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Live: Slow Club @ Koko, London

Just as Ronseal Quick Drying Woodstain does exactly what it says on the tin, the presence of the two protagonists of Slow Club on the front cover of their debut album Yeah So implies that two people will take to…

Brian’s Mixtape #31: All at Sea

This week Brian’s been completely and utterly unaffected by the volcanic ash cloud.  He’s not even been subject to a light dusting, the lucky bird.  He has, however, been following the news with avid interest and has concluded that all…

Owl Parliament 2010 line-up announced

Last year, the first Owl Parliament was a wonder of a day: Mechanical Bride, Jeff Lewis, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling were a few of the stellar acts who performed to a Union Chapel auditorium packed full of numb-bummed music…

Jeremy Warmsley offers free EP, announces Heartbreak Ball

Here’s a lovely early Christmas present for you; a 5-track EP from Father Christmas’s friendliest helper, Jeremy Warmsley. Not only is he offering four acoustic versions of his own (frankly astounding) songs, he’s also thrown in a pretty special Abba cover, as the icing on the cake.

Jeremy Warmsley announces various projects and tour

Jeremy Warmsley’s never been one to rest on his laurels, but the man’s really excelling himself in the next few months. Not only is he debuting his new band, Acres, Acres, this week at two London venues, producing lovely covers with the Little Words, and taking himself off to the big apple, he’s also putting together a tour for October. Fwooft.

Live Review: Stars of Sunday League EP Launch @ The Luminaire, London

The folkstars were out in force on Monday night for the Stars of Sunday League’s launch of EP ‘The Boy’s Got Prospects’.

First up were I Said Yes, who came from all over the UK to play just two tracks. FFS has been looking forward to hearing them for some time. And – despite having to switch around parts thanks to a singer with no voice – they didn’t disappoint. I Said Yes play lovely and rousing folk pop with accordion and violin.

No show for Emmy as Stars of Sunday League launch EP

Emmy the Great’s much hinted at appearance at The Stars of Sunday League EP launch show last night was not to be.

Stars of Sunday League’s Euan Robinson put on the show in conjunction with Platforms to launch his debut EP The Boy’s Got Prospects. And he used his contacts to create a stellar line-up of big names and new finds. Euan said on the night: “I asked a lot of bands that I like, but I had no idea so many would say yes.”

Stars of Sunday League EP launch + VERY special guest rumours

Stars of Sunday League are set to launch their debut EP, ‘The Boy’s Got Prospects’ this Monday (3rd August), and some pretty strong hints are flying around the internet, suggesting that the act billed as ‘A Special Secret Friend’ may be none other than Emmy the Great.