Video Premiere | We Are the Northern Lights – Hope Will Rise

Back in August, For Folk’s Sake had the privilege of premiering a previous music video of duo We Are the Northern Lights, ‘Where Your Heart Is’. It was during this time that this writer was first introduced to the collective musical brainchild of Hadar Orshalimy and Sheldon Low, altogether a soulful slice of work that meshes together much of what we inherently love and gravitate towards in folk with a dash of rhythmic blues thrown in for good measure. Better yet, though, there’s something hopeful that pervades the overall Northern Lights catalog—something intangibly good in every sense of the word. Perhaps this cannot be felt any more fully than in their newest music video, for ‘Hope Will Rise’.

A cool few days from the U.S. Midterm Elections, the indie folk duo use their platform to communicate the importance of voting. It’s with urgency, to be certain, but still wrapped snugly within the same love and light that they just so naturally inhabit and evoke. The powerful, harmonic soul that they invoke in the tune swirls and soars wherein ‘Where Your Heart Is’ lilted in grace, offering a clap-along, sing-along anthem with enough poignancy and sweetness to go graciously hand-in-hand with one another. Their music video is especially moving, featuring a bevy of individuals holding signs relative to their greatest hopes for the world around them and all who inhabit it. It’s a reminder that we all live on this earth together, and we all better do our darndest to love and understand one another, moving forward with choices collectively beneficial to ourselves and our planet.

It should be noted that We Are the Northern Lights also released another single, ‘Come Close’, relatively recently. Featuring sweet electric guitar tones and cool, snap-centric percussion, it’s an even deeper dive into vintage soul territory with healing vibes. Make sure to give it a listen!

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)