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Theresa is our interviews editor and resident Scandinavian music fanatic. Send any interview requests or free trips to Sweden her way.

Interview | A Night Out With Austra


It’s almost midnight at the Oval Space in London’s trendy East End. Austra have just completed a mesmerising set to a crowd of devoted fans and the large, semi-industrial space is buzzing. In contrast to the band’s previous tour which…

Album | CN Lester – Aether

Aether resized

When it comes to describing CN Lester’s music, there aren’t enough adjectives synonymous with ‘gorgeous’. We ‘re only resisting that much maligned phrase ‘achingly beautiful’ by sitting on our hands. Inadequate adjectives aside, Aether, the second album from the artist,…

#413 Faith Taylor – Foolish Age

faith taylor

Just when it seems that all the really catchy tunes have been written, a new artist comes along with an absolute beauty of an ear worm that dances around your head for days. Step forward Faith Taylor and ‘Foolish Age’…

Interview | Introducing…Emma Garrett

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How would you describe your music? It’s a really tough one as I’m not sure it fits in with a particular genre specifically and yet it’s not crazily alternative either. I think it’s avant-garde pop/folk with operatic flourishes. It has…