Grizzly Bear

Record Store Day | Shopping Guide A-L


Record Store Day is here again! After last year’s mammoth list of 643 exclusive releases, organisers have taken concerns on board and produced a much leaner list of, uhm, 592. Still need help picking through it? FFS picks out the…

#259 Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks


It can be a mixed blessing when one of your favourite songs pops up on an advert, but frankly Two Weeks sounds so good in any circumstance we won’t be complaining too much that it’s popped up flogging YouView. And…

Album | Grizzly Bear – Shields

It’s far from an unfamiliar story: art-house indie band makes a huge breakthrough album, and then wrestles with the right way to follow it up for years. Veckatimest catapulted Grizzly Bear out of the experimental backwaters and firmly into the…

St Vincent to tour with Grizzly Bear this Autumn

Ed Droste has announced, via Twitter of all news conduits, that the forthcoming Grizzly Bears tour will be graced by the incredible, ethereal presence of St Vincent, whose latest album, Actor is utterly splendorous and one of our nominees for the Schmercury Prize.