Author: Brian

Lord Brian Wilson II (Brian for short) is FFS's resident mixtape-making owl.

Brian’s Mixtape #21: An Education

Although his primary love is, obviously, all forms of beautiful music, Brian’s a bird with more than one string to his bow.  He likes nothing better than curling up in his nest on a grey winter’s day with a good…

Brian’s Mixtape #20: The Big Freeze

Brr… it’s cold. Being a sensible sort of chap, Brian’s not going outside until all this horrid weather is over. You might think it’s better for owls, what with their ability to fly and all, but our poor mixtape maker faces the daily threat of having his wings frozen together and falling from the sky. Plop. Quite apart from being sore, it’d be awfully undignified, and Brian has a reputation to protect.

Instead he’s going to stay in with a delicious bowl of mouse soup and listen to the lovely tunes he’s cobbled together. Some about the cold and a couple that are just songs he’s discovered and loves.

Brian’s Mixtape #19: The Goose is Getting Fat

The Christmas spirit is well and truly on Brian by now. He was already feeling pretty festive — eating mince pies for breakfast and mulling his acorn wine will all spice and cinnamon sticks — but then a wonderful thing…

Brian’s Mixtape #18: Christmas is Coming

We’ve held him back as long as we could, but the Christmas spirit’s fit ready to burst out of old Brian now and the first (of many) Christmas playlists is ready to go.  He’s been working on them since May,…

Brian’s Mixtape #17: The Laurel Canyon

Brian’s been around for a while, as much as he likes to keep up with the young ones, he has to admit that’s he’s getting on a bit. So old in fact that he remembers another exciting time for folk music, the 60s and 70s in Laurel Canyon in California. Artists like Joni Mitchell, Judee Sill, Jackson Browne, Neil Young and many others hung out and collaborated. So Brian’s put together a playlist with some of the music they created.

Brian’s Mixtape #16: Up the Rainbow

Brian was largely focusing on precipitation last week, and inevitably there came a point when the sun graced the sky with her golden presence. Every chickadee among us knows what that means: rainbows.

Brian’s Mixtape #15: The Rain and The Wind

Brian’s rather enjoys the rain when he’s wrapped up warm in his nest, but when he’s off foraging for food and records it’s quite another. The wind gets in his eyes and the rain makes his feathers stick together. It’s a sartorial nightmare.

This week his mixtape is all about his ambivalence towards this weather we’re having. Brian suggests you light a roaring fire, grab a cup of steaming tea and sit back and enjoy it.

Brian’s Mixtape #14: Hatchings and Hotchpotches

Brian’s had a bit of a difficult week, poor chap. He had a bit of an intoxicated roll-together with Maud, the barn owl from the lower field, and had a wee pregnancy scare to deal with, poor chap.

Brian’s Mixtape #13: Openings and inroads

Brian can be a rather smug owl at times, and one of his favourite tricks is introducing people to fantastic music and then taking the credit for its wonderousness as though he’d written it or something. Here at FFS we’re powerless to stop him. This week he’s put together a selection of tracks from some of his favourite albums old and new.

Despite Brian’s pomposity there’s no denying the songs — and the albums they’re taken from — are fantastic. Just don’t tell him you think so. He does tend to go on.

Brian’s Mixtape #12: Swning About

We’re glad to report that Brian’s gone some way towards pulling himself together – Dolly Parton’s bound to bolster the most despondent of fowl. He was feeling so good, in fact, that he agreed to accompany HelenFFS to Swn Festival in Cardiff for a weekend of jolly japes and musical epiphanies, and he barely thought about that b***h. Or so he says.