Album | Frankie Davies – Wherever I Go

Hailing from the Bailiwick of Jersey in the Channel Islands, Frankie Davies seems an unlikely candidate for country music dreams. Still, she grew up listening to country music and the hold it had on her never let go. Over the course of the last four years she has been honing her craft on both sides of the Atlantic, and judging from Wherever I Go, she has learned her lessons well.

For a twenty-four-year-old she has a clear idea of what she wants and how she intends to get it. Her toolbox is filled with a wide variety of country instruments, slide and pedal steel guitars, fuzzed out electric guitars to go along with her acoustic. All used to great effect in creating this LP.

What she is quite clearly is an artist who can roar, yet still be as gentle as a moment requires. Front Row Seat recounts a moment when told a show she’d been booked for would change her life, Frankie went out to find only one person in the audience. Yet it changed her life in ways that were unimaginable, “I went out and from my disappointment discovered something truly valuable. Even if there is one person to listen to my music, they deserve my performance.”

Recording her debut album in Nashville, Liverpool and London, she has pulled together a number of different influences. Several of the songs like Not Your Game rock harder than one might expect, while still maintaining her country edge. Behind the sharp guitar licks is a woman who knows what she wants and is going out of her way to get it, as she makes clear she’s “not your game.”

Asking For A Friend has one of the greatest opening lines in music, country or otherwise, “Is it ok to eat chocolate in bed and to wake up in the morning with a taste in your hair?” Her voice is a rare gift indeed, one filled with touching tenderness and terrifying toughness when a song calls for it.

So many voices, so many styles, so many places to go – Frankie Davies is on a road that leads anywhere she wants. With Wherever I Go she is ready to become something very special on both sides of the Atlantic.