Sparrow & the Workshop

#16 Sparrow & The Workshop – Shock Shock

Yesterday’s song of the day showcased Just Handshakes’ progression from folksy openings to an altogether heavier beast, and its a path that has already been taken by Sparrow & The Workshop. Their latest single ‘Shock Shock’ comes on soundcloud with…

Festival: Bestival 2010

As an Isle of Wight native, I’ve seen Bestival grow from a small, sparky young thing in 2004 to the vast, fiery dragon it is today. I worried that my favourite festival was about to grow so big that it…

Live: Sparrow & the Workshop @ Wimbledon Watershed

Each musician in Sparrow & the Workshop brings their own musical ingredient. Frontwoman and acoustic guitarist Jill O’Sullivan’s country vocals are cuttingly pure — but more haunting banshee than soothing angel. Gregor Donaldson is a phenomenal drummer, his dexterity is sometimes astonishing. As well as that he’s that most elusive of things, a singing percussionist, whose warm Scottish baritone adds harmonic depth to Jill’s vocals. Guitarist and bassist Nick Packer scuzzes things up nicely with a layer of distortion and noise.