Brian’s Mixtape #15: The Rain and The Wind

Brian’s rather enjoys the rain when he’s wrapped up warm in his nest, but when he’s off foraging for food and records it’s quite another. The wind gets in his eyes and the rain makes his feathers stick together. It’s a sartorial nightmare.

This week his mixtape is all about his ambivalence towards this weather we’re having. Brian suggests you light a roaring fire, grab a cup of steaming tea and sit back and enjoy it.

Brian’s Mixtape #15: The Wind and the Rain

  1. Black Rainbow – St Vincent
  2. Rain Dogs – Tom Waits
  3. Fire and Rain – James Taylor
  4. Winter Winds – Mumford and Sons
  5. A Record Year For Rainfall – The Decemberists
  6. The North Wind Blew South – Headless Heroes
  7. Everyone Thinks I’m A Raincloud – Guided By Voices
  8. The Wind – Cat Stevens
  9. I Don’t Believe in the Sun – Magnetic Fields
  10. Mourning Rain – The Sleepy Jackson
  11. Umbrella – Mechanical Bride
  12. Blue Skies – Noah and the Whale

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Brian’s Mixtape #15: The Wind and the Rain