Q&A with Schmercuries nominee Alessi’s Ark

Over the coming weeks FFS will be submitting the same set of questions to the Schmercury nominees. Today, Alessi’s Ark’s Alessi Laurent-Marke addresses us by name, tells us about the importance of firsts and that she’d like to have a picnic with all of of our readers.

The Schmercuries is FFS’s best album prize (apart from there is no prize other than the glory of being deemed brill, ace AND skill by our lovely readers). You can see the nominated albums and vote for your favourite to win here.

Brian’s Monday Playlist #2: Brian’s Pick of the Scmercuries

Brian’s been agonising over our Schmercuries shortlist this weekend, trying to work out which of the wonderful albums to vote for in our poll. Sadly, FFS’s resident owl is quite the procrastinator, so what he’s actually done is pick his favourite song from each album. Whilst this hasn’t helped him make his mind up, it has produced a lovely little playlist to be shared with his friends on the interweb.

Q&A with Schmercuries nominee Darren Hayman

Over the coming weeks FFS will be submitting the same set of questions to the Schmercury nominees. Today, Darren Hayman – who is nominated for his amazing album Pram Town – questions our motives, says he wants La Roux to win the Mercuries and that Emmy the Great is his favourite artist on our shortlist.

Telegraph.co.uk’s Laura Marling review remarkably similar to Wears The Trousers’ write-up

Parts of a write up of Laura Marling’s excellent show on Tuesday night appearing on the Telegraph’s website have been shown to be remarkably similar to a review posted online earlier by our friends at Wears The Trousers.

WTT’s article was written by Richard Steele, a frequent contributor for the magazine who’s reviewed such FFS favourites as Blue Roses, Slow Club and Emmy the Great.

The Telegraph.co.uk article is attributed to Jack Arnhold.

Guest Blog: The Dufflefolks’ Louis

Hi, my name is Louis and I play guitar, bass, and occasionally the glockenspiel in the band The Dufflefolks. Last night, we played a gig for Old Inverted World promotions that are far by the loveliest promoters we have ever had the grace to meet. They made us feel at home straight away and even with my diva requests about the sun shining in my eyes, they assured me that the sun would go by the time we had to play. We were to play with the highly and rightly lauded band She Keeps Bees and Babe Shadow.

Noah and the Whale tour and free downloads

Back from an epic journey that apparently covered 1140 land miles, Noah and the Whale are plunging into the promotion for their second album, First Days of Spring, with more vigour than you can shake a ukulele at. Without even a moment taken for resting upon laurels, the gents will be releasing their album on 31st August, before pulling on their travelling shoes once more.

The worst kind of review.

We’re normally a pretty friendly bunch at at FFS HQ. We think there’s more than enough nastiness in the world and don’t really want to add to it. But this article on DiS has annoyed us so much that we’re …

She Keeps Bees album launch tonight (Aug 11th)

Deeply sexual Brooklynites She Keeps Bees will launch their new album, Nests, tonight (August 11th) at the Queen’s Head in Angel, north London. There’s been quite a ‘buzz’ (we know – forgive us) surrounding this twosome recently…

Antony's top 12 albums

Mr Antony Charmers – who runs the very lovely Moonshine Jambouree – was not overly impressed with For Folk’s Sake’s top 12 albums of the year, (I know, how VERY dare he!) so we asked him to put together an…

Festibelly to Host Folk Off

Festibelly, the one day festival- extravaganza in Hampshire is set to host a ‘folk off’ this year. The plan is to have a show down at the end of the event with 5 of the best acoustic acts they can find. They are then going to throw them on stage and set up the competition in an attempt to steal the title of the ‘master of unplugged wizardry’. The fans then decide their fate….