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Interview | Introducing… Overcoats


Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell met in college, played together in various bands, and eventually decided to write and record songs together. The result was the folk duo Overcoats, one of the buzziest acts at this past South by Southwest Music Festival…

Album | Ben Watt – Fever Dream


Somewhere in the netherworld between folk, rock and jazz, Ben Watt’s Fever Dream paints pictures using more oils than watercolors. Watt’s resulting images have a sharp focus, while catering less to current trends than some of his work with Everything…

Album | Woodpigeon – T R O U B L E


T R O U B L E, the latest bedroom-folk-rock release from long-standing Canadian folk icon, Woodpigeon, sounds as worldly and experienced as its creator Mark Andrew Hamilton. With aural references to Scotland and South America and the Middle East,…