Jeremy Warmsley offers free EP, announces Heartbreak Ball

Here’s a lovely early Christmas present for you; a 5-track EP from Father Christmas’s friendliest helper, Jeremy Warmsley.  Not only is he offering four acoustic versions of his own (frankly astounding) songs, he’s also thrown in a pretty special Abba cover, as the icing on the cake.  Lay your hands on these juicy wonders here.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Jeremy has also teamed up with the wonderful folk at End of The Road to plan another Heartbreak Ball next Valentines Day (which isn’t so terribly far away now, guys and gals). 

The first heartbreak ball featured black heart balloons, Slow Club, Johnny Flynn, Gossamer Albatross, Stars of Sunday League, and copious quantities of cake, and this one’s sure to offer similarly well-chosen delights (which we’ll be letting you know about as soon as we do).

Tickets for this Valentine’s Day wonderday are £13, available here.

Words: Helen True