Dolly Parton

#50 Dolly Parton – 9 to 5


We’re unashamed about our love for Dolly Parton at FFS. She’s a brilliant songwriter with an incredible voice and we’ll hear nowt bad said about her. Her classic song ‘9 to 5’ was written for the film of the same…

Brian’s Mixtape | Ladies


Dear readers, You may have suspected that I would jump on the sporting bandwagon and create a playlist around the greatest of all competition anthems, Vangelis’ Chariots of Fire because of the ‘Games’ that people are getting all worked up…

Brian’s Playlist | I Will Always Love You

Brian the playlist-making owl is home for 2012 and returning to For Folk's Sake

This fornight Brian has mourned the loss of Whitney Houston and celebrated Valentine’s Day with a Marks & Spencer meal-for-two for one. The combination of perfect pop music and a full tummy has made him come over all soppy, so here’s his playlist all about love. Sick.

Christmas show on London Fields Radio

In all the Christmas album hoopla, I’d almost forgotten to tell y’all a bout our Christmas radio show. I recorded it last week in sludgey Hackney with Bitter Fingers presenter and generally nice chap Mark Higgins. We delved into the…

Album: Caitlin Rose – Own Side Now

Speaking as a sincere and devoted life-long Dolly Parton fan, I can’t really begin to explain how wonderful it is that Caitlin Rose even exists – she’s a young, fresh, twenty-something who knows her way around country music backwards and…