Brian’s Mixtape #16: Up the Rainbow

Brian was largely focusing on precipitation last week, but inevitably there came a point when the sun graced the sky with her golden presence. Every chickadee among us knows what that means: rainbows.

So back at home, wrapped up warm and mulling some elderflower wine, Brian thumbed (or feathered) through his records and put together a celebration of all things colourful.  This might be the last week in a while that Brian has to cast about for inspiration, seeing as it’s nearly December and thusly time for Christmas songs.  Enjoy:

Brian’s Mixtape #16: Up the Rainbow

She Keeps Bees – Wear Red
Herman Düne – Red Blue Eyes
Fools Garden – Lemon Tree
Jeffrey Lewis – Gold
frYars – Olive Eyes
Camera Obscura – You’re the Only Star in My Blue Heaven
Johnny Flynn – Tickle Me Pink
Drever, McCusker, Woomble – Silver and Gold
Alela Diane – White as Diamonds
She & Him – Black Hole
Nancy Elizabeth – 8 Brown Legs
Of Montreal – Death of a Shade of a Hue

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