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wine bottles photo by Bauhaus http://www.flickr.com/photos/bayhaus/

Dear readers, This week I present to you a playlist of which I am particularly proud. The subject was born from the many celebrations my dear friend Elizabeth has been inspiring of late, and the many, many toasts we have…

Festival: Green Man

The Green Man promised magic and he didn’t disappoint. Once again the organisers pulled off the spectacular trick of attracting the friendliest festival crowd to the most laid-back festival there is, while enticing some of the weirdest and most wonderful…

Album Review: Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw

The turns they took to get here have been circuitous indeed (via Nottingham and Limousin, no less), but Tindersticks’ first album in five years feels, in many ways, as exciting as a first release. A pared-down return to the original three-man line up of Stuart A. Staples, David Boulter and Neil Fraser is, paradoxically, indicative of the sea change that the band’s lengthy hiatus has brought about.


Tindersticks hail from shiny Nottingham, and they have been distributing melancholia to the masses since their formation in 1991. Their eclectic sound draws on elements of lounge jazz, soul and folk, but they remain resolutely genreless. Band Members: Stuart Ashton…