Brian’s Mixtape #12: Swning About

We’re glad to report that Brian’s gone some way towards pulling himself together – Dolly Parton’s bound to bolster the most despondent of fowl.  He was feeling so good, in fact, that he agreed to accompany HelenFFS to Swn Festival in Cardiff for a weekend of jolly japes and musical epiphanies, and he barely thought about that b***h.  Or so he says.

Anyhow, in celebration of his newfound self-confidence, Brian has composed a playlist with some of the best songs (some new to him, some old friends) in order to share the best parts of that Welsh weekend with you all.  In order to appreciate it fully you’ll need to wander about in the rain a bit, ideally with some knock-out strength cloudy organic cider or some acorn wine, tastes allowing:

1. Beth Jeans Houghton – Night Swimmer
2. Slow Club – Me and You
3. Threatmantics – Little Bird
4. Sweet Baboo – Woe Unto Me to Get High
5. Sons of Noel and Adrian – Indigo
6. Los Campesinos! – You! Me! Dancing!
7. The Broken Family Band – It’s All Over
8. Munch Munch – Squirrel
9. Cate le Bon – Shoeing the Bones
10. Johnny Foreigner – More Heart, Less Tongue

Brian’s Mixtape #12: Swning

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