Cherbourg split as frontman Andrew Davie goes solo

Cherbourg’s ex-frontman Andrew Davie has told FFS that the band “is no more”. Davie said it became obvious that the four members — himself, Chris Maas, Kev Jones and Phil Fiddle — found that they wanted different things from the band. He said: “I can’t see us as a four playing together again… At the beginning there was a vision and a shared idea but it lost it’s direction.”

Album: Ruby Throat – The Ventriloquist

Ruby Throat is a collaboration between KatieJane Garside (of QueenAdreena) and Chris Whittingham (whom KatieJane spotted busking on the underground, apparently). Over the course of a year and a half they recorded this album which was released in 2007. Why review it now? Because they only released 400 copies in 2007 and now you can get your grubby paws on it, after a general online release.

Single Review – Tigers that Talked – Artificial clouds

Tigers that Talked are brilliant. Their sound has been compared to the likes of Arcade Fire and Ryan Adams but their sound is much more progressive and sincere. They are based in Leeds consisting of singer/guitarist Jamie Williams, violinist Glenna Larsen, bassist Owain Kelly and drummer Chris Verney. The new single Artificial Clouds is the best so far from their debut album The Merchant. That says a lot as 23 Fears and Black Heart, Blue Eyes are both mesmerising slices of music.

Album: Cymbals Eat Guitars — Why There Are Mountains

Cymbals Eat Guitars. Now, this Brooklyn quartet may have a bizarre name, but on much of their LP, the cymbals (and percussion) do eat the guitars! At the very least they match up to them, filling their songs with incredible energy, integral to the many tempo changes which jaggedly divide the tracks. Speaking of energy, Joseph D’Agostino’s vocals burst onto Why There Are Mountains with raw fieriness, but later on in the album we are witness to a more relaxed and honest twang, on ‘Cold Spring’, ‘Share’ and ‘What Dogs See’.

Live: The Young Republic @ Cargo, 2nd November

On the last night of their tour The Young Republic came to London with Coventry-based support band Don’t Move! The two bands hit Cargo on a Monday night, but the atmosphere positively reeked of Friday and the audience was treated to an energetic extravaganza of an evening.

First Aid Kit announce album release and December gig

We’ve sorted your Christmas with Alessi’s wonderful party plans, and now we’ve found a remedy for the January blues. Sisterly Swedish double act First Aid Kit have announced that their debut album, The Big Black and The Blue, will be released on Wichita Records on 25th January 2010.

Peggy Sue announce single and live dates for November

Peggy Sue return from their American odyssey this week and get stuck right in to a week of live dates across England, as well as releasing new single ‘Yo Mama’ on limited edition 7” vinyl on 9th November. They’re likely to sell swiftly, so keep your eyes peeled.

Festival Review: Swn Festival, Cardiff

Every October Huw Stephens puts on a wondrous, glorious, often slightly damp and cold festival in the bars, music halls and converted churches of Cardiff town, and this year FFS’s own Helen True spent three music-rich days in the Welsh capital. Read about her experiences here.

Brian’s Mixtape #12: Swning About

We’re glad to report that Brian’s gone some way towards pulling himself together – Dolly Parton’s bound to bolster the most despondent of fowl. He was feeling so good, in fact, that he agreed to accompany HelenFFS to Swn Festival in Cardiff for a weekend of jolly japes and musical epiphanies, and he barely thought about that b***h. Or so he says.

Alessi’s gone Christmas Crackers!

Do you know what’s lovely? Christmas. And another thing? Alessi’s Ark. What if these two things were combined, for one night only, with a sprinkling of Treetop Flyers and a bowl full of Jake Bellows on the side? You’d cry for joy? Well then, dear reader, prepare to weep, for that is what you can have on 10th December.

Cherbourg’s Andrew Davie to play solo show

Cherbourg’s Andrew Davie is to play a solo show in Hoxton on 16th November in the first of four days of gigs curated by Levi’s One to Watch. Hoxton Bar and Kitchen will be taken over from Monday 16th Novemeber to Thursday 19th, when a parallel gig will take place at Cargo.

EP: Alela Diane and Alina Hardin — Alela & Alina

When this collaboration between Alela Diane and her touring companion Alina Hardin opens with ‘Amidst the Movement’, one of Diane’s trademark gutsy folk songs that defies you not to join in with its sing-along chorus, it’s easy to think this EP is merely a supplement to her well-received album To Be Still. It soon becomes clear, however, that this offering is much more than that – it is a master-class in the sublimely simple beauty of classic folk music, delivered by two equally impressive songbirds.

Brian’s Mixtape #11: With a Little Help from Dolly

Poor old Brian. He was so upset last week that he couldn’t even bring himself to lift his wing to put together 10 tunes.

We weren’t sure how to deal with this at FFS HQ. We tried sympathy, but it just made him wallow more. We suggested he man the eff up – to no avail. But then we cracked it. We realised that no-one could help like Dolly.