Premiere | Fox & Coyote – Deal

On their latest single, this Twin Cities quintet continue to push the envelope on what makes folk-rock tick. They’re progressive pioneers of the modern indie circuit, not quite the strummy singer-songwriter protestations of yore nor the anthemic declarations of the stadium-filling scene pervading today’s rock-and-roll. Their sound lies somewhere in-between, tossing their influences together in a melting pot and pushing the boundaries of each into new, previously unexplored territory.

We observe this perhaps more than ever on ‘Deal’, their aforementioned newest tune. It’s an ethereal track showcasing unconventional plucks away at the banjo, spacial guitar tones, and soaring string sections that fully exhibits the band’s uncanny nature to develop evocative and enthralling soundscapes in their brand of folk-flavored indie rock.

Songwriter Jonathan Harms says on the track:

I wrote the lyrics to ‘Deal’ never intending to share them. I felt trapped in a relationship with a good person – which was frustrating, terrifying, and stressful. My mind was weighed down with guilt. It’s risky to share frustrations and anger when you know that depression warps all emotional responses. But I continue to discover that sharing your emotions is a better bet in the long run. After all, good art (and good relationships) only comes when you’re honest.

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Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)