Brian’s mixtape #7: End of the Road

Brian is still reeling from the fantastic time he had at End of the Road festival a week ago. The weather was beautiful, the bands were great. And among his fellow festival-goers were lovelies from Trash Aesthetic, The Yellow Bird Project and Anika (the one In London).

Album: Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew

She may have lost the Mercury Prize to a Sarf Landener who don’t get emotional but perhaps quite ironically Lisa Hannigan has created a debut solo album that is ethereally soft and floaty and packed to the rafters with the stuff.

Single: Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man

Fans of Mumford and Sons have waited a painfully long time for their debut album, Sigh No More, which is finally due for release on 5th October. One week before, the waistcoat-sporting gents will release the single “Little Lion Man”. We can all breathe a collective sigh of musical relief.

Single: Fanfarlo – The Walls are Coming Down

Fanfarlo’s newest single, from the magnificent album Reservoir, might have something rather pertinent to say to our suited and booted friends in the city:

“They swallowed it whole, they went for the gold, for the gold / We fall for the same lies we all have the same shoes to fit / The preachers and books of your empire will fight here alone / Some day the will be forgotten and die one by one”

Album: Múm – Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know

There must be a name for the act of singing along to songs you don’t know. It’s the sort of silly thing that academics deem worthy of giving a name to. The sort of thing they report on in the ‘And Finally…’ section on Sky News. Maybe if there isn’t a name for it we should give it one now. And maybe, if we’re to do that, we should call it ‘múmming’ in honour of the new album by Múm.

Album: Roy Rieck and the Medley Band – Never Trust the Holy Gracious Medley Band

Roy Rieck became a blues/folk singer in the most perfect way. Whilst serving in the military he picked up a harmonica and gave it a little play. Through this he discovered a love for this kind of music and set off for Mississippi in search of his formal folk education. After this Roy headed back to his homeland of Israel and met up with some childhood friends in similar musical boats. These friends became the Medley band and together they made beautiful music for the world to fall for.

Single: Lofty Heights – Eye Contact

Lofty Heights, Greg Griffin to his parents, is about to carve a nice little path out for himself and his debut single, ‘Eye Contact’ is about to set him on his cheery way. The California-born Londoner brings ukeleles, steel guitars, double bass and rickety drums together in a way that instantly tickles a smile.

Kat Nicolls on finding new music:

A music lovers greatest thrill is always finding a new band to fall in love with, nothing else quite matches that feeling like you’re a kid thats been told juicy gossip. Some people choose to keep this information a secret…

Album: Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

Wait no more – possibly the album you have all been anticipating more
than any other this year is finally here – hurray! Sigh No More is
the much-hyped debut album from the folk force charging its way in to
ears and hearts all over the country – Mumford and Sons. 12 tracks of
classic Mumford tunes – think your dad’s old folk records meets Welsh
men’s choir for hilly billy hoe down in a pub in Ireland on a rainy
evening. [Breath!]

The Leisure Society announce single and tour

Soaring wonder-boats of folksome sounds The Leisure Society have announced the release of their new single ‘Save It For Someone Who Cares’ on the 28th of September. This track, inspired by an unsatisfactory experience in the Union Chapel, is a melodic little blinder, and will feature in set lists on the band’s forthcoming tour.

Brian’s Mixtape #6: Birthdays and Rememberances

Rest assured guys, we’ve had words with our owl-in-residence. This is the second time he’s come in woefully beyond his deadline, and frankly this is no time to be slacking, because it’s our BIRTHDAY! Well, our birthday week. FFS has been purveying the finest that the new folk movement has to offer for a whole year, and we reserve the right to be pleased about this for the next seven days. At least.

Q&A: Love Like Fire

Why do FFS interviews always get around to food? Probably cos music and food are our favourite things ever. LoveLikeFire’s Ann Yu is a girl after our own heart, she answers Mary Machin’s questions.