Interview | Schmercury best album nominee Mechanical Bride

Our 3rd Schmercury-nominated interviewee Mechanical Bride’s album was one of those long-awaited debuts. We’d been following brains-behind-the-name Lauren Doss’s career since FFS was founded three years ago. Living With Ants was finally released in June this year, after a long gestation period and takes the listener on a gently turbulent journey through genres and moods. FFS reviewer Joe Skrebels said “Mechanical Bride, rather than a simple pseudonym, appears to be a space for musical storytelling… with masterful songcraft.”

For Folk’s Sake: Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for a Schmercury Best Album award. How do you feel?
Lauren Doss: Very Flattered, Thank you.

Have you paid much attention to the Mercury nominations this year? What do you think of them if so?
There are a couple of goodies in there. I’ve been listening to the Anna Calvi, Metronomy and PJ Harvey albums  a lot this year, they’re really good records.

Aside from your own, what ís your favourite album on the Schmercuries list?
I do like Fleet Foxes, have only listened to it once, but I like it.

What album (released in the past year) have we missed off the list?
Connan MockasinForever Dolphin Love

How do you feel about your album now it’s taken its first steps into the world?
Hopeful. I hope it can grow up and establish itself and gain lots of new friends on it’s way.

Did you know it was special when you were making it?
It was very special to me and it felt special to have the chance to work with some really great people.

What do you think about the critics and fans reaction? Was it what you expected?
I didn’t know what reaction it would get, but there has been some really positive responses from people which is a good feeling.

What ís your favourite album ever?
That’s hard. I’m going to say Rumours, Fleetwood Mac, for the moment….

Do you have plans for your next album?
I have inklings yes…..I have started to put sketches together.

We’re sorry that Barclaycard aren’t sponsoring us to give the Schmercuries winner a million pounds (we assume that’s how much the Mercury prize is). If they were, and we did, what would you do with it?
Have a cocktail, buy a house and build a little studio in it and start making the next album!

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