Interview | Schmercury nominee Rachael Dadd

Our final best album nominee Rachael Dadd’s album Bite the Mountain. Reviewer Tom White said: “The record has an understated autumnal air to it, drifting by like the falling leaves and providing a pretty and colourful backdrop.”

For Folk’s Sake: Congratulations, you’ve been nominated for a Schmercury, how do you feel?

Rachael Dadd: Very happy to be part of it all. Thank you For Folks Sake

Are there any albums you think we should have included in the list?

Alessi’s Ark, Time Travel

How do you feel about the album now that it’s been released into the world?

I’m proud of it but now that it’s out in it’s physical form I’ve not actually listened to it for a fair while. Nice to put it down, clap my hands together and change the flow from creating something to taking in the world again. I’m pretty heads down when it comes to making stuff.

Did you know the record was special when you were making it?

The experiences I had making it were certainly special. I’ve been lucky to meet some amazing musicians and recording artists in Japan who worked on it with me. The locations were pretty special too: snowy Sapporo in wintery north Japan and then an old house on a hill looking over the Japan sea in spring.  And something I’ve learnt from my encounters in Japan is to have a greater appreciation of things so I made sure I took it all in, every moment and detail.

How did you feel about critics and fans’ reaction to the album, was it what you expected?

It’s such a warming experience to hear when someone’s enjoyed a song or the album. It’s like having a heart to heart with a stranger. The communication makes the songs make sense in a way.

What’s your favourite album ever?

At the moment I think it’s Béla Fleck – Throw down Your Heart where he takes the banjo to Africa for many beautiful and often spontaneous collaborations with incredible African musicians.

Have you got plans for your next record?

New songs are coming and a few recording ideas but I want to soak up a lot more things of the world first

We’re sorry that we don’t have a million pounds to give the winner. What’d you do with it if we did?

Maybe I’d fund a travelling recording project. I’d love to try all sorts of collaborations. Maybe I’ll find some right on my doorstep, there are lots of good musicians from around the world living on my street! Money’s a funny one. I like the feeling I get from doing things that money doesn’t even touch.

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