Q&A with Schmercuries nominee Alessi’s Ark

Over the coming weeks FFS will be submitting the same set of questions to the Schmercury nominees. Today, Alessi’s Ark’s Alessi Laurent-Marke addresses us by name, tells us about the importance of firsts and that she’d like to have a picnic with all of of our readers.

The Schmercuries is FFS’s best album prize (apart from there is no prize other than the glory of being deemed brill, ace AND skill by our lovely readers). You can see the nominated albums and vote for your favourite to win here.

Q&A with Schmercuries nominee Darren Hayman

Over the coming weeks FFS will be submitting the same set of questions to the Schmercury nominees. Today, Darren Hayman – who is nominated for his amazing album Pram Town – questions our motives, says he wants La Roux to win the Mercuries and that Emmy the Great is his favourite artist on our shortlist.

FFS Interview: The Woe Betides

Our attempts to be in the same room at the same time as the Woe Betides failed pathetically, so this conversation went on over email. Learn all about this terrific twosome, who will be touring in August and September.

Interview: Pagan Wanderer Lu

In a new foray into the world of technology FFS interviewed Andy Regan, AKA Pagan Wanderer Lu, over MSN. PWL’s first general release album Fight My Battles For Me was released recently on Brainlove Records, but Andy has been writing, recording and playing under the moniker for nine years. He is also a regular blogger – and wrote a series of blogs for the Independent in the run up to his album release, which are well worth a read. We’ve tried to ask him the sort of questions that’d get him talking cos, as you’ll see, he has something interesting to say on pretty much every subject. Now you sit back and enjoy the interview while we reflect on our realisation that we’ve effectively got an artist to transcribe our interview for us…

FFS Interview: Wise Children

Robin started the band as a solo side project to a much louder band that I was in at the time. It was kind of Biffy-esque. I guess I just wanted to do something that represented the kind of music that I was listening to at the time. I met Jami [Wise Children’s cellist] through recording as the producer and I were desperate to get some cello on the record and Jami was suggested. The results were excellent and so he was recruited full time! The rest of the band has been a little less stable and several members have come and gone. We now have another full-time guitarist called Tim and are basically still recruiting, but it’s always been that way. I started it as a solo project with the idea of people helping out and performing as and when they can and it’s only through time that a more permanent form has developed.

FFS Interview: Butcher Boy

Butcher Boy have had quite a year. Their second album React or Die received rave reviews across the board with the Times rock critic Pete Paphides declaring “Butcher Boy have set a standard against which every other release this year must surely be judged”. The band are set to fulfil a long-held ambition this month by performing a live film score to Cocozza film Chick’s Day at Glasgow Film Theatre. Songwriter and frontman John Blain Hunt kindly agreed to answer our questions…

FFS Interview: Malcolm Middleton

Malcolm Middleton, once half of Arab Strap along with Aiden Moffat, denies being a grump, but his website is adorned with wee unhappy faces and he wants to start a miserabilist girl band in which “a bunch of young lookers with great voices sing all the black shit that comes out of me during my worst depression”. Sounds pretty good actually… here he answers our “above average bunch of questions”.