No show for Emmy as Stars of Sunday League launch EP

Emmy the Great‘s much hinted at appearance at the Stars of Sunday League EP launch show last night was not to be.

Stars of Sunday League’s  Euan Robinson put on the show in conjunction with Platforms to launch his debut EP The Boy’s Got Prospects. And he used his contacts to create a stellar line-up of big names and new finds. Euan said on the night: “I asked a lot of bands that I like, but I had no idea so many would say yes.”

Emmy, whose debut album First Love is nominated on our Schmercuries best album short list, was billed for a 15 minute slot using the anagram Meat Three Gym and hinted at in mailouts and on blogs.

But Emmy told FFS she had “no idea” she had been put on the bill, and explained she is currently on holiday in Edinburgh — curiously, where Stars of Sunday League’s frontman originally hails from.

She said Euan Hinshelwood from her band who played a set at the gig under his moniker Younghusband was the “official band spokesperson” on the night, although he made no mention of Emmy’s non-appearance during his set.

Stars of Sunday League were joined at the Luminaire by Broadcast 2000, I Said Yes, Little Words – a covers band featuring Jeremy Warmsley, Olly the Octopus, Planet Earth, Semaphone and Younghusband.

See Anika’s blog for photos of the event.

Words: Lynn Roberts


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