Mountain Goats @ Koko 09/09/10 TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE


We love the Mountain Goats.  So much they make our knees quiver and our hearts sing.  They’re so especially wonderful that Emmy the Great occasionally can’t speak when in their presence (see evidence here).   They write songs with wit and grace and lyricism beyond measure.

Forgive us if this seems overly effusive, but you see a rather odd piece of information has wound its merry way to FFS HQ.  This spectacular American band, with poet-of-the-highest-calibre John Darnielle as their lyricist in chief, are playing Koko this Thursday (9th September) and it’s not sold out yet.   That’s right.  There are a lot of fools in London about to miss out on something pretty darn fantastic.

It’s perfectly possible that a lot of Mountain Goats fans assumed the gig was sold out.  We say again: it’s not.  If you’re new to the party, here’s a quickly knocked-up Spotify Playlist of some of their most utterly wonderful songs: The Mountain Goats are too good for WORDS.  There’s also a whole pile of things we’ve written about them at FFS below this article.

So there you go.  We’re basically recommending them with all of our hearts.  Go.  It’ll be astonishing.  We’re going to be there with BELLS on.  If you don’t want to be a fool, toddle over to Koko’s website, and get yourselves a blooming ticket.

Words: Helen True