Interview | Schmercury best album nominee This Is The Kit

This is the Kit’s debut album Wriggle Out the Restless was released last October, and quickly became a favourite here at FFS. Our reviewer Becky Varley-Winter said: “It’s apt that Wriggle Out The Restless is released by Dreamboat Records, as listening to This Is The Kit is not unlike drifting down a sunlit river…”

FFS: Have you paid much attention to the Mercury nominations this year?
Kate Stables: Not a huge amount of attention but I do like Adele – she’s got a brilliant set of pipes. But it’d make my day if King Creosote and Jon Hopkins won. That’d be great.

Aside from your own, what’s your favourite album on the Schmercuries list?
Most definitely Rachael Dadd’s album Bite the Mountain. With every album she just gets better and better at everything she does and golly does she do a lot.

What album (released in the past year) have we missed off the list?
I’d better check the date of the release but i’m pretty sure Obstacles by the band V.O. was released on Folkwit Records this year. It’s a total masterpiece. The guy’s a genius.

How do you feel about Wriggle out the Restless now it’s been out for a while?
I’m still mighty pleased with it, especially since folks have been so nice about it and all. It’s time to start the next album now though. No rest for the wriggley.

Did you know the album was special when you were making it?
Who can know if anything will turn out special and who knows if it ever does? But making it was pretty special. It’s a real treat to have talented friends and relations that are up for joining in. If you have a good time making something then there’s always a hope for the finished result.

What do you think about the critics and fans’ reaction? Was it what you expected?
Well it’s just nice that anyone goes to the bother to react at all. And then if it’s a positive reaction then that just about knocks my socks off.

This Is The Kit – Earthquake by neednowater

What’s your favourite album ever?
‘Blake Rumfit’ by Blake Rumfit. I’d like the whole album to be played at my funeral from start to finish.
They’ve just finished a new one and I think it’s going to be called ‘Dog!’

Do you have plans for your next album?
Yes. That we do. The first plan is to start recording this week and then we’re going to take it from there
and let plan beget plan.

We’re sorry that Barclaycard aren’t sponsoring us to give the Schmercuries winner a million pounds. If they were, and we did, what would you do with it?
Most likely we’d spend it on releasing a few more records and then maybe if there was some left over we’d release a few records of a few friends that have records that world needs to hear. And also hopefully then there’d be some left over for maybe a camping holiday in the lake district. It’s hard to know how far a million pounds will go these days.

>> Download Waterproof from Wriggle Out The Restless

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