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Album | Woodpigeon – T R O U B L E

T R O U B L E, the latest bedroom-folk-rock release from long-standing Canadian folk icon, Woodpigeon, sounds as worldly and experienced as its creator Mark Andrew Hamilton. With aural references to Scotland and South America and the Middle East,…

Album | Woodpigeon – Thumbtacks and Glue

Mark Andrew Hamilton has the notion in Thumbtacks and Glue that what characterises one’s life is a myriad of little things, rather than one or two great experiences, influences or tragedies. He has mentioned the parallel of Gulliver in Lilliput,…

News | New Woodpigeon album in February

Woodpigeon are to release their new album, Thumbtacks And Glue, in February. The Mark Hamilton-led project from Canada will unveil their fifth full-length release on February 25, with a one-off UK show to follow at London’s St Pancras Old Church…

Album: Woodpigeon – Die Stadt Muzikanten

Some artists spend their entire careers clinging to a single sound, stretching it taut until the bones begin to protrude and reveal the fragile artistic elasticity that held the music together.  Mark Andrew Hamiltons’ Woodpigeon barely manage a song without…

Sons of Noel and Adrian and Peggy Sue play free gig this Sunday

This Sunday’s free Bandstand Busk will be a particularly special one, so far as FFS are concerned, featuring as it will two of our very favourite bands. Troubador and -esses Peggy Sue, and bigger-than-a-football team Sons of Noel and Adrian will be appearing at Northampton Square Bandstand from 3pm on Sunday, 6th September.

Last chance to see Woodpigeon in UK

This Friday (29th May), Woodpigeon will bid a fond farewell to the UK and migrate back home for the summer (or a bit of it, at least). The final gig of their tour will take place at the Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury, as part of a ‘Chamber concert’ hosted by the fabulous Duke of Uke crew.

Live Review: Woodpigeon @ Dazed and Confused, London

Woodpigeon’s evening for Phrased and Confused at the Cross Kings, Kings Cross (try saying that really fast 10 times), was not your ordinary gig. For starters, there weren’t any other bands on. Only performance poets. But they weren’t just performance poets, they were performance poets who make friends with musicians and share the stage with them sometimes.

Phrased and Confused this Sunday: Woodpigeon AND poems!

This Sunday the Phrased and Confused tour hits London, with a gig at the Cross Kings which might well hit all your cultural buttons simultaneously. If you can handle that much pleasure, that is. Folk darlings Woodpigeon are on the bill for the tour, which they say is “focused on lyric-writing and the collision between words and music”.