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Christmas show on London Fields Radio

In all the Christmas album hoopla, I’d almost forgotten to tell y’all a bout our Christmas radio show. I recorded it last week in sludgey Hackney with Bitter Fingers presenter and generally nice chap Mark Higgins. We delved into the…

Interview: Jamie Ley

Emerging from London’s seemingly never-ending and ever-talented pool of wonderful folksy-types, Jamie Ley has been packing out a variety of the capital’s venues with people, all eager to hear his soulful and timeless tunes. Emma Barlow caught up with him…

Folked Up: Stephen Thomas on Joni Mitchell’s ‘jibe’ against Bob Dylan

Yes, everything about Bob Dylan is a deception. But, really, are we surprised by this? We shouldn’t be. He has, in his time, been a troubadour, a rock star, a poet and a college drop-out. Dylan is notorious for his early-year interviews, during which he would often give conflicting back stories about his past, and where he came from. Since his origins as an artist and a musician Dylan has never been entirely honest with us.