Brian’s Mixtape #10: Nymphs and Harpies

We don’t want to cause too much upset amongst fans of Brian, but the poor feathered lothario’s had his heart broken recently, and he’s become obsessed with, well, girls.  Not just the lovely ones either.  He’s had ‘Toxic Girl’ by Kings of Convenience on repeat in the office so many times this week that we’re all beginning to hate the bitches, and we are mostly of the oestrogen-rich variety of person here at FFS HQ.

So, here it is, some love, some tenderness, and some vitriol, all about girls:

Brian’s Mixtape #10: Nymphs and Harpies

1. Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne
2. Aimee Mann – Susan
3. Alessi’s Ark – Woman
4. Bon Iver – For Emma
5. Jeremy Warmsley – Medusa
6. The Beach Boys – Caroline, No
7. Cherbourg – Never Love Again
8. The Divine Comedy – Frog Princess
9. Simon & Garfunkel – Cecilia
10. Kings of Convenience – Toxic Girl

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