Brian’s Monday Playlist #3: Imitation and Flattery

Brian’s been a bit of a lazy owl this morning after a rather hard night on the acorn juice. But here, better late than never, is his third Monday playlist — with a lovely bit of Ane Brun, Dolly Parton, The Decemberists and Jenny Lewis – to make the start of your week a little bit brighter.

This week, Brian’s mostly been listening to exciting and unexpected new takes on old songs and, after a bit of unwanted whittling down thanks to Spotify, he would like to present you with these wonderous cover versions:

1. I’m Sticking With You – The Decemberists
2. Blowing in the Wind – Dolly Parton and Nickel Creek
3. Against All Odds – The Postal Service
4. Umbrella – Mechanical Bride
5. Holding Out For A Hero – Frou Frou
6. Twist & Shout – The Mamas and Papas
7. Tainted Love – My Brightest Diamond
8. These Days – St. Vincent
9. Toxic – Yael Naïm
10. True Love Will Find You In The End – Headless Heroes
11. True Colours – Ane Brun
12. Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Brian is a technologically-savvy owl, and has just been presenting you with these Spotify lists as if it were the most natural thing in the world. But some of you might be grannies, or live in caves, and so here’s some explaining to make everything make sense:

Spotify is a free and legal way of listening online. It has a LOT of music on it, which you stream from the internets rather than download to your computer. It looks a bit like iTunes or Windows Media Player and is jolly easy to use. You can download the application quick as a flash and read more about it from the webpage. And after that you’ll be able to listen to everything Brian has to offer and a lot lot more.

Brian says: “Imitation and Flattery… I do a mean Michael Caine impression you know. It’s a hoot!”

He does you know. We’ve seen it.


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