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Classic album: Joni Mitchell — Blue

What is there to say about Joni Mitchell’s Blue album that hasn’t been said already? Blue was the work of Joni Mitchell at her peak. It was an open diary pouring out her bleeding heart, her sorrow and her sadness.…

Brian’s mixtape #34: We Love You Joni

Brian noticed Joni Mitchell’s recent comments about Bob Dylan and he thinks he’s worked it out. Poor Joni is sad because she’s not getting enough attention. And she really isn’t Bob, Neil Young and Johnny Cash get plaudits aplenty but…

Folked Up: Stephen Thomas on Joni Mitchell’s ‘jibe’ against Bob Dylan

Yes, everything about Bob Dylan is a deception. But, really, are we surprised by this? We shouldn’t be. He has, in his time, been a troubadour, a rock star, a poet and a college drop-out. Dylan is notorious for his early-year interviews, during which he would often give conflicting back stories about his past, and where he came from. Since his origins as an artist and a musician Dylan has never been entirely honest with us.