Brian’s Mixtape #6: Birthdays and Rememberances

Rest assured guys, we’ve had words with our owl-in-residence.  This is the second time he’s come in woefully beyond his deadline, and frankly this is no time to be slacking, because it’s our BIRTHDAY!  Well, our birthday week.  FFS has been purveying the finest that the new folk movement has to offer for a whole year, and we reserve the right to be pleased about this for the next seven days.  At least. 

So, Brian has compiled a list of songs he deems appropriate to this occasion.  Some of them make more sense than others, we must admit, but he gets the general sense across.  It’s been an exciting, sometimes challenging, always musically spectacular year, so thanks to all our readers and contributors, and to the many wonderful musicians who give us something to enthuse about every day.

Here’s the list, and the ol’ Spotify link to the playlist.  If you’ve not got Spotify yet, frankly you’re a square.

*Blows out candles, stumbles off to find the mulled cider*.

1. Jeremy Warmsley – How We Became
2. Warn Defever – One Year
3. Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard – It’s Not Impossible
4. The Pogues – Anniversary
5. Regina Spektor – Human of the Year
6. The Sugarcubes – Birthday
7. The Mountain Goats – This Year
8. Neil Young – Harvest
9. Johnny Cash – One
10. Beach House – Some Things Last a Long Time

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