Brian’s Mixtape #11: With a Little Help from Dolly

Poor old Brian. He was so upset last week that he couldn’t even bring himself to lift his wing to put together 10 tunes.

We weren’t sure how to deal with this at FFS HQ. We tried sympathy, but it just made him wallow more. We suggested he man the eff up – to no avail. But then we cracked it. We realised that no-one could help like Dolly. We gave him Ms Parton’s entire back catalogue and it worked! She was with him while he wallowed in his misery, showed him that there was hope that his ladyfriend might change her mind and spurred him on when he turned defiant and decided to move on.

Quite apart from all that, Brian’s worried that people underestimate Dolly and wants everyone to see what a wonderful songwriter and vocalist she really is. We know FFS’s readers aren’t the type to be fooled by caricatures and stereotypes but a bit more Dolly in their life never did anyone any harm. So here she is ladies and gents. Enjoy.

Brian’s Mixtape #11: With a Little Help from Dolly

1. Boulder to Birmingham
2. Jolene
3. My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
4. Here You Come Again
5. You’re Gonna Be Sorry
6. A Little Bit Slow To Catch On
7. Applejack
8. 9 to 5
9. The Bargain Store
10. My Tennessee Mountain Home

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