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Blog: Songs’ best bits

FFS asked you for your #bestbits of songs on twitter today — your favourite couple of seconds of music, one that makes you swoon, cry or nigh-on burst with joy. You came up with so many good suggestions that we…

End of the Road announce line-up additions and Union Chapel gig

The super-duper folks who run End of the Road have added some more stunners to their already rather exciting 2010 line-up.  Joining Wilco, Diane Cluck, The Mountain Goats, AA Bondy, The Low Anthem and The Wilderness of Manitoba are Iron…

End of the Road 2010: The Mountain Goats, Wilco, Diane Cluck

FFS’s favourite festival, End of the Road, has announced the first few acts for 2010.

Diane Cluck, The Mountain Goats, AA Bondy, The Low Anthem and The Wilderness of Manitoba join headliners Wilco in what is already a highly exciting line-up.

Mountain Goats get biblical with new album – listen to a preview

John Darnielle has announced details of the forthcoming Mountain Goats album, The Life of the World to Come, via the band’s website. The album, due for release on 6th October, takes its inspiration from entirely unheretical material.

The Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats are probably the best band in the world. Fronted by genius John Darnielle, they produce lo-fi folk-rock. The tracks No Children and This Year from the albums Tallahassee and The Sunset Tree respectively are two of FFS’s…

Festival Review: End of the Road – Sunday

The last day of the festival began for FFS at the Garden Stage. Spirits were high –conditions underfoot were dramatically improved from the night before and the sun was showing its face once again. The Wave Pictures performed an accomplished and lively set which saw lead singer David Tattersal accidentally insulting his mother before dedicating scrumptious pop fiesta ‘Love You Like a Madman’ to her. I’d have forgiven him. There followed drum, lead and bass solos to showcase the not inconsiderable talent of this three-piece. Indeed, bassist Franic Rozycki’s solo was so good that Tattersal could not help but declare his surprise. Stand-out songs included ‘Now You’re Pregnant’ sung by drummer Jonny Helm, which featured these delightfully funny lines on the death of Johnny Cash: ‘And you say “It’s not like Elvis” / and you would be right’. For we sleepers-in, this was the perfect way to begin our Sunday. (Keep your eyes peeled for appearances from the members of the Wave Pictures in the ensuing account of the day. They really do get about a bit). [HT]