Brian’s mixtape #5: Heroes and Villains

Brian has been a right lazy owl this week. Really we’re quite ashamed of him. Not only is he providing you with your Monday playlist on Tuesday, but he’s only gone and made a list of his namesake’s songs.

The thing is, Brian says, lots of people think the Beach Boys are all Surfer Girls, Ba-Ba-Ba Ba-Babara Ann, Fun Fun Fun and that idiot Mike Love writing naive lyrics about girls and cars.

Well they ain’t. The Wilson brothers — Brian, Dennis and Carl — and their friends Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston were a frighteningly talented bunch and there are albums upon albums of intriguing, layered masterpieces that have influenced countless bands.

Brian’s picked a couple of songs that you’ve probably heard (Feel Flows and Sail On, Sailor) some covers done the way only the Beach Boys could (Cotton Fields and I Can Hear Music) and tracks on which the middle Wilson brother – and the band’s drummer – Dennis breaks hearts with his rebel-in-love songs (Cuddle Up and Forever).

  1. Please Let Me Wonder (from Today!)
  2. Only With You (from Holland)
  3. Forever (from Sunflower)
  4. Cotton Fields (from 20/20)
  5. All This Is That (from Carl and the Passions – “So Tough”)
  6. I  Can Hear Music (from 20/20)
  7. Tears In The Morning (from Sunflower)
  8. Cuddle Up (from Carl and the Passions – “So Tough”)
  9. With Me Tonight (from Smiley Smile)
  10. Sail On, Sailor (from Holland)
  11. Got To Know The Woman (from Sunflower)
  12. Wild Honey (from Wild Honey)
  13. Feel Flows (from Surf’s Up)

Listen to the playlist in full here: Brian’s mixtape #5: heroes and villains

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Brian says: “Always apologise, always explain… it’s polite.”



P.S. Brian would like to thank his uncle Peter for his help this week