John Darnielle puts Mountain Goats EP online for download

The nicest man in alt-folk*, Mountain Goats frontman John Darnielle, has posted the band’s new EP online for download, with the option of, but no obligation to, donating to his humble cause.

The four-track release, which was recorded this summer by John Darnielle with producer Scott Solter, is available in MP3 and AAC here and as a limited edition double-7″. Of which Darnielle said: “When I say “limited,” I mean it, so please don’t hold out for the vinyl; only 665 people will get a copy. (I will be the 666th.)”

The songs are available free of charge, but donations via Paypal or Google Checkout are encouraged. Darnielle said, Catholicly: “If you choose to accept these songs, please step by the collection plate and sow your faith-seed, which, like a grain of mustard, et cetera.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Sarcofargo live
2. Wizard Buys a Hat
3. Satanic Messiah
4. Gojam Province 1968

Expect the FFS review here shortly.

Words: Lynn Roberts



*Don’t believe us? His cyberpresence would suggest it is so. Check out his blogs here and here.