[Hundred Bands] 3 – The Very Most

The Very Most are a five-piece led by Jeremy Jensen, brother of Paranthetical Girls’s Rachael, from Idaho in the US. They have released two albums so far – Making the Case for Me in 2004 and Congratulations Forever in 2008 – and a handful of EPs including a split EP with Lions and Eagles.

The band have released their Winter EP, which begins with an awesome jazzy version of Away In A Manger that should have even the most vehement Christmas-haters a-clicking their fingers.


It’s The Best Thing’ will melt any heart with it’s evocative line, ‘it’s silence except for my little girl’s excited shreiks’ and third and final track ‘When Does The Goodwill Start’ will set toes tapping with it’s syncopated bass line and sleigh bells, which are juxtaposed with its slightly glum lyrics.

The Very Most have released Autumn, Spring and Summer EPs too, all of which are well worth giving a listen. But try the Winter one first, ay? You can listen to the whole thing here.

Find the very most on Spotify, MySpace and Indiecator Records.

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