Hoshal Patrick

Art-school duo Alex Mummery and James Shedden make ace music videos and lovely recordings in their bedrooms and give them away on their excellent website – the panel dropped by to have a listen

Richard Furlong: What really strikes you about Hoshal Patrick is how assured they sound. My Lady at Low Tide skips in wistful mood, recalling wisps of Belle and Sebastian and, to these ears at least, EugeneMcGuinness. Real Horrorshow threatens, briefly and gloriously, to go a little bit Cossack on us. In short, these chaps have got an idea or two. It is a knock-on effect of the times we live in that new bands have the means to produce demos that sound so full and professional. Of course, it still needs the nous and verve to exploit these technological opportunities, which Hoshal Patrick seem fully intent on doing.

Scott Edgar: I really need to stop pre-judging musicians. On reading that Alex Mummery and James Shedden are former art students recording bedroom demos I’m expecting to spend the remainder of the evening contemplating life and lost love while gazing woefully at my battered Converse. Just then My Lady At Low Tide kicks in with dreamy synths and harmonies to die for. It’s a quality piece of electronica pop-folk much like the latest offerings from Noah & The Whale. The sound has changed over time since the much simpler arrangements of An Arresting Certainty and my only criticism is that maybe they should mix it up a little as the limited instrumentation can leave tracks sounding a little samey. Still, at least good samey is better than bad.

James Robinson: If the band biography hadn’t explained that Hoshal Patrick are London-based art-school graduates I would have guessed anyway. The retro 8-bit electronica that forms the backbone of most songs is certainly quirky, a bit like MGMT mixed with a dollop of Adam and Joe. It works on some tracks, notably Real Horroshow which is very catchy, but it soon got on my nerves. Roses sounds less like a song and more like a recording of the weird noises computer games on tape used to make when they were loading. It put me on edge.

You can visit the Hoshal Patrick website here

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