Articles by Theresa Heath

Theresa is our interviews editor and resident Scandinavian music fanatic. Send any interview requests or free trips to Sweden her way.

#413 Faith Taylor – Foolish Age

faith taylor

Just when it seems that all the really catchy tunes have been written, a new artist comes along with an absolute beauty of an ear worm that dances around your head for days. Step forward Faith Taylor and ‘Foolish Age’…

Interview | Introducing…Emma Garrett

EmmaGarrett resized

How would you describe your music? It’s a really tough one as I’m not sure it fits in with a particular genre specifically and yet it’s not crazily alternative either. I think it’s avant-garde pop/folk with operatic flourishes. It has…

Interview | Introducing…Carmen


We recently featured Irish artist Carmen in our SOTD section, singing the beautiful, haunting song Take This Dance (featured in the film The Phone Call) and thought it was about time we found out a bit more about this very…

Interview | Introducing…Lapland


Despite being born amidst the bustle of Brooklyn, Josh Mease seems to possess an innate   ability to transcend his environment, offering us expansive musical soundscapes in which genres and ideas flow and swirl seamlessly into one another. There are…

Interview | Introducing…The Woodwards

The Woodwards - Elisabete Shoot

Last year we were seduced by the sleazy, country-meets-Eels ‘The Wood’, the first song on The Woodward’s second album – see below for a detailed description of its actual name. Comprised of Peter Schuyff (acclaimed painter, friends with Andy Warhol…

Interview | Introducing…Stylusboy

Stylusboy_promo1 (June 2013)

Hello, please introduce yourself and your music to the uninitiated. Rach: We are Stylusboy, a folkish pop duo from Coventry! Steve: People have compared us to The Civil Wars, Lady Antebellum and The Swell Season. We have been around for…