Emmy The Great

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Emmy the Great, or Emma-Lee Moss if you like things official, sings beautiful-sounding songs with dark, tortured souls.  Her first album, ‘First Love’, was released on Close Harbour in 2009 and her second album, ‘Virtue’, was self-released in 2011.  She released a Christmas album with Tim Wheeler of Ash (with whom she is in a relationship) in 2011. Find news, reviews, interviews and tour dates for Emmy the Great on For Folk’s Sake.

Brian’s Mixtape #31: All at Sea

This week Brian’s been completely and utterly unaffected by the volcanic ash cloud.  He’s not even been subject to a light dusting, the lucky bird.  He has, however, been following the news with avid interest and has concluded that all…

Brian’s Mixtape #25: Hello, Sunshine

Every discerning folk fan’s foul of choice, Brian Wilson II, is pleased to announce that spring has most definitely sprung.  He’s spent most of the morning being dragged around a meadow by a fresh-born lamb in whose fleece his talons…

Emmy the Great defends BBC 6music

One of our favourite singer-songwriters Emmy the Great is standing up for the reportedly doomed digital radio station BBC 6 music. Emmy used her twitter and mailing list to point out that the BBC’s reason behind the proposed closure of…

Owl Parliament 2010 line-up announced

Last year, the first Owl Parliament was a wonder of a day: Mechanical Bride, Jeff Lewis, Johnny Flynn and Laura Marling were a few of the stellar acts who performed to a Union Chapel auditorium packed full of numb-bummed music…

Festival: Joe does Green Man

The images conjured up at the mention of the Green Man festival have, sadly, not quite matched the reality in the last couple of years. Where young children should have been gaily running amok in the secret garden, instead they’ve been whining about the mud. And when you’ve been dying to just stretch out on the grass and let the music wash over you, all that washed over you was the rain.

Brian’s Monday Playlist #2: Brian’s Pick of the Scmercuries

Brian’s been agonising over our Schmercuries shortlist this weekend, trying to work out which of the wonderful albums to vote for in our poll. Sadly, FFS’s resident owl is quite the procrastinator, so what he’s actually done is pick his favourite song from each album. Whilst this hasn’t helped him make his mind up, it has produced a lovely little playlist to be shared with his friends on the interweb.