FFS interview: Sparrow and the Workshop

‘Sparrow and the Workshop’ describe themselves as a Scottish/welsh/American three-piece based in Glasgow who started ‘banging out tunes’ in January 2008. Listening to them you would think they’ve played this music for centuries, combining ethereal melodies with a gothic /country twang that sounds refreshingly original. Considering the length of time the band have been together they have racked up some great gigs including festivals through summer and supporting Idlewild and British Sea Power. FFS’s Kat Nicholls penned some questions to find out how the crazy ride is going so far and where they’re headed….

FFS Interview: Gideon Conn

FFS conducted an embarrassingly protracted email interview with the stupendously heart-warming Gideon Conn this Autumn, but we shall keep it to ourselves no longer. He tells us all about his wide-ranging influences and, most excitingly, his upcoming album.

Interview: The Miserable Rich

The Miserable Rich – yet another marvellous band from Brighton’s Willkommen Collective – have just released their brilliant Covers EP with new takes on songs by Iggy Pop and the Eurithmics. Frontman James de Malplaquet answered our questions.

FFS recommends: Caitlin Rose

FFS had Caitlin Rose recommended to us by Matt over at Stay Loose, had a chat with Anika about her who’d just discovered her too — through the rather amazing Names Records — and before we knew it we were booking her for our next Allotment show.

Guest Blog: The Dufflefolks’ Louis — Recording the recordings

From 4-track to Abbey Road studio 2, recording is a process any band has to go through. From my personal perspective as a Dufflefolk, it is of highs and lows. It confirms all your worst fears about a song through its magnifying glass but also appeals to the inner geek, which resides in most musicians. The process can be long or short depending if attempting the Magnus opus of Ok Computer or the instant energy of The Clash first album. Both I feel to be good.

Q&A: Love Like Fire

Why do FFS interviews always get around to food? Probably cos music and food are our favourite things ever. LoveLikeFire’s Ann Yu is a girl after our own heart, she answers Mary Machin’s questions.