News | Devon Sproule wins our best album poll

Devon Sproule has won our alternative Mercury best album poll The Schmercury Award for her record I Love You, Go Easy’.

1,524 of you chose the Virginian songwriter’s album who beat second place Dark Dark Dark – Wild Go by just four votes.

Third place were The Leisure Society for Into The Murky Water, which clocked up 1,205 votes.

When we asked Devon what she’d buy with a hypothetical million pound prize she said: “Million schmillion. I’ll take a hundred! I’ll use it to buy a real coffee pot for this new place, and brunch at Cafe Aroma, across the street, which I hear is really nice. Or maybe a new set of headphones. That’s what I’d really like right now.”

The whip round starts here. I’m pledging a tenner…


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