[Hundred Bands] 2: AVI Buffalo

AVI Buffalo is Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg. An 18 year old singer songwriter from Long Beach California who describes himself on his myspace as an alternative/southern rock.

Their music has the same sunshiney tinny sheen as the polyphonic spree. It sounds like California sunshine, or what I’ve seen of it from a university life spent watching the OC, anyway.

Their track ‘What’s in it for’ (which is a bit wall-of-noise-y for me personally – but I’ve delicate ears) has a full sound, good tune and is available to buy on a prettily designed vinyl from their website.

Five other tracks are available to download. My favourite from their MySpace, though, ‘Where’s Your Dirty Mind’ — a lovely lilting boy/girl duet — isn’t, and there’s no info saying when it will be.

AVI Buffalo have signed to Sub Pop and got some PR representation in the UK, so we can expect records and shows from them soon hopefully, just got to wait for the band members to finish school.

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