Cocos Lovers

#201 Cocos Lovers – Emily

In their latest beautiful country-tinged single ‘Emily’, Cocos Lovers tackle the big stuff: y’know, love and loss, that sort of thing. Says guitarist and vocalist Will Greenham: “Emily is about a profound sadness for the people we love and leave behind…

Album | Cocos Lovers – Elephant Lands

Recorded in a converted caravan in Kent, music has never sounded so wholesome. Made up of families and friends, the band’s camaraderie is woven through each song. And listening to Elephant Lands you feel like you’re being let into the club.

Cocos Lovers win Schmercury Poll 2010

We’re delighted to announce that the wonderful Cocos Lovers are your choice for our Schmercury Best Album Poll. The Lovers’ debut LP Johannes was shortlisted alongside 11 other albums from the past year, and thanks to a groundswell of internet…