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Blog: The Seven Inch Cull by Darren Hayman

The Seven Inch record is a sacred Rubicon on the rock’n’roll trail; a talisman that represents all that is tiny, tight and teenage; pop music distilled into a perfect, plastic artifact that can never be denied as the only format…

Owl Parliament 2010 line-up announced

Last year, the first Owl Parliament was a wonder of a day: Mechanical Bride, Jeff Lewis, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling were a few of the stellar acts who performed to a Union Chapel auditorium packed full of numb-bummed music…

Album | Darren Hayman – Pram Town

Pram Town is a ‘folk opera’ from former Hefner frontman Darren Hayman. The story follows a unmotivated guy stuck in the town where he grew up, Harlow (nicknamed Pram Town in the 50s because of the sudden influx of young families when the town was built in the aftermath of WWII). He meets an ‘out of his league’ London woman while fare-evading in a first class train carriage.