Stars of Sunday League EP launch + VERY special guest rumours

Stars of Sunday League are set to launch their debut EP, ‘The Boy’s Got Prospects’ this Monday (3rd August), and some pretty strong hints are flying around the internet, suggesting that the act billed as ‘A Special Secret Friend’ may be none other than Emmy the Great.

The latest mail-out from Broadcast 2000 offers this suggestive nugget:
“I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but i suppose i can tell you that our host for the evening has recently been touring in the wonderful EMMY THE GREAT’s band (  You do the math.”
So, we can be in no doubt that The Luminaire will be positively glowing with wonderfulness.  Assembled musical performers will be as follows:
Stars of Sunday League
Broadcast 2000
Little Words (ft. Jeremy Warmsley)
A Special Secret Friend
I Said Yes 
Olly The Octopus
The exquisite work of this lovely duo couldn’t enjoy a better setting for their EP launch.  FFS can’t think of a more pleasant way to start the week.
Tickets are £5 here
Words: Helen True