We’re very excited to have Tristram playing at The Allotment on 1st December (along with Caitlin Rose and Joe Innes – click on those links to stream their latest releases in full FREE – I love Bandcamp!). Tristram’s just back…

Album: The O’s – We Are The O’s

There is something undeniably magical about the banjo. The way it gleams
when the light catches it, that slightly metallic, twangy sound it produces.
If you’re a fan of the instrument, then you’ll likely enjoy this
under-stated album, which never really goes anywhere special, but maybe
that’s the point.

Single: Slow Club – Trophy Room

Slow Club are amazing. Twin boy/girl vocals with sweet natured tones, their quirky British folk has made them one of the most exciting bands to emerge in recent years. Trophy Room, a standout song from debut Yeah So and the newest single is a beautiful example of why Slow Club deserve all the ravings they’re receiving.

EP: The Spinto Band – Slim & Slender

The new EP by The Spinto Band, Slim & Slender, is like a pack of wine gums, full of variety and flavour, and offering that one track that is more special than others, like the black gum people look eagerly for. In this case, ‘Jackhammer’ stands out over the others. It is the teaser of the pack, the happy-go-lucky tune that sends you swaying from side to side, with guitars on pinching mode and harmonies of vocals sliding downwards like cascades. It is a supreme melody, short and sweet, which makes you turn it on again like you would pop another wine gum into your mouth.

Live: Laura Marling @ St Pancras Old Church, 23rd Nov

Laura Marling walked on stage unnoticed at St Pancras Old Church on Monday night. There was a hush of silence as the crowd spotted an unfamiliar figure reaching out for the guitar and walking towards centre stage. Something wasn’t quite right.

“I have some explaining to do,” she said, leaning into the mic and waving her hand over her head. “About the colour of my hair,” she added and we all let out an awkward laugh. Laura Marling and her distinguished white/blonde hair were gone and instead a sophisticated brunette stood in her place.

Interview: The Miserable Rich

The Miserable Rich – yet another marvellous band from Brighton’s Willkommen Collective – have just released their brilliant Covers EP with new takes on songs by Iggy Pop and the Eurithmics. Frontman James de Malplaquet answered our questions.

Brian’s Mixtape #15: The Rain and The Wind

Brian’s rather enjoys the rain when he’s wrapped up warm in his nest, but when he’s off foraging for food and records it’s quite another. The wind gets in his eyes and the rain makes his feathers stick together. It’s a sartorial nightmare.

This week his mixtape is all about his ambivalence towards this weather we’re having. Brian suggests you light a roaring fire, grab a cup of steaming tea and sit back and enjoy it.

Rediscovering Mumford and Sons

After months of bigging up one of FFS’s earliest interviewees, Mumford and Sons, I had my love for the West London foursome tested by a series of well-written but harsh reviews from the music press, some of which struck an…

An artist a day

Inspired by comedian Josie Long’s One Hundred Days project I will be listening to and reviewing one new band a day for 100 days from 1st December. It could be just from their myspace, or a single album or EP…

Album: Wye Oak – The Knot

Every so often an album comes out of nowhere and absolutely blows your mind in such a way that you wonder how you even survived without it. Instantly you get a connection with it and it rings so true that you wonder if this band was made entirely for you. And according to Wikipedia- as if to make them even more impressive- Andy Stack plays drums and the bass lines at the same time at gigs. Again, this is Wikipedia… but if true, wow.

Cocos Lovers in a pub

What could be better than a lovely bit of acoustic folk in a country pub on a winters evening? Nothing? We agree… feast your eyes: The band say: ?”We will be at the Enterprise, Camden headlining a Folking Good Night…