Author: Brian

Lord Brian Wilson II (Brian for short) is FFS's resident mixtape-making owl.

Brian’s Mixtape #11: With a Little Help from Dolly

Poor old Brian. He was so upset last week that he couldn’t even bring himself to lift his wing to put together 10 tunes.

We weren’t sure how to deal with this at FFS HQ. We tried sympathy, but it just made him wallow more. We suggested he man the eff up – to no avail. But then we cracked it. We realised that no-one could help like Dolly.

Brian’s Mixtape #10: Nymphs and Harpies

We don’t want to cause too much upset amongst fans of Brian, but the poor feathered lothario’s had his heart broken recently, and he’s become obsessed with, well, girls. Not just the lovely ones either. He’s had ‘Toxic Girl’ by Kings of Convenience on repeat in the office so many times this week that we’re all beginning to hate the bitches, and we are mostly of the oestrogen-rich variety of person here at FFS HQ.

Brian’s mixtape #9: Guest playlist – The Yellow Bird project

It’s that time again folks, Brian should have rolled up his sleeves and rifled through his dusty old LPs to find you 45 minutes of musical magic to get your week off to a good start. However, this week Brian’s found a crafty way to be lazy and passed the baton over to his pals at the Yellow Bird Project.

Brian’s Mixtape #8: From A to B

Brian’s excuse this week is that you can’t well make a travelling playlist without flying around a bit, and the daft old owl got himself a bit mislaid going over Tunbridge Wells. We also had words about the final track on the list, which as you can see isn’t exactly typical FFS fare. Unfortunately Brian would not be persuaded, so feel free to end your experience at track 10 if you’re not in the mood for a bit of schmaltz.

Brian’s mixtape #7: End of the Road

Brian is still reeling from the fantastic time he had at End of the Road festival a week ago. The weather was beautiful, the bands were great. And among his fellow festival-goers were lovelies from Trash Aesthetic, The Yellow Bird Project and Anika (the one In London).

Brian’s Mixtape #6: Birthdays and Rememberances

Rest assured guys, we’ve had words with our owl-in-residence. This is the second time he’s come in woefully beyond his deadline, and frankly this is no time to be slacking, because it’s our BIRTHDAY! Well, our birthday week. FFS has been purveying the finest that the new folk movement has to offer for a whole year, and we reserve the right to be pleased about this for the next seven days. At least.

Brian’s mixtape #5: Heroes and Villains

Brian has been a right lazy owl this week. Really we’re quite ashamed of him. Not only is he providing you with your Monday playlist on Tuesday, but he’s only gone and made a list of his namesake’s songs.

The thing is, Brian says, lots of people think the Beach Boys are all Surfer Girls, Ba-Ba-Ba Ba-Babara Ann, Fun Fun Fun and that idiot Mike Love writing naive lyrics about girls and cars. Well they ain’t.

Brian’s Monday Playlist #4: Conkers and Blusters

Brian’s been distinctly chilly this past week, and the leaves of his oak tree home are slowly browning and making the journey from branch to forest floor. Sad as it is, FFS’s resident owl has sniffed the turn in the seasons. Therefore, playlist #4 is Brian’s nod to autumn – bonfires, harvest festivals, woolly jumpers and conker fights abound, and they’re all things worthy of celebration.

Brian’s Monday Playlist #3: Imitation and Flattery

Brian’s been a bit of a lazy owl this morning after a rather hard night on the acorn juice. But here, better late than never, is his third Monday playlist — with a lovely bit of Ane Brun, Dolly Parton, The Decemberists and Jenny Lewis – to make the start of the week that little bit brighter.

Brian’s Monday Playlist #2: Brian’s Pick of the Scmercuries

Brian’s been agonising over our Schmercuries shortlist this weekend, trying to work out which of the wonderful albums to vote for in our poll. Sadly, FFS’s resident owl is quite the procrastinator, so what he’s actually done is pick his favourite song from each album. Whilst this hasn’t helped him make his mind up, it has produced a lovely little playlist to be shared with his friends on the interweb.