Tindersticks hail from shiny Nottingham, and they have been distributing melancholia to the masses since their formation in 1991. Their eclectic sound draws on elements of lounge jazz, soul and folk, but they remain resolutely genreless.

Band Members: Stuart Ashton Staples, Neil Fraser, David Boulter.

Former Band Members: Dickon Hinchcliffe, Alasdair Macaulay, Mark Colwill.

Influences: Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Scott Walker.

Discography: Tindersticks (The First Album) (This Way Up, 1993), Tindersticks (The Second Album) (This Way Up, 1995), Curtains (This Way Up, 1997), Simple Pleasure (Island, 1999), Can Our Love… (Beggar’s Banquet, 2001), Waiting for the Moon (Beggar’s Banquet, 2003), The Hungry Saw (Beggar’s Banquet, 2008).