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Album | Darren Hayman – Florence


Darren Hayman decamped to (you guessed it) Florence to record this charming collection which, surprisingly for such a prolific writer, is his first strictly solo album, finding him home alone in his hosts’ Firenze flat. Opener ‘Nuns Run The Apothecary’…

Album | Emilie & Ogden – 10,000

Emilie&Ogden_Album Cover_medres

You can’t blame Emilie Kahn for becoming tired with the barrage of articles constantly comparing her to one certain Californian folk artist; she’s one of arguably two acts in the entire modern industry that are centered around an instrument so…

Album | Martin Courtney – Many Moons


By rights, Martin Courtney’s debut solo album is four months too late. Many Moons is the sort of record that soundtracks a perfect summer road trip – soft-top down, open roads, scenery unrolling before your eyes. The Real Estate frontman…