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Celebrating 25 years of Paul Simon’s Graceland

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Editor’s picks… Johnny Flynn, Broadcast 2000, Anni Rossi, Alela Diane, Caitlin Rose, Mara Carlyle

Johnny Flynn free EP & Amazon session, Broadcast 2000’s Regina Spektor cover, How Caitlin Rose wrote Own Side Now, Free Anni Rossi download, Nick Hemming’s hit-making guitar, We <3 Mara Carlyle, Snoop round Alela Diane’s pad.

Brian’s Mixtape #45: Brian’s Album Round-up 2010

It’s hardly news to FFS’s regular readers that Brian’s a pretty inconsistent character.  He flits about, willy-nilly, with little concern for the wellbeing of his mixtape devotees.  You might be relieved to hear that he’s turning over a new Horse…

Blog: Helen’s Album Round-up 2010

When I was an undergraduate we would sometimes play the ‘would you rather…’ game. Andy and Maggie play it in Extras (‘Would you rather be a penguin who’s a bird but can’t fly or a flying fish that’s a fish…

Schmercuries interview series: Broadcast 2000?s Joe Steer

Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for a Schmercury. How do you feel? Elated! It’s my first ever award nomination! What did you think of the Mercury nominations this year? As ever with the Mercurys there’s a good spread.  It’s the only…