio station that fulfils all those criteria? I do not happen to believe the BBC should shrink to allow more space for commercial broadcasting to make profits, but if that is what Mark Thompson has decided he should do with the prospect of a Conservative Government, then he should sell Radio One.

    The Trust were correct in their previous report proposing 6 is developed and promoted. To close it would be a scandalous betrayal of the BBC’s remit, and this component of the review must be rejected.

    Yours faithfully

    Trevor Gordon

  58. Brian barnbrook
    6 April 2010 at 12:40 pm

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I was very disappointed to hear that there is consideration of closing Radio 6 Music. I would be most grateful if you could inform me of an alternative radio station that is in any way comparable to the excellent quality of Radio 6? I have tried all the mainstream stations and none have anything like the quality of broadcast of Radio 6. Please help.

    Best regards,

    Brian Barnbrook

  59. 12 April 2010 at 1:16 pm

    My name is Rachel, I’m a grad student at Cambridge and here is my little
    letter as to why I think BBC music should not go. People at uni often have a
    hard time fitting in. In fact, many often don’t share the same interests as
    everyone else. And this is where BBC 6 is perfect. Its a little bit of
    everything you might like. Its a tune that you know and you realize everyone
    else likes on the radio so you’re no longer the person who sits alone in the
    dining hall. Its what is classed as an imagined community. And is definitely
    one imaged community that cannot just be listened to and imagined anywhere
    else. So if you have any imagination, I’m pretty sure you will realize that
    BBC6 is important to all these people and will keep it going for all our us
    misfits who, hard as we try, cannot just tune into the mainstream pop, for
    us, it is the metaphorical bulldozer of our imagined musical forest.


  60. Christine Sinclair
    29 April 2010 at 12:41 pm

    I am writing to express my feelings of utter dismay towards Mark Thompson at his abysmal proposal to close down BBC 6 Music.

    I think this totally disregards and underestimates the demographic that 6Music appeals to and flies in the face of one of your five priority mission statements; “Inspiring knowledge, music and culture”. Really? Removing 6 music is totally contradicting that, especially if Radio 1 is still allowed to prosper, a station with, in my opinion, a completely dumbed down and repetitive
    X Factor playlist and zoo-style presenting. This sounds like commercial interests here are
    over-riding quality.

    I am sure I don’t need to point out the richness of the different type of music that BBC 6 is all about, showcasing new bands that would not otherwise be heard but also airing a wide spectrum of back catalogue tracks from artists going back five decades, thus successfully managing to attract music lovers of all ages. I am 44 and I also have a teenage niece who regularly listens.

    I don’t see how encorouging commercial radio stations to fill the gap would work, unless the
    BBC are willing to sign their music archive over to whoever that may be. The whole appeal of this station is the huge eclectic playlist that no commercial radio station would really have access to.
    6 Music is unique and cannot just be recreated elsewhere. Would another station get on board the calibre of 6 music presenters, including established musicians such as Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey and Bob Dylan?

    And how would it work transferring bits of it to other BBC stations? Radio 1 only appeals to mainstream chart listeners and BBC 2 is too “middle of the road”, e.g Steve Wrights Sunday
    Love Songs being about as far away from BBC 6 as its possible to be.

    Surely all 6 Music needs is more exposure and marketing, maybe switching it to FM. For example a lot of people can’t afford to have digital radios installed in their cars so that’s a lot of listening time lost.

    If this goes ahead then the BBC is snubbing a large population of intelligent, cultured music listeners by ignoring their views and appealing to the masses. A lot of people feel that cuts would be more justified if the BBC were to look at the salaries of the likes of Chris Moyles, Jonathan Ross and highly paid executives.

    I feel that the media in general over the last 10 years has become vacuous, dumbed down and sterile with reality TV and talent shows. BBC 6 Music promotes individuality and gives welcome relief from that culture.

    I really hope that the BBC will reconsider this decision and listens to its licence fee payers.

    Christine Sinclair

  61. Stephen Atkinson
    4 May 2010 at 10:14 pm

    Dear BBC Trust,

    I am a great admirer of the BBC and the quality of the vast majority of its output. I would willingly pay double the current licence fee, such is my use of local & national radio in particular. However I wish to add my voice to the many thousands who have no doubt contacted you over the proposed closure of BBC 6 Music & the Asian Network.

    It will be nothing short of cultural vandalism if the plans of Tim Davie, Mark Thompson et al are allowed to proceed, I need not go on about how wrong they are to think the commercial sector can provide the same level of service, many others will have done it in this consultation, and their’s plenty of websites out there with statistics proving our point.

    Please BBC Trust, reject the proposal for these 2 stations to close, and let me continue to enjoy my digital radio for the very reason I bought one, great alternative broadcasting from the BBC.

    Thank you for reading this,

    Yours sincerely,
    Stephen Atkinson

  62. Phillip Brown
    25 May 2010 at 11:26 pm

    Dear BBC Trustees,

    I would like to express my dismay to the proposed closure of BBC 6 Music.

    As an avid listener to many of the shows broadcast throughout the week, there are so multiple reasons for the station to remain on air permanently.

    For instance, It provides a platform for new music by talented British artists be showcased. It has presenters of such intelligence, humour and unadulterated passion for music that are seldom found on the sister stations on the BBC network. Gideon Coe., Marc Riley, Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamcaq, Chris Hawkins, Jarvis Cocker, Guy Garvey and the comedy alternative of Adam and Joe make this station a treasure. These presenters are also the legacy of the late, great, John Peel for whom the BBC are proud to have a long association. The BBC also gained an extensive archive of artists who subsequently found substantial fame, due to presenters with such foresight. I fail to see where the treasured BBC archives be added to in future if this station does not exist.

    I note that the listening figures for 6 Music have doubled in the last year. I believe this is due to the BBC’s proposal has opening many peoples eyes to the alternative available on their DAB or via the internet. The station has a strong following for what has been a baffling under-promotion of this valuable radio station to British and new music.

    This station is a fantastic alternative to the homogenised ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and hourly playlist output of commercial stations and, dare I say it, some other mainstream stations on the BBC (I have never listened to Radio 1 since I bought a DAB and discovered 6). It would be a ludicrous decision to remove it from the digital airwaves.

    So, quite the opposite, BBC 6 Music should be spread to a wider audience as no other station plays a mixture of new, current music whilst providing a musical education to the British public to little known or classic alternative music. Promote the station and there will be even more listeners. The BBC is proud to be the cultural alternative to commercial radio stations and in closing this station British alternative music culture will be crippled.

    Please allow 6 Music to continue bringing pleasure to the ever growing numbers of listeners.

    Your sincerely

    Phillip Brown

  63. 27 September 2010 at 3:07 pm

    I like almost every song on these. It is possible to matter with us? Hug the Girl may be the best, while. WHEN I even had that one on my ipod. Intended for, including, heavy lifting along at the gym. Yeah, that’s what it was…

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