Darren Hayman

#614 Darren Hayman – Bradbourne


If you’re ever waiting for Darren Hayman’s next project, you at least know you won’t have to wait long. Having released both Chants For Socialists and Florence last year, the tireless songwriter has a new record out next week about…

Album | Darren Hayman – Florence


Darren Hayman decamped to (you guessed it) Florence to record this charming collection which, surprisingly for such a prolific writer, is his first strictly solo album, finding him home alone in his hosts’ Firenze flat. Opener ‘Nuns Run The Apothecary’…

Album | Darren Hayman – Bugbears

Darren Hayman Bugbears

Whilst writing The Violence, last year’s dazzling musical chronicle of the Essex witch-hunts, Darren Hayman researched and adapted a repertoire of folk songs from the civil war period. On Bugbears he has kitted them out and sent them to march,…